A Rod By Any Other Name

Are you a dick? Or maybe you’re more of a cock person. Either way, everyone has their preferred term of endearment for what is more clinically called the penis. In today’s installment of Pornhub Insights, our trusty team of statisticians is diving deep into some big, hard data to get to the bottom of how people prefer to refer to the phallus. Focusing on the two most popular dicknames nicknames ‘dick’ and ‘cock,’ we’re coming at you with the numbers that show exactly how the nation pays lip service to everyone’s favorite organ. Let’s get into some dong-themed nomenclature!


The heat map below indicates that America primarily loves cock. Here at Pornhub HQ, it’s been argued that depending whether you’re in the heat of the moment or telling a joke, one’s use of ‘dick’ and ‘cock’ may change. In other words, context is everything. Seemingly when porn searches are involved though, cock reigns supreme. Of the 50 states, an overwhelming 37 choose ‘cock’ first when perusing pornhub for some dong-centric content.


Interestingly, the Pornhub users that love ‘dick’ more are located in the south-eastern states and by some miracle bestowed unto us by the data gods, a decidedly phallic shape on the heat map sets these users apart from the rest of the cock-loving nation.


We’re going to call it once and for all; size matters. A look at this list of the top searches that make use of everyone’s two favorite words couldn’t make this more evident. As you can see with the first word groupings here, the majority of phallic-focused searches are all about that big.


Interestingly, most of the words used to describe ‘cock’ are affiliated with gargantuan size with words like ‘big,’ ‘huge, and ‘monster’ taking the lead as well as ‘black’. On the other hand, ‘dick’ has more action words affiliated to it like ‘twerk’ and ‘riding’. While ‘big dick’ tops the list here overall, the points for littleness definitely go to team dick in that ‘small dick’ and ‘tiny dick’ both make it in the top searches here, while only mammoth-sized qualifiers are used to reference cock. The word clouds below illustrate this more concretely.



Last but not least we’ve collected gender-segmented data from Google Analytics’ anonymized demographics reports to determine that the women of Pornhub love dick. When hunting on Pornhub, women employ the word ‘dick’ more often than ‘cock,’ while the reverse is true for men, according to our numbers. Though overall women do search for ‘cock’ a solid 19% more than men, their love for the D is reaffirmed in their whopping 52% more likeliness to search for ‘dick’ then their male counterparts.


And that’s the long and short of it! When you’re thirsting for some peen-themed content, or even just in everyday life, which of the two do you prefer to use? Let us know in the comment section below and check back soon for more amazing Insights.

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