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Here at Pornhub Insights, we’ve been very curious about Estonia for a while. While the top notch free porn we deliver is arguably the greatest gift the internet has to offer, Skype is pretty up there too and we have the people of Estonia to thank for creating this awesome cybersex platform. We’re basically brothers on the front for free internet peep shows! As such, we’re offering you an exclusive look at how this northern European country gets down with Pornhub, so let’s get started!

Caught in Traffic

Due to low population density, traffic jams are a rarity in Estonia, but their porno-related web traffic is bumping. Mondays boast the highest Estonian traffic for Pornhub, and slows the most on Saturdays. Just across the Baltic Sea, neighboring Finland follows suit but border-sharing Russia has it all mixed up with Fridays seeing the most activity on Pornhub and Tuesday the least.


When it comes to traffic trends by month however, Estonians are most seriously taking care of business during the frigid month of January and are making the most of the nice weather in June, when traffic falls the most. Other cold-winter countries like Canada, Germany and Belgium prefer to warm themselves with Pornhub in January as well. But the near exact opposite occurs in Finland where traffic soars in April, then dips in December.


Logging That Quality Time

Estonians like to make it last while they’re on Pornhub, generally spending just over 8 and a half minutes on the site, and viewing approximately 8 pages during this time. They fit snugly in the middle when compared to Americans who spend over 10 minutes on the site on average and beat out Japan, where they generally spend a little more than 7 minutes per Pornhub visit.


These numbers plummet rather drastically in the city of Narva, where the numbers come in at around 7 and a half minutes on the site and just over 7 pages viewed per visit on average. Perhaps the fact that Narva is home to the Hermann Fortress, the best preserved castle in Estonia, may have to do with this because once in a while it’s more fun to hang out in a 13th century castle than, well you know. Then again the tourism page for the fortress does say that it has wifi so…


The town of Keila really loves its porn. Unlike other European countries we’ve surveyed where the capital city tends to be where these numbers are the highest, this tiny town takes the cake. Keila translates to Kegel in German as noted by the town wiki, which is coincidentally also the name of a popular vaginal tightening exercise. All about the coochie in Keila!


Mom Knows Best

Estonians aren’t the most patriotic when it comes to their porn. In virtually every other country we have surveyed, like Mexico, Switzerland and the Philippines their respective nationalities tend to dominate the top searched terms. They do pay horny homage to their neighbors, with ‘russian’ coming in as the top searched nationality in the land along with exotic ‘arab’ and ‘czech’ beauties a little further down the list.


In Estonia, they like their ladies a little more on the vintage side, with MILF goddess Lisa Ann topping off the most searched terms, and ‘mom’ following as a close second. Visibly absent from the top searched terms are perennial favorites ‘hairy’ and ‘bush’, which is interesting given that Estonia is more than 50% forestland. Both ‘catoon’ and ‘hentai’ are featured in this list however, making for a different kind of Saturday morning cartoon experience.


Which Ladies First?

Estonia’s favorite porn stars know no international boundaries with babes like Lisa Ann, Madison Ivy, Sunny Leone and Asa Akira topping their list of searches.


Holiday Special

Estonia stands out once again when we take a look at their viewership during the Holidays. Christmas Eve takes a noticeable hit in traffic with an almost 20% drop, but fascinatingly, traffic is slightly higher than average on Christmas Day!

Where Estonians spend more time giving the best gift of all to themselves on baby Jesus’ b-day, in Germany the Netherlands and virtually every other country we have profiled, traffic is traditionally slower during the Yuletide.


Estonians also have a special way of celebrating their Independence, with traffic again rising on August 20th but tend to keep it kosher during the rest of the national holidays where we see Pornhub traffic generally dipping.

Not So on The Go

Overall, Estonians aren’t really so much into the mobile porn thing. On average, only about 15% of Pornhub’s total Estonian visits occur on mobile devices, the most of which occur in the nation’s capital of Tallinn.

Even at 18% here, this number pales in countries like South Africa where 32% of the traffic is mobile or neighboring Finland where this number jumps to an impressive 41%! Here in America a whopping 54% of Pornhub’s traffic originates from mobile devices. FYI Estonia, being able to service yourself wherever and whenever you need to thanks to mobile technology is pretty much the best – give it a try!


That’s it for Estonia folks! Hope you enjoyed this most recent installment of Pornhub Insights and we hope you cum back soon.

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    Who ever wrote it has my applause. the tempo was fast and you kept it interesting through-out the whole article. Nice and positive vibe. well written!

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      Thanks very much!

  • Super_Anonymous

    As an Estonian, I approve this so much. 😀 I specially liked the part with search words – hentai (most people are kinda anti-anime-ish, so tons of busted liars here 😀 )
    Nice article, 10/10 would read again.

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    Right on, right on

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    Yep, all true, been holding the sausage hostage using mom porn since I was 12.

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    Keila, the most pornfriendly city is pronounced ‘gay-la’ and can be liberally translated as Gay-town. Can you check if search terms from this city are also specifically different?

  • Artur

    Wasn’t Estonian Independence Day in February?

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      Was Estonia ever independant? Lol

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    Actually nobody really celebrates the 20th august independence day. We celebrate our independence day on the 24th of february.

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