YouPorn Traffic During the 2014 FIFA World Cup

YouPorn, the award winning adult video streaming website measured how the 2014 World Cup affected European traffic when it comes to adult content. While some countries banned their players from having sex during the tournament, YouPorn traffic during the World Cup shows us that European football fans, as well as fans worldwide, are enjoying much more than just the matches.

YouPorn’s in-depth analysis focused on Italian, German, French and Spanish audiences from the beginning of the tournament up until the finals – including the impact of porn consumption during each country’s matches and 5 European Capital Cities with traffic changes.

Championship Match – Germany vs Argentina

Fans in Germany and Argentina were glued to their screen to see their national teams play. Two hours before the game started at 12:00 PST traffic to YouPorn started to drop in both countries. At kick-off, traffic to YouPorn had dropped by 58% in Germany and 67% in Argentina. After the match the traffic increased steadily and went up almost 60% higher than YouPorn’s usual traffic levels during those times.


Of the European countries we followed, France showed the most interest in the final match, where traffic to YouPorn was down over 40%. Spain and Italy were both down close to 30%, but both the United States and Austria showed little interest during the game — at least not enough to take their interest away from YouPorn. Interestingly, traffic from Austria jumped nearly 110% higher than usual after the match ended.

Semi Final – Argentina vs Netherlands

In their semi-final match, fans from Argentina and the Netherlands turned away from YouPorn to follow the game. Traffic dropped over 50% in the Netherlands and 70% in Argentina. In the host country, Brazilians had more interest in YouPorn than watching the game — traffic from Brazil was up more than 20% over daily averages.


The United States showed little interest in this match and registered no traffic drop on YouPorn. In the European countries we followed, the traffic was down between 15% to 25% during the early part of the game, and then jumped up shortly after. Germany saw a 70% increase in traffic after the game followed closely by Austria and France.

Semi Final – Germany vs Brazil

The semi final match between Germany and Brazil was over within minutes of getting started — like a bad case of premature ejaculation. Fans in both countries turned off YouPorn to watch the start of the match, but within minutes Brazilians had given up and headed back to YouPorn to satisfy their needs. German fans stuck around for about an hour, but before the match had ended traffic was up higher than normal and continued on to an 80% increase in the hours after the match.


Most of Europe had tuned in to see Brazil getting pounded by Germany. Traffic to YouPorn was donw over 30% in France, Spain and Austria. After the match traffic levels were up 30% above the average in France and 40% in Austria. Americans showed only a small amount of interest in this game, preferring to watch people get pounded on YouPorn.

Third Place Consolation Match

Brazilian fans seemed to turn their backs on their team after the pounding they took from Germany in the semi final, preferring to watch YouPorn over the consolation match for third place. Even at the start of the match, traffic to YouPorn was up 20% above the average for that time of day and increased over 60% by the end of the match. Fans from the Netherlands tuned in to cheer on their team, where traffic was down over 30% during the game, but increased by almost 40% above normal by the end.


Fans elsewhere in Europe didn’t pay much attention to the consolation match. In fact, traffic to YouPorn was much higher than usual in Austria and Germany before and after the match. The traffic did dip slightly in Spain, France and Italy but the levels were back up to normal by the end of the match.

France vs Nigeria

When the World Cup featured France, traffic in France dropped, demonstrating support for their national team. When others were playing, the French liked to be entertained differently. Over 45% traffic drop when the national team was playing, no matter which game. In games where France was not involved, we still saw drops of 5-20% of YouPorn’s typical French viewers. France + Quarterfinal Matches: While France played their quarterfinal match, we noticed up to a 40% traffic drop. On Saturday (with France now out) the French traffic dropped to a less-interested 10-20 %.


Germany vs Algeria

Germany proved its football passion – Demonstrated by game-time traffic changes on YouPorn. Over 60% traffic drop when the national team was playing, no matter which game. Even during matches which did not include Germany, there was a 5-25% drop in traffic. On Friday, we saw an up to 60% drop in traffic while Germany was playing, whereas on Saturday, there was less interest in football and more interest in YouPorn.


France vs Germany

French traffic changes during the France vs Germany Quarter-Final Match. The hour by hour statistics show that the national interest in porn during the match depends on the progression of the game. In the hours before the match started, the traffic average was as usual. By kick off at 9am PST, traffic was down 40%. After half-time at 10am PST, the traffic started to increase again. By the end of the match around 11am PST, knowing their World Cup dream was over, the French began coming back to their favorite site.


Traffic in German cities during the quarter-final match

Based on YouPorn’s numbers, Cologne exhibited the most support for their country showing traffic drops of almost 70% at its peak. Before the match at 7am PST Cologne was already in the mood for football showing a close to 20% traffic drop, while Berlin still enjoyed the pleasure YouPorn has to offer, as is the case on an average day.


After the German goal by Hummels, interest in the match increased equaling traffic drops of 60-70%. During the second half of the match, between 10-11am PST, the traffic increased but still stayed well below the traffic of an average day (10-20%). Even after the match ended, Cologne showed that it really is the top football city in Germany, continuing to stay away from YouPorn while celebrating.

Traffic in French cities during the quarter-final match

Lille is the number 1 football city in France based on traffic. It showed the biggest traffic drop when comparing to an average day on YouPorn (50%). Toulouse came closest to Lille’s level of interest while Rennes, Lyon and Paris also showed interest with a slightly smaller 45% traffic drop.


Before the match at 7am PST Toulouse was already in the mood for football, showing close to a 5% traffic drop, while Rennes still enjoyed the pleasures YouPorn has to offer. After the Germans scored their goal, the level of interest spiked everywhere accounting for a 45-50% drop country wide. During the second half, 10-11am PST, the traffic increased but was still below the traffic of an average day (Lille and Toulouse accounted for a 5-10% drop). After the match ended, Rennes remembered how much fun can be had on YouPorn, spiking around 30% as everyone went back to the site.


Elsewhere in Europe the France vs Germany match was followed closely. Vienna in particular saw a 25% drop in traffic to YouPorn, 18% in Madrid and 8% in Rome.

Argentina vs Belgium

Across Europe, Madrid was the most interested in watching the matches. It showed the biggest traffic drops compared to YouPorn traffic on an average day and time showing drops of 20%. Rome came second to Madrid’s level of interest while Paris and Vienna were close behind.


Before the match started at 8am PST Rome was already in the mood for football with traffic down 8%. At kick off at 9am PST Rome was still focused on their favorite sport (12% traffic drop). By end of the game (11am PST) Romans returned to their favorite source of pleasure with traffic to YourPorn back to the usual numbers.


Before the match started at 8am PST Rome was already in the mood for football with traffic down 8%. At kick off at 9am PST Rome was still focused on their favorite sport (12% traffic drop). By end of the game (11am PST) Romans returned to their favorite source of pleasure with traffic to YourPorn back to the usual numbers.


Even though Spain was not featured in the match; Madrid was more interested in watching than the other cities measured. It showed the biggest traffic drop compared to YouPorn’s traffic on an average day and time, with traffic falling over 20%. Rome came closest to Madrid’s level of interest. When the match started at 9am PST Madrid was already in the mood for football, showing a 10% drop in traffic.

At half-time at 10am PST Madrid was still focused on their favorite sport. During the second half, some left the game to focus on YouPorn, but traffic was still below the average day (5% drop). Even after the match, Madrid showed that it is a football powerhouse, where drops remained up to 10%.

Netherlands vs Costa Rica

The hotly contested match between The Netherlands and Costa Rica was followed closely in both countries. Traffic to YouPorn was down over 60% in The Netherlands, and almost 80% in Costa Rica. After the game, traffic stayed low in Costa Rica, but jumped nearly 60% above normal amounts in The Netherlands.


Elsewhere, the match was followed closely in Spain where traffic dropped by 28%, while other European countries like France, Austria and Italy were down between 15% and 20%. After the game, there were sligh increases across the board, but fans from Germany and Austria returned to YouPorn in droves, as traffic surged over 30% above the norms in both countries.


Before the match, fans in Berlin killed time by visiting YouPorn 30% more than normal. The traffic dropped during the game, but after a few hours they were recharged enough to drive traffic up over 30% again.


Although Madrid showed the most interest in the match of the 5 cities we tracked, their traffic was down below average before and after the game. Vienna saw the next highest post-game increase of 26%.

Brazil vs Columbia

During the Brazil vs Columbia match, the host country showed a 40% drop in traffic during the game, much less than the 70% drop from Colombia. After the match, Brazil recovered with a 15% increase in traffic over the time-of-day average.


Spain and Italy showed a good deal of interest in the game, dropping nearly 25% right alongside American viewers. France, Germany and Austria showed nominal interest only registering a 5-10% drop. After the game, American traffic stayed much lower than the normal levels, but jumped in Austria, France, Italy and Germany.


As with the country, Madrid watched the game more than YouPorn with a 20% drop, alongside Rome and Vienna. Porn lovers in Paris barely noticed the game, and most of Berlin was content watching YouPorn as if it were any other day.


For more World Cup results, check out our recent Insights post focusing on World Cup YouPorn Traffic in Germany.

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