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Hola! Today the Pornhub statisticians’ curiosity has been piqued by the spectacular country of Spain, with some encouragement from our friends over at El Confidencial. Thanks to some very spicy porn-viewing habits, Spain lands at number 10 for most visitors worldwide, so let’s take a closer look at how the Spanish get freaky with Pornhub.


Spanish Stats

Like in Germany as well as in many of the countries we have previously surveyed, the Spanish are busiest on Pornhub on Mondays, while Saturdays typically see the least amount of traffic.


Living and working in Spain seems pretty sweet. With the average worker getting somewhere in the ballpark of 34 paid vacation days a year, it’s no wonder that traffic slows slightly in August which is a particularly gorgeous time of year there. Things increase a little in the merry month of May, the busiest in terms of Pornhub traffic in Spain.


Making it Last

The Spanish clock in at just over 8 minutes for their national average visit duration. This is rather low when compared to the northern country of Norway who generally last 9 minutes and 31 seconds but they beat out Serbia who last a mere 7 minutes on average.


Spaniards tend to get the job done with a little over 7 pages viewed per visit, which is comparable to Ireland who view around 7.8 pages per Pornhub visit.

A closer look at these same stats by region paints a slightly different picture. Did you know that the Spanish are credited with the invention of the mop? They are likely making good use of their creation, cleaning up after some longer than average sessions over in the Balearic Islands, where they generally spend a luxurious 8 minutes and 46 seconds on the site.


Over in the autonomous community region of Extremadura, their viewing habits are anything but extreme. In fact, both their average visit lengths and page views are the lowest within the country at 7minutes and 31 seconds and 6.51 pages respectively. Looks like Extremadurans are busier curing the ham their region is known for, rather than choking their chorizos.


The following chart examines cities in terms of their temporal differences versus that of the national average 8 minutes spent on the site. Life’s a beach in seaside Palma de Mallorca where they spend almost 30 seconds more on the site than the rest of the country. They’re also palming it for longer over in Palmas Gran Canaria, located in the gorgeous Canary Islands, where Pornhub visits tend to extend by an extra 20 seconds in relevance to the national average.


Surprisingly, things start to slowdown in the university town of Salamanca, where these seemingly more studious folk spend almost 16 seconds less than the rest of Spain on the site and dips even deeper in Albacete where they cut visits to Pornhub 32 seconds shorter.

Desperately Seeking in Spain

As we’ve seen in places like The Netherlands and Mexico, a country’s top searched term tends to link back to its nationality. Spain is no exception, with ‘Spanish’ claiming the top most searched term, nationwide plus other regional terms like “Spain”, “Spanish amateur” and “porno en espanol” not far behind.

International fan favorites ‘casting’ and ‘mom’ round out the top 3 for most searched porno terms. The Spanish also seem to have a thing for Eastern Euro girls as ‘Czech’ also appears as a popular search term, the same happening notably in Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands. Spaniards also pay tribute to the seaside and good times that keep the tourists flocking with ‘beach’ and ‘party’ making appearances in their top searched porno terms list as well.


Looking at top search terms by region, ‘smoking’ emerges as a favorite in areas like Aragon and Balearic Islands. Interestingly, Spain was one of the first European countries to outlaw smoking in bars and restaurants back in 2006 but the fetish clearly remains strong. ‘Pilladas’ which roughly translated means ‘getting caught in the act’ also ranks highly in the regions of Castile & Leon as well as in Galicia. The anticipation!

Though the Spaniards seem to have an affinity for the Americans when we take a look at their top searched porn stars, some local flavors make it into the mix as well.


The internationally adored MILF maven Lisa Ann holds on to the number one spot here while German born but now American claimed Madison Ivy comes in at number three. Spanish sensations Rebecca Linares, Lucia Lapiedra and Nacho Vidal slide into second, fourth and fifth rank, respectively.

Holiday Getaway

There is more than one meaning to taking time off during the holidays in Spain, as across the board, Pornhub traffic dips during the festivities. The biggest hits occur on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve with drops around 25% on both days. Dips of this magnitude are common around the world though.


What’s interesting here is that on none of these days does traffic rise at all, as the case in countries like Norway where on days like January 1st and other smaller holidays, traffic tends to see slight increases. With most of the national holidays being of religious significance, the faith appears to be strong in Spain, with the best kind of sinning reserved for the less holy of days.

More Soccer, Less Sexy Time

If there’s one thing that the Spanish are more dedicated to than Pornhub, it’s football. Look no further than the way traffic dipped during the UEFA Champions League Final, which took place on May 24th, to attest to this. The game was tense and went into overtime but ultimately, Real Madrid took the win home. The fact that two teams from Madrid were competing for the title makes it understandable that Spaniards were less focused on their favorite starlet’s D cups and more on who would come to compete at the final. Let’s take a closer look.


As you can see in the above graph, the Spanish were actually a little more active than usual in the time leading up to the game, undoubtedly relieving some of that pre-match stress. This was even more so the case in Madrid, where these changes were up by nearly 20% a few hours before the 8:45 pm kickoff. Traffic began to dip steadily as of 7 pm nationwide, dipping as low as nearly 40% across the country and near 50% midgame in Madrid.


The same trend was more or less observed in the top 5 Spanish cities where Pornhub is the most popular, with Seville showing the least dramatic of traffic changes, of the 5. It seems like they took Atlético de Madrid’s loss a little harder in Barcelona and Valencia, where traffic spiked by almost 20% post game, whereas in Seville it barely went up by 5% after their soon to be opponent’s win. Nonetheless, this relative uniformity is interesting when compared to other viewership trends that occurred during the world cup.

With that, we’re going to say adios to Spain. We’ll be back soon with more incredible Pornhub Insights but in the meantime, leave us a comment! Which countries or events would you like to see profiled?

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