World Cup YouPorn Traffic from Germany

OH WIE IST DAS SCHON! Yes, indeed – how beautiful it is! Except maybe for YouPorn. The World Cup is on and Germans are glued to their televisions – instead of watching YouPorn. For shame!

Just kidding Germany – the YouPorn team is watching too, but we managed to get the attention of our statisticians long enough to check how traffic from Germany was affected by some of the hottest World Cup matches so far.

Germany vs Portugal

In the hours before the Germany vs Portugal match, traffic to YouPorn was well below time of day averages in both countries. When the game kicked off at 9:00 PST it was down 40% in Portugal and 60% in Germany. Traffic from both countries started to increase around half-time, but more quickly in Portugal. Germany won 4-0, which saw post-game traffic in Portugal go up nearly 10% over average.


Worldwide, the biggest traffic change during the Germany vs Portugal match was a 25% drop from Poland. Most other European countries saw their traffic drop between 15-20%. The biggest post-match increases came from Croatia, Belgium and Switzerland where traffic surged nearly 10%. Traffic in Poland and Greece stayed well below daily averages after the match.

Germany vs Ghana

Anticipation for the Germany vs Ghana match was high – especially in Ghana where traffic to YouPorn was up as much as 60% in the hours before the match. When it kicked off at 12:00 PST, visits were down 30% in Ghana and 40% in Germany, decreasing to over 50% an hour into the game. Traffic increased quickly in Germany at half-time and more slowly in Ghana.

The game ended in a 2-2 tie which saw traffic return to the daily norms in Germany but increase nearly 40% in Ghana in the hours after the match. The host country of Brazil showed little interest in this match as traffic to YouPorn was above Brazil’s daily averages throughout the game.


Worldwide, the biggest traffic change during the Germany vs Ghana match was from Greece where it was down nearly 25% at kick-off, and stayed below daily averages even after the match ended. Poland and Switzerland were down over 10% during the game. Switzerland however showed the biggest post-match traffic increase of nearly 20%.

Brazil vs Croatia

Germany closely watched the World Cup opening match between Brazil vs Croatia with nearly a 50% drop in traffic to YouPorn. That was nothing compared to the host countries where traffic at kick-off was down 60% in Brazil and almost 75% in Croatia. Brazil won the match 3-1 and we saw post-game traffic go back to normal in Croatia, but stay below daily averages in both Brazil and Germany.


England vs Italy

Germany showed a little less interest in the England vs Italy match as traffic was only down 5-10% during the game, but did increase over 20% after it ended. Traffic from Italy and the United Kingdom was down nearly 40% but started to increase sharply at half-time. Italy won the match 2-1 and fans there bucked the trend and headed back to YouPorn in droves to celebrate their win. Post-game traffic in Italy was up over 80% compared to daily averages.


Spain vs Netherlands

Nearly 25% of YouPorn’s typical German viewers chose to watch the Spain vs Netherlands match instead of their favorite porn site, but traffic returned to normal quickly after the match. Spain’s traffic dropped 40% during the game but nearly 65% in the Netherlands. The match ended 5-1 for the Netherlands and traffic quickly increased there to slightly above time-of-day averages. There was a small increase in Spain immediate after the match, but in the hours that followed the traffic was slightly lower than usual.


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