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It’s the most wonderful time of the year; the time during which the Pornhub statisticians reveal their yuletide-themed findings! Our friends over at Vice asked us to take a look at how Pornhub users get festive on the biggest porn site in the world and in the spirit of giving, we’re offering up the goods. So hold on to your Santa hats and let’s get started!


pornhub-christmas-search-gainsBased on data from last year’s holiday season, let’s begin with a look at which search terms increase in popularity at Christmas time. With an impressive 2692% gain, ‘naughty santa’s helper’ tops the list, followed in second place with the ever-festive ‘fucking dads girlfriend’. In fact, it would appear that while the holidays are a time of year that bring extended family members together, these interactions inspire searches for relevantly themed porn as well. Searches like ‘brother and step sister’ and ‘mother in law with son’ increase 546% and 288% respectively at Christmas time. That’s certainly one way to bring non-blood relatives together! Aside from other explicitly Xmas-themed searches which skyrocket in popularity during this time of year, which we’ll focus in on shortly, ‘overstuffed’ also gets 155% more searched during the season; undoubtedly an ode to that feeling you get after a solid holiday meal.


Now on to the really seasonal search terms. ‘Christmas’ appropriately tops the chart here as top-themed search, followed by the ever-festive ‘xmas sex’ and ‘merry Christmas,’ rounding out the top 3. ‘Black Santa’ brings some diversity at 4th place and a slew of other santa-related terms follow such as ‘santa’s helper,’ ‘santa baby,’ and ‘santa girl’. Santa is definitely the man of the hour on Pornhub at Christmas, but lots of you also honed in on what the holiday season is really all about with ‘christmas present’ making an appearance on the list, though what you were searching for likely wasn’t the kind that can be wrapped and put under the tree…

When we look at the top searched terms during Christmas on a state by state level, the spirit is clearly strong nation-wide. In every single state, the top term during this time of the year is ‘Christmas,’ without exception. In some states like Iowa, New Mexico, Pennsylvania and Wyoming, ‘santa’ even goes to claim second place, and third place over in Delaware, Kansas, Maine, Minnesota, Utah, Vermont, and Virginia. Nothing brings the holiday cheer like some Santa-themed porn amidst the usual lesbian, massage and teen videos Americans are usually checking out. Click around this interactive chart to see the top Christmas search terms in your state!


pornhub-christmas-holiday-trafficIt’s no secret that holidays, big sports games and world events have an influence on Pornhub traffic, and Christmas time is no exception. In the United States, Christmas Eve proves to be the holiday with the most significant drop in traffic on the best porn site in the world, showing a considerable 43% dip. Christmas Day also shows a 26% drop but we get it, you’re among loved ones and likely received a few cool presents which were momentarily more interesting than free porn. The holiday season proves to be a bit of a slower time for Pornhub overall, with New Year’s Eve and Thanksgiving also demonstrating some traffic dips as well, but let’s see how the US measures up to the rest of the world in this regard.


The United Kingdom beats out the United States in terms of biggest drop in traffic on Christmas day, with a considerable 36% dip. This is followed closely by Australia with 34% and Canada at 31%. Other countries like Germany and the Philippines only slow down the action by 10% and 8% respectively, while in India, traffic actually increases by 8% on Christmas Day. Let’s hop back over to the US and see which states get busier with Pornhub on baby Jesus’ bday.

pornhub-christmas-state-traffic3Yes, Christmas is a time to show your appreciation for loved ones, but it’s important to indulge in some self-love as well during this stressful time of year. They know this to be true over in Arizona and Kentucky, the states which drop a mere 13% in traffic compared to their non-holiday averages. Special mentions go out to Mississippi and New Jersey which don’t trail too much further behind.

Pornhub takes a holiday hit over in Maine and the District of Columbia, where traffic on the site slows the most of the 51 states, with 28% drops in traffic in both locations. Free porn is also ignored a little more in Delaware and Idaho, where they are also abstaining from the best kind of sinning on this holiest of days, showing traffic drops of 27% and 26% respectively.



When we look at the different devices that are used to view Pornhub at Christmas, a considerable drop occurs in regards to desktop use. Why? Likely because so many people are traveling back home to be with their loved ones for the holidays that typical PC Pornhub viewers must resort to their smartphones to get their kicks while they’re away. Also notice that mobile traffic drops the least of the three, adding further credence to this theory. Don’t forget those chargers!

That’s it for this very merry edition of Pornhub Insights! We wish you all the happiest of holidays and don’t be shy to spread some cheer in the comments section below.

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