Horny for the Holidays

Just around this time last year, our statisticians got heavily into the holiday spirit and presented us with some XXXmas-rated data, showing how searches differed both in the United States and throughout the world during the holidays. This time around, we’re honing in on our United Kingdom based viewers with some updated worldwide data to boot. Some pretty interesting search terms tend to trend during Christmas over in the isles and abroad, so let’s get into it!


Star Wars Searches on Pornhub

Quite often, real-life events can have a drastic effect on the type of porn people search for. For this intergalactic edition of Insights, we’ve teamed up with our friends over at Metro US . “Star Wars” is already a popular search term on Pornhub, and various parody and tribute scenes can be found on our site. So it was no surprise that searches relating to Star Wars began to increase after the official trailer for “The Force Awakens” was released on October 19, 2015. At the time, searches went up 2.5 times the usual volume. In the days leading up to and after the December 18 movie premiere, searches went through the roof – up 1854% above average daily search volumes.


Victoria Secret Model Searches

Another Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has passed us by, and what an event it was. While some may have tuned in to catch The Weekend and Selena Gomez performing (or lip-sync?), the vast majority were undoubtedly glued to their screens to watch a bunch of hot models saunter down a runway in lingerie. What’s not to love? To commemorate this moment in television history, our statisticians crunched the numbers to find out which Victoria’s Secret models are the most searched for on Pornhub.


Popular Porn Parody Searches

Fantasy plays a big role in pornography. People are not simply looking for naked flesh, they’re interested in the stories that lead to each sexual encounter. Like film and television studios, the porn industry spends millions each year to design elaborate scenes that will bring viewers into the story, and create an emotional attachment with the characters on screen.

It’s only natural that fans will want to see their favorite TV and movie characters involved in sexual scenarios, so porn parodies are a popular and time-honored adult film genre. The folks at Now This News asked the Pornhub statisticians to take a look at the most searched parodies to see what scenarios our users are interested in. While many of the following parodies already exist on Pornhub, it also reveals what type of characters people want to see go all the way.


Pornhub’s Fappyhour

As part of a special collaboration with our friends over at Tech Insider, Pornhub Insights is taking a look at when people prefer to get busy on Pornhub. We’ll begin with a look at average hourly traffic rates across the United States.


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