Porn’s Operating System Battle

For some geeks, an operating system is like a religion – it defines who they are and how they lead their online life. And indeed some diehards will defend their OS choice to the very end. Our techie friends at Gizmodo wondered just how deeply ingrained an OS might be in the user’s psyche. Could it even affect their online porn viewing habits?

After our previous Battle of the Browsers collaboration turned up some interesting results, the Pornhub statisticians bravely volunteered to go once more into the fray – let the OS Battle commence!

Pornhub Traffic by Operating System

Desktop Divisions

Would you believe that 85% of desktop computers visiting Pornhub run a Windows based operating system? It’s true. And that’s in line with the statistics released by Net Applications in July 2014 that show over 90% of desktop computers run a version of Windows.


More interesting is that nearly 11% of Pornhub desktop users arrive using Apple’s Mac OSX while Net Applications reports that only 6.64% of desktop computers currently run OSX. The numbers for Linux based operating systems are bang-on – 1.7% of Pornhub traffic and 1.7% of desktop penetration as reported by Net Applications in July 2014.

Breaking Through Windows

Due to the large proportion of Windows users, we broke that traffic down into specific OS version numbers. 62% of Pornhub’s Windows users have Windows 7, followed by 16% using Windows XP. 14% have made the transition to Windows 8 (or 8.1) and 6.5% make due with Windows Vista.


Incredibly, 0.5% of our Windows traffic comes from much older Windows versions including NT, 2000 and ME. We even have several thousand monthly visitors still looking for a porn fix with their Windows 95 and 98 based systems.

Phone Proportions

Android dominates smartphones with just shy of 50% of Pornhub’s phone traffic. Apple iPhones running iOS come a close second at just over 40%. Windows based phones currently bring 2.3% of smartphone users to Pornhub and 1.81% use a BlackBerry device.


Tablet Traffic

Oh how the tablets have turned! Apple iPads running iOS are the clear champ with over 77% of Pornhub’s tablet traffic. Android based tablets make a respectable 22% but Windows Surface and BlackBerry tablets barely make a dent at 0.4% and 0.6% respectively.


Game Consoles

Why play BY yourself when you can play WITH yourself? Enter the modern game console in all it’s internet connected web browsing glory. The Pornhub team exhaustively tests every aspect of our site to ensure a consistent experience across all devices and it shows.


Millions of visitors come to Pornhub from their game consoles every month. Playstation reigns champ with nearly 46% of Pornhub’s console traffic. Xbox comes a close second at 41% of gaming visitors. The Nintendo Wii is responsible for 6.4% of users going “Wiiiiii”, followed by handheld devices like the Playstation Vita (4.5%) and Nintendo 3DS (1.4%).

How Long Do They Last?

Desktop Durations

Mac OSX users take their time! At 9 minutes 31 seconds they spend nearly a full minute longer than Windows users (8 minutes 39 seconds) each time they visit Pornhub. Linux users settle into some nice middle ground at 9 minutes 5 seconds. The same holds true for the number of pages viewed. Mac users look at 1.4 pages more than Windows users each time they visit Pornhub, and 1.2 pages more than Linux users.


Smartphone Stamina

When visiting Pornhub from smartphones, Windows users look at well over 10 pages each time. iOS (9.78 pages) and BlackBerry (9.63 pages) follow close behind, but Android comes up a bit short (9.06 pages) When it comes to visit duration, BlackBerry users stick around for a marathon-like 12 minutes. Windows phone users get the job done in 9 min 17 sec followed by a near-tie between Android (8 min 57 sec) and Apple iOS (8 min 53 sec).


Tablet Times

Although the underlying operating systems are largely the same, tablet traffic stacks up a bit different than their smartphone counterparts. Windows tablet users still view the most (9.47 pages) but that’s nearly 1 page less than on phones. Android (8.75 pages) and iOS (9.25 pages) are a half page behind tablets. BlackBerry drops the most to 8.28 pages.


Windows tablet users spend nearly 10 and a half minutes on Pornhub each time the visit, beating out other console users. iPad users aren’t far behind at 10 minutes and 12 seconds, followed by Android (9min 57sec) and BlackBerry (9min 32sec).

Game Consoles

Playstation may bring the most console users to Pornhub, but they sure don’t waste any time, managing to find the right video in only 6.71 pages. Xbox and Nintendo Wii are tied at nearly 8.5 pages, but Playstation Vita users find their way through nearly 10 pages.


When it comes to average time on site, Xbox users stick around the longest at 11 mins 34 sec. Nintendo Wii users take a full minute less, followed by Playstation. Trailing the list are Playstation Vita users who manage to get through their 10 pages in only 8 minutes.

Searches at Home

Windows Watching

Because Windows accounts for 85% of desktop searches, the list reflects many of the top search terms we have found worldwide. Perennial pornstar favorites come out on top for Windows desktop searches. MILF superstar ‘Lisa Ann’ comes out top, followed by ‘Madison Ivy’, ‘Brandi Love’ and ‘Asa Akira’. Other terms like ‘mom’, ‘teen’, ‘massage’ and ‘milf’ round out the top searches. Nationality searches include ‘Japanese’ and ‘French’.


Mac Attract

Just like Windows, Mac OSX users love ‘Lisa Ann’, ‘Madison Ivy’ and ‘Brandi Love’. Taking over the number 4 spot is ‘massage’ and ‘milf’ jumps to number 6, well ahead of ‘teen’ which falls to number 12 on Mac. Two Pornstars making the Mac top 20 (but no other desktop OS) are ‘Riley Reid’ and male pornstar ‘James Deen’. Mac users also like ‘POV’ and ‘squirt’ videos more than Windows users.


Linux Looking

The Linux search list is as multi-cultural as the user base of this open source operating system. Indian pornstar ‘Sunny Leone’ tops the list along with searches for ‘indian’. Later in this article we show that over 23% of Pornhub’s Linux users are based in India.


Other nationalities such as ‘japanese’ and ‘korean’ appear a bit further down the list. It seems fitting that searches for ‘public’ would also make the top 20 list for a largely public domain operating system.

Searches On The Go

Android Admiring

Once again ‘Lisa Ann’ takes the number one spot on Android phones, but sex tape star ‘Kim Kardashian’ came in second. Both of these searches fall further down the list on Android tablets with ‘cartoon’ and ‘lesbian’ taking the top two positions.


Searches for ‘Mimi Faust’ are popular on both Android phones and tablets, but don’t make the top 20 on any Apple iOS devices. The same goes for ‘gangbang’, ‘black’, ‘ebony’ and ‘pinky’ which are popular on Android by not iOS.

iOS Inquiries

Like Android users, those with iOS based phones search more for ‘Lisa Ann’ and ‘Kim Kardashian’ than any other terms. Worldwide favorites like ‘teen’, ‘mom’ and ‘milf’ appear on both the iOS tablet and phone lists.


iPhones are devoid of nationality and ethnicity searches, but iPads include searches for both ‘asian’ and ‘japanese’. Searches for ‘hentai’ and ‘Mia Malkova’ also appear only on iPads.

Windows Mobile

Amongst Windows phone users, MILF queen ‘lisa ann’ succeeds her throne in favor of ‘cartoon’ videos, plus ‘hentai’ falling a bit further down the list. Taking the number 3 spot are ‘teen’ videos, followed closely by ‘lesbian’.


We found that nearly 5% of Windows phone visitors were from India, so it’s no surprise that both ‘Indian’ and pornstar ‘Sunny Leone’ made the top 20 list. Interestingly, ‘Miley Cyrus’ was a popular search on Windows phones as well.

BlackBerry Beholding

Once again ‘Lisa Ann’ takes the number one search spot, followed by ‘cartoon’ on BlackBerry phones. Ethnic searches for ‘black’ and ‘ebony’ take spots 6 and 7. Like those on Windows phones, BlackBerry users like searching for ‘Miley Cyrus’, ‘big ass’ and ‘babysitter’.


Platform Positions

24% of Pornhub’s Windows users are based in the United States. The next nearest countries are the United Kingdom and Germany at around 5% each.


Over half of Pornhub’s Mac OSX users come from the United States. Over 7% are based in the United Kingdom and Canada.


24% of Pornhub’s Linux users are based in the United States, followed closely by 23% in India. As we discovered in a previous section, this likely explains the high search ranks of ‘Indian’ and Indian pornstar ‘Sunny Leone’. The United Kingdom and Germany both account for around 5% of Pornhub’s Linux traffic.


Mobile Markets

Nearly 60% of Pornhub’s iOS traffic comes from the United States, along with 45% of tablet traffic. The United Kingdom brings 11% of iOS phone and 13% of iOS tablet traffic. Canada falls into spot number 3 on both device types at around 6%, followed by Australia at 4%.


Pornhub’s Android traffic from the United States is nearly identical for both phones and tablets at 47%. The United Kingdom takes spot number 2, but is nearly double on tablet (10%) versus phone (5%). India is Android’s number 3 spot on phone but doesn’t make the top 10 on Android tablets.


The majority of Pornhub’s Windows phone traffic comes from the United States at 34%. The next nearest country is the United Kingdom at 10%, followed by a near tie between Mexico, Italy, India and France at just under 5% each.


Although BlackBerry accounts for a small proportion of Pornhub’s phone traffic, the regional split is quite interesting. The United Kingdom comes out on top this time at 13%. South Africa is the number 2 market at 10%, followed closely by the United States and Canada.


We hope you enjoyed this look at what makes Pornhub users tick (or at least what makes their computers tick). Stay tuned for more Insights to come.

  • Guest_47

    I always thought people who look at porn on their mobile devices are a weird bunch. They have to get their fix on the go, or share their porn with friends? Well it’s confirmed. “Cartoon” appears to be a popular search item on mobile. What’s cartoon in the context of porn? That search term is absent on desktops. And those watching porn on Windows 95/98 machines are a clever bunch. Obviously they are using an old computer wiped of their identity for unanonimity.

    • Idontfaptocartnoonhorses

      Cartoon > rule34
      There is a lot of my little pony porn in fact ;p

      • Guest_47

        Please don’t ruin my innocent mind! I looked up what’s rule 34, and… Mind blown – in a bad way. I thought I was a dirty minded guy, turns out… not so dirty.

      • Hentaifan

        You are obviously a narrow minded troll to say that anyone who likes cartoon porn jerks to MLP when that obviously isn’t true. There is nothing wrong with hentai and some of it is actually pretty good. Not all of it has tentacles, which is definitely the worst kind of hentai.

    • Dark A.M

      So what you are saying is that people who watch real porn shouldn’t feel ashamed for not erasing their web history. I enjoy hentai porn, but that doesn’t mean i like tentacles,or any other of the worst aspects of rule34. “What’s cartoon in the the context of porn?”-You obviously have been living under a rock.

      • Guest_47

        My point is that watching porn on mobile is kind of weird. And cartoon porn is a fringe thing. So put two and two together and it confirms that people who watch porn on mobile isn’t very normal. And living under a rock? In what way? I don’t see any cartoon porn in my local newsagent. I don’t see any cartoon porn in the DVD store. I don’t see any cartoon porn in the adult channel. And I don’t see any cartoon porn on the front page of pornhub. You like cartoon porn? Fine. Nothing wrong with this. But don’t make it out like its mainstream porn.

        • Dark A.M

          First of all I don’t use my phone for porn (I have to agree that is a bit weird), and second just because you don’t see hentai porn in some stores (yes there are stores that sell hentai) or on Pornhub’s front page does not mean the fanbase is small. Mainstream does not have to be a measure of popularity. (Sorry if I sounded rude the first time)

        • No Fan of the Ignorant

          Cartoon porn isn’t a fringe thing, there are plenty of websites that specialize in hentai. Mainstream and popularity do NOT go hand in hand. Not seeing hentai in DVD stores (you are going to wrong stores) or on adult channels doesn’t prove anything. Just because YOU don’t watch hentai doesn’t mean you can label people who do as being “weird”. Stop acting like Pornhub is the only porn site out there. Google “hentai” and I promise you’ll get alot more than ten pages of results. (No wait, he wouldn’t do that because he has his own definition of “normal”)

  • Kitten1777

    it’s quite funny that while everybody else searches on Lisa Ann and Sunny Leone, the #1 search of windows mobile users is “cartoon” 😀

    • Kol Khara

      As opposed to the oedipal complex of linux users…

      • Guest_47

        I didn’t even notice that. WTF? I saw MILF ranked out quite low. If MILF and Mom were similarly ranked, I’d understand it was just the interchanging of the two words. Seriously, this is very weird. What’s going on?

      • Aza

        I’m a Linux and an Android user, I though that it’ll be more ‘threesome’, ‘bukkake’ and definitely ‘deep throat’

    • Dark A.M

      It is not as “funny” as you might think. Have you ever heard of rule34, apparently not. Take your ignorance somewhere else.

  • ThatOneGuylolzieslololololomfg

    Americans need to jerk it the most ahahahahah.

    • Jacob

      Or it could be because we have so many people.

      • ajyverma

        Its is because internet penetration is high in US otherwise China and India would be at top.

        • Guest_47

          Actually China has more than double the number of internet users as the US. Of course, their typical internet user is going to be different from that of the US. I think the reason why you don’t see much porn traffic from China is due to censorship, nor from India because they have their own porn sites.

          • Konoha the Wiper

            except england, the porn we see is all american

        • amund


          • lolo


        • me

          Here in Europe we prefer vaginal penetration, but hey – to each his own fetish…

  • Medio Dedo

    Most searches for anal comes from Russia, according to Google.

  • Guest_47

    Why do they use those weird pie charts? It’s completely misleading! It makes no sense! If something is 25%, it should have a volume that is 1/3 the size of something that is 75%, not 1/6th the size or whatever. Stop using stupid fancy stuff and stick to what makes sense.

    • Guest_48

      Volume? I think you mean area. Unless they’ve changed the charts since
      you commented, the ones I’m seeing are 2D so have no volume.

      I haven’t bothered to analyse them carefully, but it looks to me like
      the charts are accurate. The closest example to what you refer to is the

      “Tablet Traffic” one where there is 77.38% and 21.50%. From a
      visual look alone, it seems to me that the area of the 21.50% is a bit
      under 1/3 of the 77.38% one.

      Perhaps you
      haven’t noticed, but these aren’t like the normal type of pie charts
      where the angle of the slice is directly proportional to the percentage.
      Instead the angle is always the same for each slice in a chart. I.E.
      The pie in the chart is divided in to equal-angle slices and the angle
      just depends on the number of slices.

      The area of the slice is then varied by increasing the length of the slice.

      guessing there’s a standard name for this sort of pie chart and there
      is probably a list somewhere, perhaps even in a wikipedia article
      covering advantages and disadvantages. But I’m lazy to search.

      one obvious advantage with this sort of pie chart just from those
      showing here is that small percentages can be more easily visualised despite being tiny in (again I’m assuming accurate) comparison to the much bigger percentages.

      • Guest_48

        Sorry about the formatting, not sure what went wrong. Anyway I should
        clarify I’m not saying they necessarily made the right choice here. I
        did mention disadvantages and in any case, I hoped it was obvious I’m no
        Edward Tufte, not even close. I was simply pointing out your specific
        criticism seemed a little off. And there may be reasons why they choose
        what they chose, even if there may have been better choices.

      • Guest_47

        I get what you mean now. Thanks for letting me know, I appreciate it. Will try to get my head around it, but not sure what’s the advantage over the old pie charts. By the way, nice username!

        • Guest_49

          The advantage is that you can have both a 80% data point and a 0.2% data point on the same chart with both being large enough to be legible. It’s sort of like logarithmic scale for line charts, in that it allows a larger dynamic range between data points.

          • Guest_47

            Interesting. I see what you mean now. Most graphs and charts make use of one dimension to represent the magnitude of a value, while this type of chart uses two dimensions, and therefore, as you said, allows for an even “larger dynamic range” of values. I also like your comparison with log charts. Interesting. Thanks. By the way, what’s the name of these charts?

  • Guest_47

    OK I’ve just Googled some of those terms. How can those be the most popular terms? I thought I was missing out on some hot girls, but those girls, well they are OK, but none of them are FHM or cheerleading quality! What’s wrong with these people? I am very confused by these stats.

    • Rui Nelson Carneiro


    • My8th

      It’s not only about how someone looks.

    • Konoha the Wiper

      like My8th says its not just the looks its also the technique, that and most people have a taste for older women (myself included)

      • Guest_47

        I see what you mean. I am not saying they are bad – they are hot. But just surprised they are considered the HOTTEST. I would have expecting something more. Maybe I should be more open minded and take a look at some of those videos when I have time. But not now. I shouldn’t be procrastinating any more.

        • Konoha the Wiper

          there are only 2 things to do in life procrastinate and masturbate

    • Don’t be confused, we are talking about people with erect cocks in their hand, they are not studying for SAT’s?

  • TakerWillReturn

    How in the world does the PS3 have such a majority percentage with that crappy stock Internet browser?!!

    • caleb hatere

      still better than xbox’s

  • Ilia Bakhshi

    looks like people in the USA really like porn more than any other country LOL

    • Guest_47

      It’s a US site, that’s why the majority are US visitors. And the US has the largest number of home internet users in the world.

    • Konoha the Wiper

      pretty sure america have the biggest porn industry regardless, unless you’re watching japanese porn its 99% american

  • maddogtjones

    sunny leone is canadian aboriginal not india indian …

    • My8th

      She’s Indo-Canadian, her parents are Punjabi.

      • Konoha the Wiper

        i thought punjabi was a language not a place

        • My8th

          120 million Punjabi people mostly living in Pakistan and India.

  • Murktastic

    Under “Windows Mobile” I think you meant “Amongst Windows phone users, MILF queen ‘lisa ann’ secedes her throne…” not succeeds.

  • Semyon

    apple – gay porn

  • Konoha the Wiper

    indians came out of nowhere to watch porn on their linux comps

  • TOM

    just saw news on youtube about this.
    dumb pornhub.why are they giving these things on public.
    its clear for pornhub user that pornhub monitoring them.
    may be soon pornhub will publish there users PC name and IP address lollzz.
    for pornhub fans better to stop visiting this site from now lolzzzzz

    • Guest_47

      What’s the big deal. Everyone watches porn. Granted, I never went to this site before, but not because of a pure mind – just don’t have enough time. Seriously, everyone watches porn – if they have the time. Why ashamed of it?

    • alex_pornhub

      We don’t, never have and never will log this type of user information. Our data is completely anonymized.

  • footesouljaa

    windows 7 also windows phone user here im part of those stats

  • QContinuum

    If we take Androids usage of the Linux Kernel into account what does the Linux stat look like?

  • Want to see popularity of gay porn over different platforms.

  • Hentaifan

    Cartoon and hentai porn is nothing new people. Stop being so suprised. That doesn’t mean I like all hentai though.

  • Anon

    Them knowing what device you’re using is a bit creepy.

  • Windows Phone is rising! Microsoft Lumia will spin attack Android and IOS right on off the cliff in 2015!


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  • Hank Honk

    It would be very interesting to know how overall percentage of site volume traffic is shifting between computers/phones/tablets/consoles.

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