Pornhub Traffic During the Olympic Opening Ceremony


The long awaited Sochi Olympics are officially underway! In this edition we will be hard at work to show which countries are more excited by the Olympic Opening ceremonies than they are by the world’s number 1 adult website (at least temporarily). As we saw in 2010 and 2012, the host countries log off of READ MORE

Pornhub Traffic Change During Super Bowl XLVIII

Pornhub 2014 Super Bowl

The Super Bowl, for many men and women in America, is something that can’t be matched by anything else in the world. The Pornhub Insights team has previously studied how major world events affect porn viewing habits. This time around, our number-hungry statisticians eagerly awaited the kick-off of the year's biggest game, not just to READ MORE

Pornhub’s Traffic in Baltimore and Denver During The First 2013 NFL Game


To many men, sports and sex go hand-in-hand. Well, we here at Pornhub can back that up with some stats! NFL viewership is at an all-time high, so dips to our website during games can be inevitable, as well as give some good insight into how the mind works. Below, you’ll find some stats that READ MORE

Pornhub’s Traffic During The 2013 Stanley Cup Final


We at Pornhub are interested in what causes traffic to fluctuate during certain times, sometimes citing world events, natural disasters, and sports as examples in order to see what draws Americans away from their computers and into the real world – you know, to interact, experience the outdoors… Like the olden days. Today, we’re focusing READ MORE

Pornhub & The NBA Finals


The 2013 NBA finals grew in excitement with every game. With every spectacular dunk, and last second shot, the viewership of these games also rose. As the chart below shows, the more drama the finals had, the less people came to Pornhub! First, let’s talk about the average across the United States. Game 1 opened READ MORE

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