The United Kingdom Divided

The United Kingdom represents the second highest source of traffic coming to Pornhub after their American cousins. Our statisticians have studied the U.K. several times on Pornhub Insights, covering topics like their Top 10 Searches over time, Soccer Searches, and even how Winter Weather affects traffic.  In the past we’ve released comprehensive stats about how the porn preferences of the United Kingdom differ from the world in general, but today we’re partnering with the folks at Gizmodo UK to see how cities across the U.K. vary in their Pornhub usage and demographics.

The city that brings nearly a quarter of the U.K.’s traffic to Pornhub is, unsurprisingly, London. In second place is Birmingham with 2.7%, and Manchester comes in a solid third which is impressive because they’re only the ninth most populous city.  The remainder of today’s study will focus on comparing these Top 10 U.K. cities that bring nearly 40% of the traffic to Pornhub.


As we found in our 2015 Year in Review, visitors from the U.K. spend an average of 9 minutes and 18 seconds on Pornhub, just a few seconds behind the world average.  The Top 10 cities all last longer than the average, with Birmingham pulling off an impressive 19 additional seconds of endurance. It’s the smaller centers and rural areas that are quicker to come and go, bringing the U.K.’s overall average down.


Over half of Pornhub’s U.K. traffic comes from mobile phones, an increase of 13% in 2015.  Although their phone usage matches the worldwide average, the U.K. stands out as Pornhub’s biggest fans of tablet porn – 18% compared to the world’s 11%.

Within the U.K., London and Birmingham residents on-the-go reach for their mobile phone 60% of the time, but only 52% for those in Edinburgh.  19% of people in Liverpool like to watch porn on their tablets, and 30% of people in Bristol fire up their desktop computers or laptops.


The average age of Pornhub’s U.K. visitors is 35, and 40% of visitors qualify as Millennials. London has the smallest proportion of 18-24 year olds at just 27%, but also the biggest number of 25-34 year olds at 32%.  Sheffield and Leicester have the most 18-24 year old visitors, but Sheffield also has the smallest number of 24-35 year olds.


Bristol has the biggest number of post-millennial visitors, and Birmigham and Edinburgh have the most people over 45 as well as over 55.

22% of Pornhub’s visitors from the U.K. are women which is 2% lower than the world average.  None of the Top 10 U.K. cities exceed the world’s 24%, and Sheffield in particular only has 19% female visitors.


By far the most popular search term and category in the U.K. is “lesbian”, matching the worldwide favorite in 2015.  The second most popular term is “squirt” which is several positions higher than the rest of the world.  In the 2015 Year in Review we found that “celebrity sex tape” was the term that grew the most in the U.K. last year, whereas “british chav” was the term searched more in the U.K. compared to the world.


Now that we’ve seen how the U.K. preferences stack up on average, let’s compare these to the Top 10 traffic cities, starting with London.

Due to having the largest portion of traffic, London’s search list closely matches that of the U.K.  Due to the large ethnic diversity of London, the terms more often searched there include terms like “turkish” (+94%), “hijab” (+73%) and “arab” (+69%).  The terms “black” and “ebony” are searched more often, and “ebony” also accounts for the category more often viewed in London.  The other top categories are all ethnic related, along with “interracial”.


People in Birmingham love watching their fellow citizens 435% more than the rest of the U.K., along with “pakistani” 270% more and “uk indian” 252% more.  “Indian” and “arab” top the categories they view more often along with “feet”, which we found was popular body part search in many parts of Asia and the Middle East.


Ironically, in the city whose name begins with “man”, we find the two categories viewed more than the U.K. average are gay categories.  “Gay Daddy” is viewed 22% more, and “Gay Straight Guys” is viewed 15% more.  They search “manchester” for their neighbors 587% more than the rest of the U.K.


The folks in Glasgow love their Scottish porn.  The most popular search there is “scottish”, and the list of terms searched more often than the U.K. are all related to their fellow countrymen.  Unfortunately for them, this means the rest of the U.K. is 1647% LESS interested in seeing porn from Glasgow.


The “indian” category is viewed 13% more often in Leeds, and “pakistani” appears several times in the list of more often searched terms.  Searches for “footjob” are also 110% more often searched in Leeds.


People in Liverpool are a bit more crude in their searches, with derogative terms like “slut”, “scouser”, “scouse” and “scally” topping their more often searched list by a large percentage increase over the rest of the U.K.  They do still have love for their fellow countrymen, seeing as they’re 13% more likely to head for the “british” category.


Bristol is one of the more interesting cities we found, since their search and category list differs so much from the rest of the U.K.  Porn with “ssbbw” (super-size big beautiful women) is 56% more popular, along with a 37% increase in “fart” videos, 28% “fisting” and “23% “giantess”.  In the 2015 Year in Review we found that “giantess” was one of the terms that grew significantly worldwide.  The category “POV” (point of view) is viewed 24% more in Bristol.


Like Glasgow, people in Edinburgh love their Scottish porn, with the entire list of more often searched terms related to Scots.  Interestingly, “female friendly” is the category viewed more often, but their proportion of female visitors is no larger than the U.K. in general.


We found some interesting searches in Sheffield.  Compared to the U.K. they search for “growth” 429% more often, “vore” 282% more, and “giantess” 76% more.  These terms are usually related to giant sized women, with vore specifically having to due with large women devouring men.  Hey, we don’t judge.  One other standout insight is that the “japanese” category is viewed 11% more often in Sheffield than the U.K. in general.


Leicester is another U.K. city where we find a lot of ethnic searches, in particular Indian related such as “british indian”, “indian bhabhi”, “desi” and “pubjabi”.  The “indian” category is also 119% more popular here.


We hope you enjoyed our trip around the United Kingdom.  Although their cities are often divided in their preferences, they are definitely united in their love of porn.


The folks at The Guardian contacted us to see how Pornhub’s visitors in the Thames-Ditton area stacked up with the rest of the UK. It seems they like some “girl on girl” action, seeing as that search term is 965% more popular in Thames-Ditton, and “lesbian” is the top search term and the top category. It must be doing the trick, as Thames-Ditton visitors tend to come and go 24 seconds faster than the UK average.


  • Huh, i’d honestly think that seeing as they are in the UK, they wouldn’t look for british.

  • Graham Rounce

    Why all the ‘most this, most that’….? I’m also interested in the other end of the scale, eg where do they access least ppp (porn per person) etc etc ??
    You should have the ten least as well as ten most, and also links to the full lists. We are intelligent curious people, you know! : )

  • anonuk

    “Squirt” porn is illegal in Britain, as is any urine-related porn. This may explain its relative popularity, as those searching for it are less likely to find it elsewhere.

    I wonder if Sheffield’s interest in large women devouring men has anything to do with the former mining industry…

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