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In this edition of Pornhub Insights, we’ve joined with Sweden’s Nyheter 24 to see how visitors from their country enjoy watching Pornhub. Over the last year we’ve looked closely at neighboring countries including Norway, Estonia and Denmark, and compared many other parts of Europe in our 2016 Year in Review.

Sweden ranks 16th worldwide for traffic to Pornhub, an impressive number when compared to their population which ranks only 90th worldwide. On average, visitors from Sweden spend 9 minutes 32 seconds on Pornhub, with 69% of visitors using mobile devices including 56% smart phones and 13% tablets. Sunday is the most popular day of the week for Swedes to visit Pornhub, and Friday has the lowest number of visitors. The most visits come in the evening between the hours of 10pm and 11pm.

Like many other countries, Swedes search more often for videos featuring their fellow countrymen than any other search term. The number one search term is “swedish”, with “swedish homemade”, “svensk”, “swedish amateur” and “swedish teen” also making the top 20.

The most popular category of video in Sweden is “Anal”, followed by other worldwide favorites like “MILF”, “Lesbian” and “Teen”.

When we compare Sweden to the rest of the world, we find that the “Anal” category is proportionately 55% more popular, “Old/Young” is 54% more popular and “Bondage” is 46% more.

We can also see what category is relatively more popular in each of Sweden’s regions, when compared to the rest of the country. In the North, “Mature” videos are more popular, along with “Hentai”. “MILF” is more popular in regions like Dalarna, Värmland and Orebro. In Västernorrland the “Big Dick” category is more popular than elsewhere in the country, and visitors from Skåne prefer “Lesbian”.

On average, visitors from Sweden spend 9 minutes and 32 seconds each time they visit Pornhub, just 4 seconds short of the world average, although some parts of Sweden tend to come and go sooner or later. Stockholm, which accounts for 33% of Sweden’s traffic, spends 5 seconds less on average. When it comes to lasting power, visitors from Dalarna manage to hold out a full 21 seconds longer than their fellow Swedes.

30% of visitors from Sweden are female, which is higher than the worldwide average of 26%. The largest age group of visitors are 25-34 making up 32%, while those over the the age of 45 only account for 29%.

Lastly, we will take a look at how holidays can affect the level of traffic from Sweden coming to Pornhub. Compared to an average day, traffic from Sweden plummets by -72% on New Year’s Eve, and -55% on Christmas Eve. Some days cause an increase in traffic such as Easter with a +7% boost and Epiphany +15% over daily averages.

We hope you enjoyed this swing around Sweden. As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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