Apple Fans Stop iFapping for iPhone 7 Event

Apple users love Pornhub. But not as much as they like drooling over sexy new iPhones! On Wednesday September 7th Apple presented their annual keynote, this time introducing the much anticipated iPhone 7. Fanboys and girls around the world put everything on hold to watch the live stream, so CNET checked in to see if Pornhub experienced any change in traffic.

Apple iPhones and iPads account for over 35% of Pornhub’s 60 million daily visitors. Because the live show was only available on Apple devices, we found that worldwide traffic from iOS dropped as much as 9.5% during the show. Excitement over Apple’s shiny new ebony jet black handheld may also explain the increase over normal traffic in the hours immediately following the show.


Similarly, we found an 8.8% traffic drop from Safari browsers including desktop traffic. In the hours following the show, Safari traffic increased as much as 6% above normal levels for a Wednesday afternoon.


Like all Apple fans, team Pornhub is excited whenever new iPhones hit the market. Faster loading, sharper screens and longer battery life can only mean a better Pornhub experience for everyone!

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