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Bust out the vuvuzelas because on this edition of Pornhub Insights we explore South Africa. Often referred to as ‘the Rainbow Nation’, South Africa is indeed a multi-ethnic country with 11 official languages. Given such diversity, we here at Pornhub asked ourselves if South Africans showed the same diversity when it came to their porn viewing habits? So without further delay let’s get right into it!


It would seem that South Africa more or less follows worldwide trends in regards to activity on Pornhub. We find once again that January is the busiest month while July remains the slowest, keeping in step with the worldwide general decrease in visitors seen in the summer months.


Tuesday receives the largest influx of visitors to Pornhub while Sunday continues to see the least traffic. Much like we’ve seen in other places, the most activity can be seen between the hours of 10pm and midnight while the slowest time of day is 3am to 5am.


How long do they last?

South Africans view 7.5 pages managing to spend 10min 35sec per visit. That’s 1min 39sec more than the worldwide average of 8min 56sec! Time spent by visitors from the Northern Cape Province is well below the national average, with the average visit lasting 9min 29sec with 6.85 pages being viewed. Come on guys you can do better!


Though it may be the smallest of all South African provinces geographically, Gauteng also happens to be the most populous. It comes as no surprise then that the province accounts for the largest proportion of South African traffic with 55%. Visitors from Western Cape account for a further 26% while KwaZulu-Natal provides another 12%.

Choking the chicken masala

So what is it that South Africans looking for on Pornhub? Nationwide the search term “indian” makes the top of the list, proving incredibly popular in the Kwazu-Natal region. Why? Though Indians make up only 2.7% of South Africa’s population, they form a large concentration in Durban, the largest city in Kwazu-Natal. Durban contains the largest concentration of people of Indian descent outside of India.

The terms “milf” and “lisa ann” once again take 2nd and 3rd spots. Across countries around the world it would seem there is consensus that MILFs and Lisa Ann are hot! Other terms that made the top 10 were “ebony”, “south africa” and “black”, which is unsurprising given that 79.2% of South Africa’s population identifies as black.

In the Western Cape region, “indian”, “black” and “ebony” fall much further down the list of top searches. Although Western Cape has a large white-European population, Gauteng officially has the highest concentration, and these terms are still among the top searches there.

Celebrating Nelson Mandela

On December 15, 2013 the world stopped to mourn the loss of Nelson Mandela and celebrate his amazing life. No where was his loss felt more than in South Africa, and that country’s traffic to Pornhub slowed dramatically during the four hours in which his funeral took place – down 22% compared to an average Sunday.


Later that evening, the traffic returned to normal, and even showed a 34% increase over Sunday norms between 10pm and 1am.

Mobile traffic trends

The proportion of device with which South Africans surf Pornhub is in sync with the worldwide trend which has seen an increase in mobile and tablet use. In 2013, mobile and tablet device proportion of total traffic in South Africa had grown from 33% to 44%. Porn on the go is the way of the future!

Hope you enjoyed our visit to South Africa. See you next time!

  • AhGlee

    July is not a summer month in South Africa, in fact it’s the South African “winter”!

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