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The Pornhub statisticians are back in Europe, this time to visit the country of Switzerland. This land-locked country is bordered by several other countries including Italy in the south, France to the west, Germany to the north and Austria to the east.

Because of this, Switzerland actually has 4 official languages including German, French, Italian and Romansh (a Latin influenced Romance Language). As you’ll soon see, this truly multicultural mix makes for some interesting differences in porn viewing habits depending on the country’s region.

Keeping Time

Anyone who appreciates a quality watch knows that the Swiss are masters of time. That apparently holds true when it comes to masturbation time. Most regions get off within a few seconds of Switzerland’s overall average time-on-site of 8 minutes and 42 seconds.


Visitors from Geneva stick around the longest, averaging 9 minutes and 6 seconds per visit. Why is their timing so off? Turns out, nearly 45% of Geneva’s population are foreign nationals. We can certainly see the attraction in living there – even the Swiss flag is a big plus.

The number of pages viewed per visit is fairly consistent across Switzerland as well, with the national average being 8.44 pages.


The most pages viewed (8.75) is in the western Canton of Vaud (Switzerland’s third largest) which is a largely French region. The least pages viewed (7.92) is in the Canton of Ticino, above Italy, where 83% of the population speaks Italian.

Swiss Watches

The Top 20 Search terms in Switzerland read much like the country’s demographics. The top search term is “German” with “deutsch” also making the top 10. That’s not surprising, since 65% of the Swiss population speaks primarily German. As we discovered in our Insights Germany article, the German volk love watching themselves.


Searches for “Swiss” come in second place, with “schweiz” (the German word for Switzerland) further down the list. The third most popular search term is “French”, which reflects the 25% of the Swiss population who are French speaking.

Searches for “Czech” also make Switzerland’s top 10, so it’s not surprising that it’s also a popular search in Germany, especially in the southern region that borders with Switzerland. The rest of the top search list includes several worldwide favorites such as “massage”, “teen”, “casting”, “milf” and “mom”.


The Swiss appear to enjoy as much variety in pornstars as they do in chocolate. Babes from all over the world appear on their top pornstar search list including all-American MILF “Lisa Ann”, asian hottie “Asa Akira”, France’s “Clara Morgane”, Germany’s “Madison Ivy”, and Czech girl Little “Caprice”.

Regional Searches

The top 10 search terms vary region by region across Switzerland. In areas that border Germany like Zurich, Aargau, St-Gallen and Basel-Stadt, the number one search is “German”. Regions close to France like “Vaud”, “Geneva” and “Valais” search the most for “French”. Ticino, which borders with Northern Italy, unsurprisingly has “Italian” as the top search term.


In all of the regions where “German” is the top search term, “Swiss” comes in second. However, in the French and Italian regions, “Swiss” falls farther down the top 10 or doesn’t appear at all. “German” is still a popular search in the French regions, but doesn’t appear at all in Italian speaking Ticino.


We hope you enjoyed our Insights trip through Switzerland. One thing you can bank on – we’ll be back soon with more Pornhub Insights.

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