Pornhub & Thanksgiving

Gobble gobble! Tis the season for family fun, food and football, so before the festivities commenced our statisticians took a look to see how turkey season affected traffic and searches on Pornhub. As we’ve previously found on holidays like Christmas, Easter and even St-Patricks Day, they can have quite an effect on the type of porn people search for.


Pornhub & New Zealand

Today’s installment of Insights is coming to you from Down Under, as a result of the Pornhub statisticians’ recent stint in New Zealand. The country known for providing the breathtaking landscapes seen in The Lord of the Rings films is also home to some of the most fascinating Pornhub related data we’ve analyzed to date. Let’s make like kiwi birds and hop to it!


Pornhub’s Search History

What does your search history look like? According to Google Trends, it likely includes searches for the World Cup, Malaysia Airlines and Ebola, as these were some of the most searched terms in 2014. For today’s installment of Pornhub Insights, our friends over at Metro UK asked us for a peek at ours and we happily obliged. In fact, we’re coming at you today with a complete retrospective, tracing the top searched terms on the site from 2009 until now. We’ll begin with a look at which search terms climbed and fell from the charts on a global level.


Fallout 4 Causes Fall in Traffic

Fallout 4, the latest installment in Bethesda’s epic game series was released on November 10, 2015. Like watching a good Pornhub video, anticipation of the release had been building up, and once the moment arrived, dedicated gamers thought of little else – including visiting Pornhub.


United Kingdom’s Footballer Searches

Our friends over at Dream Team FC were curious to know which football stars got the most play on Pornhub. Our statisticians got to work, and the result is the chart that you see below which ranks the top searched soccer players on our site, in the United Kingdom. The clear frontrunner is Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo, followed in second place by Mr. Posh Spice himself, David Beckham. Argentina‘s Lionel Messi nabs third place. Even though there is no actual content on Pornhub depicting any of these footballers getting frisky, this list paints a clear picture of who the UK wishes there were sex tapes available from.


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