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Journal du Geek asked Pornhub’s statisticians to analyze the various technologies that visitors from France use when accessing Pornhub. When it comes to mobility, French users lag behind the world with only 61% of visitors using smartphones, compared to an average of 70% worldwide. Mobile use is however growing steadily in France as we found the average smartphone usage in our 2017 Year in Review was only 56%.

33% of French women still prefer to double-click their own mouse on desktops, compared to only 25% of men. Our statisticians also found that mobile usage was highest among French visitors in the 25 to 34 age group. 18 to 24 year olds were just as likely to be using desktop computers as visitors aged 35 to 44. Visitors over the age of 65 are 110% more likely to be using desktop computers when compared to all other age groups.

Chrome is by far the most popular web browser among France’s desktop users, but it’s actually 6% less popular when compared to the world, while Firefox is 31% more popular in France. On mobile devices, Chrome browser is 12% more popular in France, and the default Samsung branded browser is 34% more popular in France than the world.

Windows represents 79% of desktop operating system usage in France, just slightly higher than the worldwide average. It would seem that French users are less into cloud computing, as Google’s Chrome OS is nearly 80% LESS popular in France when compared to elsewhere in the world. On mobile devices, Android and iOS usage is similar, but visitors from France are much more likely to be using Windows (+84%) and Blackberry (+59%) compared to visitors elsewhere.

When it comes to game consoles in France, Playstation is still the reigning champ with 71% of console visits much like the rest of the world. Xbox is -28% less popular in France, while handheld consoles like the Playstation Vita and Nintendo’s WiiU are much more popular than they are elsewhere in the world.

Few rivalries are as strong as those between Apple and Android users. So it’s often fun to see how their porn habits differ. In France, “French”, “Anal”, “Lesbian” and “Ebony” are the most popular video categories on both devices. Android users then prefer “Hentai” whereas Apple users prefer “Big Tits”.

Android users in France are 81% more likely to view the “Indian” category, 53% more into “Cosplay” and 52% more into Cartoon (nsfw). Apple users are 33% more likely to view the “Popular with Women” category, 19% more into “Ass” and 14% more into “Hardcore”.

We hope you enjoyed this editon of Pornhub Insights. For more tech related data, be sure to see our Women and Tech Insights.

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