Pornhub Traffic During the 2014 FIFA World Cup

As the world followed the 2014 FIFA Finals, the Pornhub Statisticians followed the world by seeing how the semifinal and championship matches affected traffic to the world’s best and biggest adult site.

Championship Match – Germany vs Argentina

After a grueling tournament full of highs and lows, Argentina and Germany were the last 2 standing. Both soccer powers demonstrated that their people were behind them showing over a 60% drop in traffic to Pornhub during the game, as fans in the respective countries gave up Porn to cheer on their teams.

Having been eliminated from the tournament at the hands of Belgium, American interest was quite low. Traffic in the USA was up 10% above average before the game started, but dropped slightly during the match, however not lower than daily averages.

Traffic from both Argentina and Germany increased drastically after the game, going as high as 60% above the normal levels in the hours after the match. It was a long, stressful tournament and fans of both countries needed to wind down on Pornhub’s many categories.


Being knocked out in the semifinals didn’t keep fans in the Netherlands from tuning into the match. Traffic to Pornhub dropped over 40% in the Netherlands, nearly 30% in Spain and 20% in the United Kingdom and Portugal. Soccer truly is the top sport in Europe and this was definitely demonstrated throughout the World Cup.

Although the average amount of traffic from the United States didn’t fluctuate, certain US States did give up watching porn to watch the game. Traffic was down 15% in Florida and close to 10% in Oregon, New York, New Jersey and California. The highest traffic increases after the game came from New Jersey and California where visits to Pornhub went up 10-15% above daily averages.

Semi Final – Argentina vs Netherlands

In the semifinal match between Argentina and the Netherlands, traffic from the US again stayed close to the daily average, and was up slightly in host country Brazil. There were big fluctuations in Europe while Argentina was down over 60% and the Netherlands was down over 50%.

After the game ended, traffic returned to normal levels in Argentina but increased over 110% in the Netherlands! As has been the case in many previous important sports matchups, the losers drown their sorrows watching their favorite pornstars.


Elsewhere in Europe, traffic was down 35% in Portugal, and we saw 10-20% drops in Spain and Germany. The biggest increase in Europe came from Germany. When the final whistle blew, traffic rose by over 60%.

Semi Final – Germany vs Brazil

Brazil took a beating from Germany in their semi final match but Americans barely took notice, preferring to stick to Pornhub. In Germany traffic dropped over 60%, and it was down 40% in Brazil. After the early beating that Brazil took, their fans gave up and returned to Pornhub before the match ended. Although Brazil traffic returned to normal, it was the Germans who celebrated their win with a 60% increase in traffic to Pornhub over the time of day average.


Our very own Pornhub Katie took the opportunity to kick the Brazilians while they were down by tweeting the following plea.

Traffic dropped across Europe during Germany and Brazil’s semi final matchup, especially in Portugal and the Netherlands. After the match ended, the traffic surged in the Netherlands to 50% above the time of day averages.

Consolation Match – Netherlands vs Brazil

During the consolation match to determine third place, Brazil paid no attention — their traffic to Pornhub was up nearly 60% before the match, 20% during the match, and then 60% after the match. It’s quite clear that the thrashing they received at the hands of the Germans put them off of watching their national team play for third place. The Netherlands however enjoyed watching their team in one more game — traffic there was down over 30% during the game, and went up 40% above average after the match.


Once again soccer fans in Portugal were watching the game rather than Pornhub — traffic there was down over 15% showing that even though their team had long been eliminated, they were still proving to be true fans of the game. Spain as well showed some interest, but elsewhere, Pornhub traffic remained above average, especially in Argentina where it was up nearly 20% during the game and 40% after.

Knockout Round – USA vs Belgium

Even during their knockout match with Belgium, only a small number of Americans were willing to take their eyes off of Pornhub to focus on the game. Fans in Belgium however were watching closely and traffic was down over 60% during the game. With their victory secured, Belgians celebrated by returning to Pornhub in droves — nearly double to daily average in the hours after the match. While Americans may have been watching the match, they were doing so with only half attention as they didn’t give up their Pornhub time either.


The US city that watched the knockout game the closest was Chicago where traffic dropped over 15% and stayed below average even after the match ended. Seattle and Philadelphia also saw drops in the 10% range, and 5% drops in Los Angeles and New York.

This year’s World Cup was incredibly exciting and hard not to watch, or as was the case in the US, a tournament to watch while hard.. Until next time!

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