MLB World Series Final Traffic

On Wednesday November 2nd, the Chicago Cubs played the Cleveland Indians in the 2016 World Series championship game. More people tuned in to watch the game live than any other World Series finale in 25 years. Those who did were able to see the Cubs win their first world series since 1908! Had the Indians won, it would have been their first championship since 1948. Either way, it was going to be an epic game, especially for folks in Cleveland, Ohio and and Chicago Illinois. Our friends at Vocativ checked in to see if the live event was enough for people to put one type of ball play on hold to watch another.

During the game, Pornhub traffic dropped as much as -17% in Chicago and -24% across Illinois. Cleveland traffic was down -26% and -11% across Ohio. More interesting, is what happened to traffic after the game ended around 12:45am after a short rain delay.

Traffic in Chicago was up +41% compared to 2am on an average Thursday, and up 54% in Cleveland at 1am. Statewide, folks in Ohio definitely turned to Pornhub to feel better about their loss — traffic jumped an incredible 96% at 1am compared to typical Thursday. Wow!


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