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Are you a boob person or a butt person? The answer to this may be personal to some but is quite telling when examined within an international context. As a part of a special report with our friends over at 20 Minuten, today the Pornhub and Youporn statisticians have teamed up to take a look at which body parts are most lusted over in which parts of the world and as you’ll soon see, some very interesting trends emerge. For this exclusive report, the data represents the popularity of certain search results pulled from both Pornhub and Youporn’s anonymized data analytics, so let’s get started!



At an initial glance, it seems as though boobs reign in the north in terms of preference, whereas butts are better-liked in the south. Interestingly, virtually all of Africa, with the exception of Egypt, prefers backside-themed smut which is also the case in South America, save for Argentina where boobs top out for more related searches.


When divided on a continental level, it becomes a clear matter of East and West. Chests are more lusted over in the East, with the exception of Africa where as posteriors are preferred in the West.

When we jump over to this interactive heat map, however, we can really pin point exactly where these preferences lie on a country to country basis, by rank. Here, we have expanded the list to include search terms ‘boobs,’ ‘butts,’ ‘feet,’ ‘legs,’ ‘legs,’ ‘pregnant,’ and ‘pussy’. Click though and watch the color concentrations change when each term is selected. The darker the color appears within a country on the map, the higher the country ranks in terms of number of searches for that particular term. Let’s break it down part by part.


Starting with boobs, which includes all breast related searches from anything from puffy nipples to huge tits, there is a clear concentration in the north. Of note is Finland, ranking 3rd place in the world for the highest concentration of boob-related searches, trailing just behind the tiny island nations of Saint Helena and the Maldives. There is also a good amount of concentration in Europe here as well, with the Netherlands and Belgium both raking in the top 10. Suffice it to say, Europeans definitely love a good rack.

Here we can see each world region examined individually in terms of their love for jugs. Over in Europe, the concentration is considerably higher in the north, especially in Scandinavia and the United Kingdom. Despite the colder and dreary weather which typical in these areas of the world, it would appear that there remains a strong penchant for what lies under those multiple upper layers of clothing. The opposite appears to be true in Asia, where the sweater puppies are more sought out in the south, with higher numbers of these types of searches occurring in countries like India and Bangladesh in regards to the rest of the continent.


Big butts are all the rage these days but nowhere is this more true than in Africa. This heat map shows that the highest concentration of butt-related searches, which includes terms like ‘booty,’ ‘perfect ass,’ and the like, occurs in this southern continent. Though this region is quite highly saturated in relation to the rest of the world, standout countries include Tanzania, Ghana and Djibouti, which are the top 3 nations in the world in terms of overall proportion of butt-related searches.


Once again, when looked at continent by continent, we are able to tease out which countries are the most butt-loving of them all. In Europe, Scandinavia and the Netherlands once again come in hot, as well as Iceland. There’s also some considerable ass-worship going on in the Balkans, with Albania, Montenegro and Bosnia all heating up on the map with their high proportions of ass-oriented searches. Over in Asian and the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Tajikistan all are front-runners as are Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana in South America.



Pussy and the pursuit thereof has inspired entire revolutions, some of the greatest songs of our times as well as some pretty interesting porn-search related data. Uganda ranks first worldwide but some high search concentrations are found all over the globe, especially in islands Papua New Guinea and Jamaica which prove to be very much into pussy.


Once again, our attention is particularly drawn over to the African continent where a high proportion of the searches on Pornhub and YouPorn alike were of the vaginal variety. Especially high numbers show in the Southeastern region of the continent in countries like Tanzania, Botswana and Zambia.


pornhub-feet-searches-worldwideThere are lots of closet foot fetishists out there and apparently a whole lot of them can be found in the Middle East. This heat map shows where the highest concentration of searches like ‘big feet’ and ‘cute toes’ occur in the world.


Syria, Jordan and Iran, which rank in at 1st, 3rd and 5th rank worldwide for these types of searches, appear to be all about that toe-curling, foot-focused kinda smut…let’s just leave it at that.


pornhub-legs-searches-worldwideLegs aren’t necessarily the first part of the anatomy that jump to mind when considering what might pop up in popular porn searches but this definitely appears to be the case in Eastern Europe!


In Poland, which comes in at 1st place worldwide for looks at leg-related porn, gams appear to be what really get people going vis-a-vis their porn preferences. Ranking at 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th place respectively, this is also the case in Lituana, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Hungary, where leg-related searches are higher in concentration than anywhere else in the world. Nearby Estonia ranks in at 12th place and across the ocean, Chile slides in at number 9.


pornhub-pregnant-searches-worldwideThere is something to be said about the beauty of a pregnant woman. We’re not sure if it’s those extra curves or that special glow but one thing is for sure: people all over the world get turned on by women embodying the ultimate product of sexy time.


This is especially the case in Southeast Asia and Oceania.The Solomon Islands is where women with a bun in the oven are most sought out in searches on Pornhub and Youporn, with honorable mentions going out to Lesotho and Papua New Guinea. Malaysia slides in at 8th place and Indonesia in 12th, with China ranking 26th worldwide.


When we take a look at all of these same searches within America and on a state-by-state level, some very interesting trends emerge. Let’s start with a basic division of boobs and butts. In this case, it appears that most of the nation’s breast aficionados are located in the more northern part of the country, whereas dedicated butt-lovers are more abundant in the south. For the most part though, the land of the free is also clearly the land of the rear-end enthusiasts.


This heat map allows for us to once again take a look at how, part by part, each region of the country ranks in terms of the popularity of a particular sexy body part’s searches in regards to it’s overall searches on both Pornhub and YouPorn combined. Let’s take a closer look!


Beginning with boobs, you’ll notice that a higher proportion of breast-oriented searches are occuring in the northern and central parts of the nation. Northernmost Idaho and Wisconsin are where these types of searches are found in the highest concentrations in the US of A, again possibly adding strength to the theory that where the colder it gets, the more people are interested in what lays beneath those thick-knit sweaters. Which American states are home to the least number of boob enthusiasts? Look no further than the District of Columbia, Mississippi and Hawaii, all of which rank in the bottom 3 positions for least amount of tit-related searches by proportion.


Now, on to butts. Americans who adore ass the most are largely found in the Southeastern region of the country. Mississippi takes the cake for the highest proportion of posterior-related searches with honorable mentions going out to the District of Columbia, Georgia and Louisiana. The South has brought us many rap anthems celebrating beautiful behinds, not to mention twerking, so it seems fitting that the porn searches in this part of the country are also largely focused on large back-sides. The penchant for posteriors weakens considerably in Maine, Vermont and Hawaii, where the searches on Pornhub and Youporn show the least amount of these types of searches.


Which Americans are most preoccupied with pussy when perusing Pornhub and YouPorn? Again, it would seem that most of the action is going down in the deep South. The states with the highest proportions of poontang-related searches are Mississippi, Georgia and Alabama, the concentration of which increases generally speaking, nationwide, from west to east and north to south. They’re passing on pussy over in California, Hawaii and Rhode Island, where our data indicates that the concentration of pussy-related searches is the weakest in the country.


America’s foot-lovers are mostly found in the eastern part of the country, with a particularly high concentration in New England. The garden state of New Jersey is where, proportionally speaking, podiatric-type porn is searched for in the highest amounts, with Rhode Island and Pennsylvania not dragging their feet too far behind. Forget the foot stuff in Alaska (they’re more into smoking and creampies), Wyoming and South Dakota – these states are where the numbers are the lowest for feet-focused smut.


Leg-lovers in the States are a bit of a mixed bunch and can be found in pockets all over the country. The highest concentration of these types of searches can be found in Utah, South Dakota and all the way up in Alaska, whereas Louisiana, Mississippi and the District of Columbia is where these searches are the least popular nationwide.


The Dakotas are big into pregnant women. Of all 50 states, North and South Dakota rank in first and second place in the entire country for most proportional preggo searches. Wyoming takes third place. Not so into that mother-to-be look? You might be from New Jersey, California or Hawaii, which is where bun in the oven type searches are the least popular.

And there you have it! Regardless of whether you happen to prefer boobs to butts or feet to pregnant bellies, we hope that you have enjoyed this look at who lusts for what around the world. Stay tuned for more amazing Pornhub Insights to come!

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    S’all about dat ass, mane!

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    It’s all about that bass, no treble…

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    Tits are where it is at!!!!

  • Thegreatlover

    Ass is the thing!!!

  • Thegreatlover

    Love legs and thighs and calves!!!!

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    Pussy is the best…. by far.

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  • Curiousgeorgia

    How about some maps on cock?

    • alex_pornhub

      we’ve got something in the works!

  • Curiousgeorgia

    And are these maps based on raw numbers or are they fractions, to account for population size?

    • alex_pornhub

      The data is based on real traffic numbers

      • Puto Loco

        So for Hawaii, as it is bottom-3 in “butts” search and bottom-3 in “boobs” search, it could simply mean that Hawaii does not look for porn as other states (they already have many naked woman walking around).

        Clever read of statistics is more than just classification by quantities.

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    what about water sports?

  • b@ttman

    Growing up in South America, I can tell you everything is about the ass and has been for over 40 years 🙂

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  • Joe

    So the black and Hispanic countries prefer ass while the white and asian ones prefer boobs. Within the US the whitest states in the west and north-east have a clear boob preference and the ass men are concentrated in the sun belt – as are blacks and Hispanics.

  • For those into aural sex a well-shaped ear is a conveyor of extreme eroticism.

  • Brain

    Splendid! So funny to see that this way. Well, but I’d like to see numbers and % in relation to a total of request and so on! So far it’s just hot air not statistics.

    * Is there really such a clear distinction between those body parts?
    * Do man really search only so straightly for one part or the otherbecause of arousal?
    * What about mouth, hands, hair or fetishes like, shoes, nylon, latex!?
    * Further on – Are not legs/feet for many one way to search.

    So many questions … because I think this is a very interessting topic and might deliver high impact to many things!!!

  • ThatBooootay

    Think about it this way, would you rather see a flat butt and big tits or big butt small tits I choose big butt

  • Matthew Maconauqueef

    51 states?

  • Rayla

    So does this mean that in NJ, more people search feet than breasts?

    • alex_pornhub

      not quite! this just means that the residents of NJ are searching for feet more so than other states. you can’t really compare one chart to the other.

  • Rafael Garcia

    Is it possible to get access to these data for academic research?

    • alex_pornhub

      what data did you need? I might be able to refer you to another post if what you’re looking for isn’t here

      • Rafael Garcia

        The real traffic numbers for each “body part” by state. I’d need a description of how the index is calculated. I’m assuming with those numbers I could do comparisons between states and between category within state.

      • Joan Beaudoin

        I am curious about the data set, too, since I would like to map what people search for (which is the crux of these visualizations) against the way porn sites organize their contents (which is the work I have been involved in). From what we have discovered in our study there is a disconnect between the kinds of categories used to organize porn, and the kinds of terms people use to find porn on free porn sites. (FYI Alex, I guessed at your email and sent you the slides from a presentation on this topic, and a request you might be interested in. If my email didn’t make it to you, and you would like a copy, feel free to look me up at Wayne State University.)

        The visualizations here are fabulous (A++!!!), but unless the parameters of the data used to create them are carefully outlined (i.e., where the data originated, how and when it was gathered, number queries, if and how it was processed prior to the creation of the visualizations, etc.) it would be difficult to use them in academic research, and any conclusions made will be seen as tentative.

        • Rafael Garcia

          I think that REGARDLESS the results will be tentative because they are strictly observational, but I get your point. They have a huge potential for ecological validity, though.

      • Rafael Garcia

        I’m really just looking for the index and rank numbers for each state in a table or spreadsheet form. I could take them down one by one, but I’d rather not.

  • Ohdearwhathappened77

    What about big balls?

  • Rafael Garcia

    Who can I contact to get more information on the methodology (e.g. how the indices were calculated)?

  • Senior Thesis

    Is this data from one year? Or from all of pornhub history? It’d be cool to see a timeline of “ass” related searched from ~2007/2008 (Kim Kardashian era) until today to see if she had an effect or if something else did.

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    Ich stehe auf Ellenbogen und verschwitzte Achseln

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