Video Gamers & Pornhub

Pornhub strives to always give the best user experience possible, no matter what platform our users are accessing the site from. Game consoles are no exception, and our engineers worked tirelessly to ensure that Pornhub would be fully supported on the PS4 and Xbox One systems at their launch (along with continued support for the PS3 and Wii).

Judging by the metrics assembled by our statisticians, we can see that gamers tend to spend more time, watch more videos, and have a lower bounce rate than the overall site average…. It’s all about porn on the big screen!


The number of pages per visit are pretty even across all consoles where they all accounted for at least 8 per visit, whereas site wide the average is 7.62. Nintendo Wii saw the highest average views with 8.44 pages per visit.


Xbox users enjoyed themselves the longest with an average visit time of 11 minutes and 34 seconds, which is 2 and a half minutes longer than the site average of 8 minutes and 58 seconds. Nintendo Wii users wrapped things up over a minute quicker averaging visits of 10 minutes, 32 seconds.


The bounce rate on all consoles were very low, averaging 20% compared to 38% site wide, which ultimately confirms that video gamers know what they want when they come to our site.  Gamers really seem to love the Xbox one for their pleasure time, seeing a very small 12% bounce rate with the other consoles all over 20%.


Looking at the above chart, it’s clear that Sony, with PS3 and PS4 are at the forefront of the traffic coming to  from consoles with a 55% market share. Xbox follows, accounting for 39% while Nintendo Wii rounds out the group with only 6% of the console traffic.

In case you’re wondering what type of content each console user prefers, here is the Top 10 Categories broken down by console.


The top categories are very uniform across different consoles, but one thing that stands out is the popularity of the Hentai Category among Nintendo Wii users, where it ranks first. It also seems that PS3 and PS4 players are more into MILFs than Xbox players who seem to like Teens better.

Each brand of console has it’s own dedicated base of fan-boys, and it would appear that their porn tastes are as varied as their games. While theorist Marshall McLuhan coined the phrase “the medium is the message”, it would seem that, in the case of consoles, “the medium is the fetish”.

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