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On this edition of Pornhub Insights, our globe-trotting statisticians take a look at the Kingdom of Norway. With a population of just over 5 million people, it manages to snag the 31st position worldwide in terms of visitors. Not too shabby if you ask us. So without further ado let’s dive right in and take a look at the Pornhub habits of Norwegians!

Norway at a glance

So when do Norwegians visit Pornhub? Like many other countries located in the northern hemisphere, we find that the busiest month is January while the warm summer weather in July sees the least amount of traffic. Norwegians also tend to visit our site in higher numbers during the hours of 10pm and 12am right before going to bed which falls in line with global trends.


What is unique about Norway is that Sunday is the most popular day in terms of number of visitors to Pornhub. That is the exact opposite of most other nations worldwide where Sunday is usually the least popular day.

Why might this be? Traditionally Norwegian businesses remain closed on Sundays thus leaving the locals with a lot of spare time on their hands. However, laws were recently changed allowing businesses to stay open on Sundays. Is it possible this may change the porn-viewing habits of Norwegians?

How long do they last?

The nationwide average of 9 min 31 sec per visit puts Norway ahead of the worldwide average of 8 min 56 sec. Norwegians handily beat out the Dutch, who average 8 min 52 sec per visit, but they spend 11 seconds less than the Brits who take 9 min 42 sec.

pornhub-norway-durationNorwegians will view, on average, 8.52 pages each time they visit Pornhub compared to the worldwide average of 7.6. They view more pages than the Dutch and the British, who view 8.1 and 7 pages respectively.

Visitors from Oslo top the table when it comes to time spent on Pornhub with 9 min 57 sec per average visit. However it is Akershus that has the distinction of most pages viewed with a tally of 8.69 pages per visit.

Traffic proportion by region

As to be expected, the largest proportion of traffic comes from Oslo which accounts for 21.6% of Pornhub visitors; more than double that of its nearest rival Hordaland which provides 9.6% of total traffic. Rogaland and Akershus account for another 9.5% and 8.9% respectively.

What do they like to watch?

As we’ve seen before, Norwegians want to see their fellow countrymen on Pornhub. The most popular search term is “norwegian” which is used almost twice as much the second most popular search term “milf”! Searches for “norway” come in fourth right behind hot MILF pornstar “lisa ann” which nabs third.

Traffic changes during holidays

Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve saw a significant drop in traffic. It’s difficult to get some privacy with friends and family all around you! We did find much the same when we recently looked at traffic changes worldwide caused by holidays and special events.

New Years Day experienced an increase of 15.82% in terms of number of visitors. Nice way to get the New Year started! May 17th (Constitution Day) saw a drop of 14.42% while parliamentary elections held on September 7th decreased traffic by 7.55%.

Big screen or small screen

Over the past few years, the introduction of mobile and tablet versions have caused more people to switch to smaller devices to enjoy their porn on the go. In Norway, visits made from desktop devices account for 60% of the totals traffic in 2013. However, mobile traffic there has grown from 19% in 2012 to 28% in 2013.

This mirrors Pornhub’s mobile adoption trends worldwide, where nearly half (49%) of all traffic comes from phones and tablets. It’s even greater in the UK where mobile use has exploded to 58% of all visitors.

And so ends our little trip to Norway. Until next time, ha det!

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