Sophie Brussaux Searches

When Pusha T claimed that Canadian rapper Drake was the father of Sophie Brussaux’s child, the internet went wild with curiosity. Names in the news often drive searches on Pornhub, especially when that person was known to have performed in adult videos (see Stormy Daniels). Originally born in France, but now living in New York as an artist, Sophie Brussaux appeared in adult videos under the stage name of Rosee Divine, so TMZ asked if we saw increased searches.

Prior to May 28, “Rosee Divine” was searched an average of just times per day, and “Sophie Brussaux” 44 times per day. Once her name hit the news, searches on Pornhub shot through the roof. In just over 24 hours, “Sophie Brussaux” was searched 513,760 times and “Rosee Divine” 256,374 times. Wow!

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