Halloween Searches and Hot Costumes

As we’ve discovered many times before on Pornhub Insights, the tastes of porn viewers are anything but vanilla. Rule 41 of the internet states that if something exists, there’s porn for it. Perhaps that’s why year-round searches involving costumes, cosplay, superheroes, movie parodies and game characters are so popular. No time of the year brings out sexy costume seekers more than Halloween, so our friends at Refinery29 checked in to see what’s up with our spooky searches.

In 2015 we found that searches containing “Halloween” increased as much as +490% on October 31 compared to average levels.


Searches containing “Costume”, which are quite popular year-round, increased as much as 370%.


“Scary” searches increased by 248%.


And “Zombie” related searches increased by 313% compared to average levels.


Of all the search terms that increase above average around Halloween, “costume fantasy” was up +4169% followed by a +3474% increase in searches for “slutty halloween”. More creative searches include “fucking a pumpkin” which increases +1540%.


For many people, Halloween is a time to let loose, be creative, and dress a bit more sexy that they normally would. So for 2016 we wanted to see what costumes might be the most appealing based on the most popular character related searches in September and October. Topping the list is “Harley Quinn” from the Suicide Squad movie, just ahead of long-time favorites like “nurse”, “cop” , “police”, “batman” and “superhero”.

If you’re heading to a sexy Halloween party and looking to attract the opposite sex, our statisticians also broke down the most popular costume related searches by gender.

Guys please take note. Women are 116% more likely to look for a “Captain America”, although dressing as a clown, “spiderman” and “vampire” will also catch their attention.

On the flip side, men are 170% more likely to search for “batgirl”, followed by “black widow”, “cat” and “witch”.


Quite often holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving and even Valentines Day can cause Pornhub’s normal traffic levels to change, so our statisticians looked to see if Halloween has the same effect. The traffic changes were also broken down by age group, to see who was most likely to give up porn for a few hours to head out under the cover of darkness.

People in the 25-34 age group were the most likely to give up Pornhub. In 2015 traffic from that age group was down as much as -24% compared to 8pm on an average day. From age 18-44 the biggest traffic drop occurred at 8pm, whereas over 45 the traffic drop was smaller but peaked earlier at 7pm.

The drop in traffic was brief, as we found that all age groups headed home and heated up to Pornhub after midnight. This time, it was the over-45 age group that saw the biggest traffic increases compared to an average night. Visits from people aged 45 to 54 increased by 26% and what about folks over the age of 65? 29% more headed to Pornhub at Midnight on October 31st.


We hope you enjoyed this edition of Pornhub Insights. As always, let us know what you thing in the comments below!

  • Сергей Заводько

    “Rule 41 of the internet states that if something exists, there’s porn for it.”
    It’s Rule 42.

  • Biscuits

    It’s Rule 34…. WTF

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