Pornhub 2013 Year in Review

It’s that time of year again: The internet is looking back at 2013 and reliving the most relevant news stories, YouTube clips and astonishing world feats that happened over the past 12 months. This year, our Pornhub statisticians have made it their mission to break-down and understand the events over the past year, and how they affected traffic to our website.

From offering to help Obama fix his broken website, to making sure that Pornhub can be accessed from every possible device known to man (porn is that important), our statisticians have been busy compiling all the data YOU need to know from the world’s number 1 porn site.

pornhub-visitors-2013bOver the last year, our oh-so-valued users came to Pornhub an astonishing fourteen billion, seven hundred seventy–five million times. What a fantastically astronomical number of visits. The number of users who came to (and thanks to) our site, is so big that we had to make sure we were writing it out correctly. That works out to roughly 1.68 million visits per hour over the entire year. Thanks for giving our servers the workout you did this year – best diet ever!

The Horniest Month of 2013

Masturbation warms our users during the cold winter.


pornhub-most-least-traffic-clip2January was the busiest month on average across the entire site, with August being the least busy. Goes to show that people still get out and enjoy the sunshine in the summer months!

Why Can’t Every Day be Hump Day

While every day is a good day to watch your favorite porn flicks; in almost every country, people looked to turn their long Mondays around with some sexual delight.


pornhub-most-least-traffic-dayIt’s interesting to note that the least trafficked day of the week moved from Saturday in 2012 to Sunday in 2013. Has the world become more spiritual?

Top Turn-ons of 2013

With so many good search-topics to choose from, how does anyone ever make up their minds?


How do these compare to 2012? Click here to find out.

Apart from many countries being nationally proud when it comes to their porn-viewing selections, the world-wide top searches stood strong from 2012-2013 with “teen” and “milf” being the top 2 searches, while “compilation” took over for “anal” in the 3-spot.


How Long Did You Last?

In a battle worthy of an Olympic sport, the average time spent on our site changes by country. Just like many Olympic events, the Americans are taking home the gold.



pornhub-time-on-site-growsWhile the U.S. maintained their top position on the world stage, it’s important to note that the average time spent on site, country-wide grew by 39 seconds. The world average also grew by 26 seconds.

Some States Last Longer!

Do you represent your state well, or are you a one-minute man? Have a look and see which state does America proud.




No Matter the Platform, We’ve got your Porn Covered

Porn is clearly an important necessity of life, for that reason, Pornhub makes sure to offer our services on all your devices.



How Worldwide Events Affect Porn User Habits

pornhub-porn-vs-worldPornhub recently conducted an in-depth study of how worldwide events like holidays, news, sports and television affect the porn viewing habits of our users, and the information was presented in an interactive info graphic.

Sporting Events So Good, Porn Was Put on Hold

When big games were on TV, there were massive drops in the cities playing in the games, not to mention a country-wide drop exemplifying the NFL’s popularity among Pornhub users.


Top TV Events that Delayed Gratification


National Holidays – Masturbation Moratorium?

We see sharp traffic drops on some of the biggest holidays of the year, we’re ok with the porn-break as long as you come back!




What Were the Most Watched Videos of 2013?

pornhub-2nd-most-viewed2pornhub-3rd-most-viewed2Click to view each video – NSFW!


So that my friends is Pornhub’s 2013 year in review. It seems sex is a hot topic on this new “internet” gizmo; who woulda thunk it? It’s important to note that we would not be able to provide as much content as we do without our diligent users who reward us (and themselves) by coming back to Pornhub day after day after day after day after day after day after day! Everyone needs a stress outlet, and we understand that… Without Pornhub, the world may very well descend into anarchy.

Now that all this data has been compiled, we’ll let the statisticians enjoy the holiday season with their families – but only for a short while, we’ll have plenty of great new insights for you in the New Year… Until then, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from your friends at everyone’s favorite website (secretly, or not)!

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