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The 2016 Summer Olympics kicked off on August 5th in Rio de Janeiro. While Team Pornhub was in Rio keeping Olympians safe, our statisticians had to be content following the action through their analytics screens. Our friends at Uproxx were curious to see what effect the Olympic games may have had on the search habits of Pornhub’s users. So in this edition of Insights, we’ll take a look at Rio de Janeiro and how Pornhub’s visitors worldwide reacted to seeing their favorite Olympic sports and athletes.

Hundreds of thousands of athletes, visitors, and press descended on Rio de Janeiro for the games, and Pornhub’s traffic data indicates they’re a pretty horny bunch. On August 6th the usual traffic volume from the state of Rio de Janeiro jumped as high as 15% above average traffic levels.


While visitors to Rio were focused on sports (and porn), it seems that the world took an interest in Rio as well. Pornhub searches containing “Rio” were 243% above average, peaking at 519% on August 7th. The third most common Rio related search was “Rio Olympics”.


Searches relating to “Olympic” and “Olympian” went up 2729% above average, peaking on August 7th at 3916% above normal levels. The most popular search was “nude Olympics”, followed by “Olympics” and “sex Olympics”.


Searches for “athletes” in general were 417% above average during the games, peaking at 618% on August 16th. During this time, “athlete Olympic” was the second most searched term.


Sports related searches are popular on Pornhub year-round, but the Olympics dramatically increased the volume of searches for various games. From August 5th to August 18th, we found that the most searched for sport was “Volleyball”, followed by “Soccer/Football”, “Swimming” and “Gymnastics/Gymnast”.


Not only was “volleyball” the most popular sports related search during the games, it also saw a 431% increase above average. Volleyball searches peaked on August 8th at 576% above average. The second most popular search was “beach volleyball”, followed by “volleyball ass”.


While “swimming” was the third most searched for sport, it only saw a 31% increase above average, with a 51% peak on August 8th. Compared to other Olympic sports, swimming is a more popular search year-round on Pornhub, so that percentage indicates a significant rise in search volumes. Top searches included “swimmer”, “swimming pool” and “swimming naked”.


Searches relating to gymnasts and gymnastics increased 245% during the Olympics, peaking at 382% above average on August 10th. The most popular search was “naked gymnastics”.


Searches for judo were 76% above average, and as high as 141% on August 8th. While “judo” was the most popular search, “nude judo” and “judo footjob” were also increasingly popular during the Olympics.


Finally, we found that searches for “marathon” were up 462% overall, with a steep increase of 689% on August 6th just one day after the games officially started. Pornhub’s visitors didn’t have marathon runners on their mind. The gold medal search was “sex marathon”, followed by “marathon” and “masturbation marathon”. Although we think that all of Pornhub’s visitors deserve a gold medal for that one.


We hope you enjoyed this edition of Pornhub Insights. Stayed tuned for more Olympic porn stats coming soon!

Some graphics courtesy of Freepik.

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