Clowning Around

As Halloween approaches, public sightings of “creepy clowns” have become all too common. It’s a viral trend that pops up every few years, but has garnered additional media attention this season due to some clowns taking their scare tactics a bit too far. We’ve discovered many times before that increased media coverage will often result in more searches on Pornhub. Our friends at Thrillist checked in to see if all this clowning around has had the same effect, and it turns out that over the last few weeks searches relating to clowns have increased as much as 213%.


Clown fetish porn has been around for some time, so searches on Pornhub are not uncommon. In the last 30 days there have been over 100,000 clown related searches.

The most popular search is “clown porn” followed by “clown girl” and “clown gangbang”. The effect of media coverage can be seen with terms like “crazy clown”, “scary clown” and “killer clown” moving above longer-term fetish favorites like “midget clown”, “birthday clown”, “clown feet” and let’s not forget — “clown fart”.

Our statisticians also report that proportionately, women are 33% more likely to search for clown porn than men.


To determine if these clown searches are strictly a result of curiosity seekers, or part of a larger fetish group, our statisticians looked at leading searches — those are the terms that are most often searched immediately before searching for clowns.

The most common preceding search is “circus”. It is followed by “juggalette”, which along with “juggalo” are names given to fans of musical group Insane Clown Posse. The third most common preceeding search is Suicide Squad character “Harley Quinn”. “Payaso” is a Spanish term for someone with a painted face, and “Kitzi” a real internet personality who dresses provocatively as a fetish clown-girl.


We hope you enjoyed this edition of Pornhub Insights. Stay tuned for our upcoming Halloween insights, or take a look at our 2015 Spooky Searches.

  • Ok, that is truly amazing data. Who comes up with the idea to check this info lol?

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    I want to know the most popular search terms for different gender which include the word “clown” as must.

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