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How long do the British last?

Our Pornhub statisticians are on a quest to discover what it is that drives people wild throughout the world, so we can better understand human nature. This time, we braved the gloomy weather and set our sights on the viewing habits of our friends in the UK.

At first glance, we see that people in the UK tend to watch more videos and last longer than most people around the world – way to go chaps! They last an average of 9 minutes and 42 seconds, which is almost a minute longer than the World average (8 min 56 secs), but still less than their porn-hungry American counterparts who pleasure themselves to the tune of 10 minutes and 51 seconds.

Not only do they last longer, but they tend to view more videos before settling in and getting down to business.

If you’d like to penetrate this story a bit deeper, we’ve broken down viewing habits by country/cities across the UK. Just hover over any region on the following interactive map and see it for yourself.

We can see for example, that people in Sheffield, England are very efficient, managing to view a little more than 7 pages or videos in only 9 minutes. People in London, on the other hand watch around 6.6 videos, but they like to take their time, staying on the site almost 10 minutes.

What do the British search for on Pornhub?

The term “to each their own” can be used in a variety of situations, but it very much rings true when it comes to people’s habits on Have a look at the following map and chart to see the top search terms by country within the UK.

It seems that Lisa Ann has quite the fan base in the UK, where she ranks first in every country except for England, where she ranks second after the term ‘British’. It’s no wonder MILF comes in as a top term all over the UK, with Lisa Ann’s popularity.


The Scots seem to be pretty into the “Smoking” fetish where it ranks as the 4th most searched term, while the folks in Wales like to get messy every now and again, searching for “squirt” 5th most.

To really get into the bangers and mash of it all, we also compiled the top 5 searches in major cities across the UK. In case you haven’t searched any of these terms… try em out’, cheers!

England – Top 5 Searches by City


Scotland – Top 5 Searches by City


Wales – Top 5 Searches by City

Who needs to study cultures, and learn about far away lands when all you really need to know is what people are searching for when they want to quickly rub one out… And like the British Empire, the sun never sets on Pornhub!

  • ItsAlwaysLupus

    The duration data does not support the statements made in this
    article since it doesn’t actually confirm orgasm. That is, are they
    done or just on to another porn site? Did they just start? And how
    about people who use a search metaengines like Bing Videos, switching
    between sites depending on which videos popup in their search?

    All this data is good for is providing a picture of how people use pornhub
    specifically, but it’s not representative of masturbation habits at
    large, nor usage on other porn sites.

  • James

    Average seems meaningless since many people watch no porn. What is the viewing time / number of unique users? How many unique users are there? Or median usage? I agree with comment below, people don’t use just one site; example, xhamster, 3movs. But I still like the data!

  • Italian

    Really interesting!
    Can you give us an insights on the habits of the italians?

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  • jup

    Make one of norway !

  • Stuart Taylor

    The averages are just that, average. Can we have a histogram of time on site and page view please? I suspect a long tail.

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