What Women Want


Pornhub Insights is getting down with demographics! As part of a collaboration with our friends over at Buzzfeed, the Pornhub statisticians are offering a unique look at the way that members of the fairer sex get turned on with everyone’s favorite porn site. By segmenting by gender within our analytics tools, we were able to generate anonymized data that brings us one step closer to answering the time old question: what do women want?

What does she desire?

Well, apparently they want to watch a bunch of gay sex. Pornhub’s Lesbian category is the leading favorite among the ladies, with Gay (male) following close at second place. The Gay category only falls into 7th place for men in terms of top viewed categories so it’s noteworthy here that overall, this category ranks higher with the sex opposite to that which this type of content is intended for.

There’s no love from the ladies for the bigger beauties of porno land with the BBW category noticeably absent from the list on the female side despite its ranking at 13th place for the men. Though other classics like Teen, MILF, Threesome and Anal pepper this list as well, it’s clear that the type of sex that women are most interested in watching occurs between members of the same sex.


It’s also worthwhile taking a look at which categories on Pornhub women are more likely to view than men, as outlined in the following chart. Unsurprisingly, the female friendly stuff comes out on top here, with the ‘For Women’ category being 193% more likely to be searched by a woman than a man. The same goes for the Lesbian category, which, despite ranking as the 6th most popular category for males is still 132% more likely to be perused by the ladies.

Apparently, women also really like watching men take care of business as the Solo Male category is 103% more popular with the fairer sex. Things get heated pretty quickly after this though, with the Hardcore, Rough Sex, Double Penetration and Gangbang categories all showing women to be between 80-100% more likely to be lurking these extra explicit parts of Pornhub.


What is she looking for?

Again thanks to our anonymized data analytics tools, we are also able to compare and contrast the specific search terms used by both men and women to locate their preferred type of porn. Here again, ‘lesbian’ emerges as the most searched term by women, in comparison to ‘teen’ for men. The ladies are also much more into multi-partner scenarios with terms ‘threesome’ coming in hot at number 2 and ‘gangbang’ in at 4th place. Chocolate cravings are also strong on the female side with terms ‘ebony,’ ‘big black cock,’ ‘black’ and ‘ebony lesbians’ all ranking in the top 25 most searched.


When we look at the terms that women are more likely to search for than men, the results are simply Sapphic. For instance, ‘eating pussy’ is over 900% more likely to be searched by a woman than a man, as are terms like ‘pussy licking,’ ‘tribbing,’ ‘lesbian scissoring’ and ‘ebony lesbians’ which on average are over 600% more searched for by the ladies.


Who gets her going?

We’ve covered what both genders like to look at on Pornhub, so let’s shift it over to who. Reality television appears to be a theme over on the women’s side, with small-screen stars Kim Kardashian (nsfw), Mimi Faust (nsfw) and Farrah Abraham (nsfw) all showing up within the top 5. Men are more drawn to DD cups rather than the D-list as traditional porn star favorites like Lisa Ann (nsfw), Madison Ivy (nsfw) and Asa Akira (nsfw) top off their list, though Kimmy K does hold it down in third place.

Interestingly enough, Miley Cyrus ranks at 13th place for both genders, despite the fact that she’s never even made a sex tape…yet. We do have this NSFW offering up on Pornhub, Miley May (nsfw) in the appropriately named Miley’s Sex Tape (nsfw), so we’ll assume that that’s what everyone was busy looking for.


Last but not least is a look at which porn stars women are searching for more than men. Like we saw earlier, women were searching for a lot of same-sex porn. Here, male stars dominate the list but Jake Bass (nsfw) and Colby Keller (nsfw) are surprisingly the only gay performers in the slew. Among the few female stars appearing on the list is lesbian favorite Sinn Sage, who is 159% more popular among the ladies.

Industry hunks James Deen (nsfw) and Xander Corvus (nsfw) top off the list and are both around 500% more likely to be searched for by females. Again, there are very few females on this list at all but of the 4, Mimi Faust and Joseline Hernandez’s presences reaffirm the interesting intersection we’ve observed between women, the porn they search for, and reality television stars.


That’s a wrap on this demographics-gone-dirty edition of Pornhub Insights. We hope that you’ve enjoyed this gender-focused look at porno-viewing habits, and encourage you to let us know what other reports of this type you’d be interested in seeing on the site in the comments section!

  • JackKrak

    How do you know which users are women?

    • kiddo

      IP, probably

      • fail

        lol. no way

      • THATguy

        doesn’t even make sense

      • Anon888

        You can’t identify gender with IP… DHCP prevents that. IP’s are recycled.

        • humble_pedantic

          you mean NAT, DHCP is what gives ip address, NAT is the reason the adress from your router is internal only and you all share one external address.

          but even if no router is involved, ISPs arnt in the business of handing out the name on the cable bill for free/with out a court order…

          also there is no way to gaurentee who’s actually behind the screen… most dwellings have more than one occupant even if they arnt behind a router.

          there is no way they are using ip

          • IAmA_DHCP_AMA

            No, he was right. DHCP is the one that recycles IP addresses. Recycling of IP addresses is what makes a user hard(er) to track.

          • humble_pedantic

            but NAT is what makes external ips useless for linking 1 user to 1 ip.

            plus even with an isp running DHCP its more up to their
            data loging, retention and sharing policies as to how safe address recycling keeps you

            Because you could configure a DHCP server to keep a timedate based log of what MACs were given What ips and how long their lease was.

            you still need the isp to play ball and give you the name on an account though..ie link the ip plus date stamp to modem and customer name… or try to guess based off of searchs/cookies who the person is….

            even then though, because most routers use NAT the external ip is usually shared with more than one person and computer so external ips arnt a great way to take these demographics.

    • http://pornhdhdporn.com/ Abigaile Cansın Kara

      with login.

      • http://www.dalydose.com/ Jeff Daly

        Login? That’s not required. Are they only compiling these number based on registered users?? I’m guessing that this is a small sample.

      • WTFReally?

        You have no idea how the internet works, do you?

    • Pornhub Katie

      Google analytic demographic stats

      • bananas

        For a very long time, Google Ad Preferences told me it thought I was a 25-34 year old male, when I am neither of those things. It knows I’m female now only after the third time I reset the ad preferences and told it I was in fact female.

        • Pornhub Katie

          Yeah it’s not perfect but it still is as accurate as it’ll every get without asking users and we would never do that.

          • Jelqer12

            What’s the problem with asking them anonymously? I’m a user of your site and I wouldn’t have a problem with you asking me what porn I like anytime I’m on the site.

          • Pornhub Katie

            Because we don’t want to store a cookie about your gender to protect your privacy. Google’s demographics are very accurate.

          • Niki

            So are the stats based off members or users? As a member you do have the option of identifying your gender.

          • BestGags

            I prefer to call them visitors

          • Pornhub Katie


    • JB


    • Draggoon

      I don’t know how high a factor this would be in Pornhub’s case, but in many internet *communities* where sex/dating/porn/webcams are involved, men outnumber women, and on top of that (at least traditionally, going back to the early web days), many men will self-identify as women – and I’m ever stumped as to why O_o

      • Draggoon

        this of course depends on how community-driven Pornhub is, vs. individual-driven

  • pusy

    no shemales?

    • MandoJuju

      ans no masturbation.

    • Zizekesha

      Kimber James is. Well, she has a vagina now, but.

  • ThisBitch

    The end result show that regardless of gender everyone is just a pervert with an internet connection.

    • yup

      So watching porn is considered abnormal or unacceptable? Because that’s what pervert actually means.

      • Lawl Wut

        Hear Hear

        What people don’t seem to realize is that humans have been watching porn for ages, in fact back in the caveman days porn used to grow on the Pornografus Silvestris tree, the now extinct porn tree. It grew all kinds of porn for all kinds of caveman fetishes which they brought back to their caves for a night alone.

        Porn is most definitely NOT something completely new to our species, it is most definitely not something abnormal, readily available pornography at the click of a button with millions of choices is completely natural. Or so I am told.

        Why even ferrets and little monkeys watch porn.

        • amadeo

          My cats watch porn. Of course, they rely on me to type the URLs for them.

  • pussylips

    It would be really interesting to compare gay preferences to straight preferences with respect to kinky/rough sex. I say this because there are stereotypes that gays are more “perverted”, and also because a lot of people argue that rough porn is an outgrowth of misogyny in society. The latter would be invalidated if it was found that gay men are equally interested in rough sex as straight men.

  • Bob

    What about joi or cei or femdom. My faves

    • https://www.pinterest.com/bconservative/ Carrie

      FemDom porn is almost exclusively watched by men 🙁

      And FemDom websites are mostly populated by men pretending to be women 🙁 One Minnesotan I know has 73 different FEMALE profiles alone… and he’s not a chick… but he sure thinks he’s a lesbian! I wonder {not!} if all of the lesbians he’s lesbing off with are also dudes, hahahahaha.

  • http://whyarethingsthisway.com/ Nat Philosopher

    They have totally avoided telling us what fraction of their views are by women or what fraction of viewers are women, unless I missed it.
    All the claims are relative numbers, if I understand. The fraction of videos watched by women that are of lesbians is higher than the fraction of videos watched by men, but the men might still be watching 90% of the lesbian videos, for all they’ve told us.

    Fess up, guys. What fraction of your views/viewers are women?

    • alex_pornhub

      On the global scale, around 23% of users are women.

      • Niki

        interesting. Do you know what percentage of members identify as women?

        • Alex

          approximately 23% of our users are women

  • Haze

    If the user is identified by IP the surprising statistic that woman watch more gay porn than man, might result from the simple fact that the same ip is used by different people .. this for instance in mixed lgbt shared living
    But also if a couple uses the same computer it would mess up the data … so unless they actually film the person using the ip in the moment a site is browsed, the gender cannot be determined.
    Maybe Pornhub could unveil their methods of determining gender.

  • Mads W. Schneider

    Gay sex is women’s number 2. But where is it in the list of women’s search?

  • TroubleHeliXX

    the article seems to fail to address is the sexual
    orientation of the women in this survey/pool. The high number of females
    searching for gay men porn is because those individuals are most likely
    gay themselves. Lesbian women often find male on male gay sex arousing.
    This would also explain why the lesbian category was a frequent search
    item by the women in this survey/pool.This article’s blind spot is either
    ignorance on the part of the LGBT naive author(s) or intentional to
    provide them their hook: providing hetero men insight on what “real
    women” like. Either way, I’m disappointed by the misinformation.

    Sex knowledge slam!

    • testmc

      how can lesbians find male on male gay sex arousing? There is literally no woman in the picture. Honest question here!!!

      • PlantinMoretus

        Human brains are weird, and they are even weirder on sex.

    • WTFReally?

      You’re a fucking idiot.

    • Luke

      The high number of ‘women’ seeking gay porn is also possibly linked to google analytics designating a large number of gay males as having feminine traits in their internet searches – thus adding gay men searching for gay porn into the women searching for gay porn category.

      • alex_pornhub

        This is a good point but our sample size is absolutely huge, which helps to eliminate inaccuracies.

        • Mattias Gönczi

          Not systematic ones.

        • .

          How many women did you consider as your sample?

          • alex_pornhub

            Our whole viewership. The numbers are from google analytics.

          • .

            I see. Is there any way I can have access to these numbers? I’m a Brazilian journalist and I’m writing an article about this research. Or, if you prefer, you can tell me it even here. I’d just like to know how many people are considered your whole viewership. Thanks a lot. 🙂

          • alex_pornhub

            heya, we are averaging about 60million visits a day so it’s pretty huge. We also have some additional info on Brazil here if you’d like to have a look http://www.pornhub.com/insights/pornhub-brazil/

      • Frou-Zen Waters

        This doesn’t make sense at all.

        If an internet user is a (gay) male, how the hell would Google tell that he has “feminine traits”, and thus would count him as a female? If you’re a male, you’re counted as male. Your sexuality and behaviour is irrelevant to site’s data.

        What’s more mysterious is the fact that lesbian porn is leading. Most women are straight. It’d make sense for them to watch gay porn rather than lesbian. Not to mention, the searches likes “tribbing” and other lesbian acts being on top? That’s the conundrum here. I mean, unless lesbian girls are frequent porn watchers, I don’t see straight women watching a lot of girl-on-girl action.

        • Luke

          Google analytics doesn’t KNOW who you are, it makes assumptions based on what you search. This means it would be easy for it to mistake effeminate male activity for being a female.

      • https://www.pinterest.com/bconservative/ Carrie

        Actually, CockyBoys does boast a very large female audience, I dare say more straight women view CockyBoys than do gay men. Yes, this surprised me as well.

        CB attributes this to the very “non-hardcore” sex between the guys; it’s clearly always consensual, happy, and euphoric, UNLIKE straight porn (and lesbian porn for men) which very definitely focuses on what men seem to want: violence, force, perceived lack of consent.

        {EDIT} Also, gay men do not have feminine traits in their Internet searches! None of the gay men I know here in San Francisco have “feminine traits” other than trimming their pubes.

    • https://www.pinterest.com/bconservative/ Carrie

      No. Just no. We know it has long been accepted that closeted, homophobic gay men enjoy lesbian porn the most, as they are trying, trying, TRYING to avoid seeing their secret turn-on (naked dudes). (The same excuse that hard-core womanizers like Rock Hudson and Freddie Mercury used to maintain their cover.)

      The lesbians I volunteer with at our local ASPCA and at the homeless shelter downtown tell me that porn is the absolute LAST thing that lesbians need, want, nor partake in. (And also that the “lesbians” in “Lesbian porn” are not remotely lesbian, but rather straight girls doing ‘gash for cash’, and doing it HORRIBLY at that!)

  • Steve

    Is that Bill Bailey the comedian?

    • katsadako

      Nope, but that’s what I think every time I see the name!

    • https://www.pinterest.com/bconservative/ Carrie

      Good Effing Christ, let’s hope not.

      Dylan Moran is much hotter. Make that Dylan Moran and David Walliams, and ladies who’ve never considered porn might very well give it a watch!

  • doofus

    the list is missing a lot categories, no german porn, golden showers or shitting porn…

    • alex_pornhub

      we don’t actually allow scat porn on PH and as for what showed up, the ladies spoke for themselves in terms of what they prefer!

  • pan da

    Yo that Sinn Sage link was NOT safe for work!!!!!

  • Urmom

    They need to stop brainwasHing women with that bullshit nigger dick myth. Those chimps have nothing of value. They’re intellectually inferior, ugly with their big fat greasy bell pepper noises, they’re weak without the white man’s steroids. They’re all propaganda. We all know they have little dicks. They all lie about having giant penises because they’re genetically predisposed to be obsessed with penises. All the AfRican tribes think about are penises, faggot.

    • http://www.twitter.com/IluminatiNYC Todd

      If Black people are inferior, you have nothing to worry about. 🙂

    • Luke

      You appear to have demonstrated exactly how ‘superior’ you are with this little rant. Insecurity is a terrible thing.

  • Just thinkin.

    What this tells me is that women don’t really care for the way women are presented in straight porn, which generally caters to males. She’d rather watch a woman with another woman, removing the gross male gaze and focus, or just eliminate women altogether and watch two men. I think what people look for in porn is very telling and it would have been interesting for this article to speculate WHY the numbers break down the way they do.

    • bob

      it shows women are bisexual and extreme sexual narcissists

      • https://www.pinterest.com/bconservative/ Carrie

        No, it shows that males masquerading as females are both of those things. Men online who fake being female are colloquially called ‘bob’.

    • https://twitter.com/teedubv5 Teedub

      “Gross male gaze”…radical feminist much?

    • Somebody

      My embarrassing and long post above shows that teenaged looking perfect young ladies with perfect bodies and faces, may make other females envious, as in my case. They are also depicted as ‘airheads’ which is demeaning. However, these poor girls probably are not highly educated as they’re making a bunch of money in this fashion right out of high school.

  • Luke

    Doesn’t appear to have been discussed too much, but ‘Old Man’, ‘Step Dad’ and ‘Daddy’ showing up on a much higher percentage of women’s searches is a strange one.

  • Tris

    I can’t believe “Blow Job” didn’t make the cut.

  • tito

    they used facts of registered users.

  • She Shaftz

    Um its obvious, by the information, that the women that search here are lesbians. You should probably see what percentage of this is lesbians from non-lesbians and im pretty sure the info will change.

    wheres them shemale count on the male top searches?

    • alex_pornhub

      no, the info presented accounts for all women. a lot of straight women actually do enjoy lesbian porn! also ‘shemale’ didn’t make the cut in the male list simply because there were not enough searches for this type of porn.

      • Sam

        It makes total sense. Every woman I have ever been involved with has a lesbian fantasy, and most have a dp/gangbang fantasy as well. While my personal experience is quite limited compared to pornhubs it matches up to be almost identical.

        • Somebody

          what’s dp? I guess I can look it up.

  • yomomma1999

    The male results are shocking. Basically men like anything that has a pulse from teen on up. The female results were as expected. Women really do not like gay males. It’s a put down on men when they watch that category. The gay male category should be called the male humiliation category. That is what women are really watching. The female lesbian category is a myth as well. 90% of women are bi-sexual.

  • ezmeralda

    ooook so demographics show that men like big dick too…I KNEW IT!

  • Anna Li

    A little confused. For men, some of the top category searches are Gay Porn. Can we get more info on that? I don’t see much more data based on this…

    • alex_pornhub

      Categories aren’t searched, they’re viewed. Categories on our site group themed videos together, so you can browse through and click on videos within. Searches require users to actually enter words into our search bar to find content – does that make sense?

  • ven

    Women obviously aren’t straight, they most prefer to masturbate to two women having sex. Look up female sexual fluidity, it’s well documented that women aren’t straight.

    • https://www.pinterest.com/bconservative/ Carrie

      OMG, you are nuts. You’re thinking “men” aren’t straight, it’s MEN.

      Look up “Bro-Jobs”. Dr. Jane Ward writes about this not-so-new phenomenon in her book, Not Gay: Sex Between Straight White Men, published by NYU Press last month.

  • https://www.pinterest.com/bconservative/ Carrie

    What incredibly faulty nonsense Google analytic demographic is.

    I routinely get pegged as male, 20 years off my real age, and sometimes even a gay male. And that’s just on my laptop that I am the sole user of. If Google tried divining who “I” am by our downstairs den’s PC, god only knows what they’d come up with — at least 15 people use that thing in a week’s time. They may as well throw darts at a ‘demographics’ dartboard.

    Absolutely NONE of the porn I look for is registering on any of these lists. In fact, just looking at some of the stuff that shows up on the woman-friendly side should be enough to prove how bad a job Google analytic gathering does.

    • Ben

      You get routinely pegged as a male? There’s a porn category for that.

  • Arf!

    Men watch some funny stuff. Milf is worse than Moist as a least desirable world. Mom is waaay too high on the list. Cartoons? *face palm* women have much better taste. I’m glad girls like gangbangs, that’s hawt. Y’all need to watch more GGG =D

  • grace watson

    Can you tell me what percent of the sexual acts featured on pornhub is cunningus?

    • alex_pornhub

      It’s kind of impossible to answer that because lots of the videos that feature cunnilingus also feature other acts as well.

  • Somebody

    I’m sure there’s a larger margin of error due to how they analyze their date, especially with a Porn service where a person may not want to be identified, and may pose as the opposite sex. That said, I am an anonymous female here, let’s hope, I have tried to ‘pick out’ a man’s foreplay with women clips (yes, oral sex). There are so many woman on woman foreplay vids, I tried to watch them and I can’t get into it past a point of curiosity and maybe appreciate the sensuality (and get jealous of how perfec they look) – I watch it for a couple minutes then look for man on woman. If they had more man on woman, let’s say, hardcore foreplay geared for woman watchers, I’m sure the females would be in the highest percentages. ***So, my possibly ignorant question of the day, a person is not partly bi-sexual or gay if you are hetero woman and watch two women and enjoy it? I know we are all on a spectrum sexually, and have respect for everyone’s preferences.

  • mmmm

    So according to this, i shouldn’t bother posting solo masturbation videos of myself because women don’t care for straight guys…Damn women suck …

  • shania sarkar

    the black thing is a HUGE SCAM


    consider this..

    have you ever heard porn made on the term bwc(big white cock)


    you will never hear that…

    They want to crush the confidence of the white men (why?)

    you have sites by the name”blacked”but you will never have sites by the name”red neck hunks”

    you have every category like”milf” “booty”etc but nothing for white men…

    They lose produce porns like

    “watching my mom go black” and”watching my daughter go black”

    now its commom knowledge that some guys love watching “milfs” but they show it as blacks on milfs

    now…they have succesfully created a demographic..where white guys watch their moms go black..

    its a vicious cycle….its an attack on WHITE MASCULINITY…

    the only thing it does it..it creates group between white men..where they start fighting amiong themselves…proving they are not like the other white men who watch those porn…thus sucesfully placing blacks as the most masculine group…


    run by the jews…

    the same things were donr by the jewish german..before hiler came to power…and kicked the jews out..and guess which country they settled in yes…they left for usa

    they do 2 things particularly…

    1.emasculisation of white men.(first homhosexaul theatre,white women dominating white men)

    2.potrayal of white woman as a promiscus group(they fucking cats,kissing pigs on portraits.)

    check 1850s art in germany..pushed by jewish media(jewish controlled 40-70% of the media although they were a small minority)

    from common knowledge you know that ..white men are top of the tier..but in porn its portrayed as different…

    constant forcing of inter racial sex…yes forcing..many pornstars revolted against it…but they were forced to do it…or they would be kicked out by jews….

    ALEXIS TEXAS was one of the first to expose this to common media…..but she was silenced…(google search it if you want)

    plus the CUCKOLD things is a huge scam……

  • Dildon’t

    As a proud registered member of the greatest social network on this planet, PORNHUB, I welcome this study, and am enthralled by the confirmation of some of my biases about female sexuality, the link between fear and desire, and the relatively simple nature of male sexuality compared to female. Yes, these are generalizations, and no study is perfect. But in my personal life its pretty spot on. Kinky uber alles.

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