Pornhub’s Fappyhour

As part of a special collaboration with our friends over at Tech Insider, Pornhub Insights is taking a look at when people prefer to get busy on Pornhub. We’ll begin with a look at average hourly traffic rates across the United States.

If we average traffic for all of the days of the week, we can see that the peak time in the United States is between 10pm and midnight. The lowest traffic comes in the wee hours from 2am to 6am after which it remains close to our daily average throughout most of the late afternoon and early evening. And before you ask, yes our statisticians remembered to account for all of the time zones across the good ol’ US of A.


As we started to break down the data by specific days, we noticed that weekdays from Monday to Thursday are all very similar, and the hours remain within 10% above or below the average.


The end of the week is far more interesting though. On Friday, traffic before work goes up around 6am, just like other weekdays. However, we see that Friday night traffic is 20% below the weekly average by 10pm when people are heading out for some real-life fun.

When they arrive home around 2am to 3am, they’re still looking for some late night entertainment, so they tune into Pornhub 10% more than the rest of the week.

Similarly, Saturday night drops 25% below average by 10pm but then jumps up 15% between 2am to 3am early Sunday morning. You can also see that people like to sleep in on Sundays because traffic is down 25% from the popular 6am wank, but up 10% from 10am to 11am.

We took some time to break down each day of the week in the following charts. (Click to zoom).


Here we’ve pitted boys against girls in order to see when each gender most enjoys Pornhub. At a glance, the ladies are definitely the night owls between the 2, showing more activity than their male counterparts between 9 pm and 1 am. Men are at it more during the early morning hours, where they beat out women significantly between between 3 am and 9 am.



For this last section we have compared our US based millennial-aged users to those aged 35 and up. Interestingly, our users aged 18-34 are considerably more active on the site during the late night hours, whereas older users take advantage of the daybreak hours to get their early bird special in on Pornhub before starting their day.


We hoped you enjoyed our little rock around the clock. Does this data hold true for you, or do you have your own favorite fappy hours? Let us know in the comments!

  • Californicate

    Interesting Study. However, I think that for the age study(Millennial Vs Over 35’s) you may have to factor in other information that you may be unable to access eg Typical occupations of the age groups. For the millennial age group the jobs might be largely IT based and from home, in which case they access PH when they least expect to be disturbed, which would be later in their day. The over 35’s may be more likely to have the ‘9 to 5’ lifestyle. This of course changes because of the vast array of industries within the US.
    It would be interesting to see this kind of study done in the different time zones, or even the different states. There are too many social, or occupational, factors to be considered, in a Western-based society, for some of these averages to be taken.

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