Coronavirus Update – April 14

In this fourth installment of Coronavirus updates, we will take a look at how Pornhub’s traffic levels have changed since our last April 2nd Update. We also have updates on traffic by demographic and daily Coronavirus related searches.

If you are looking for daily traffic updates, you will find a new interactive graph at the end of this post containing data for 30 countries and regions that will be updated several times each week.

Pornhub’s statisticians also released data showing Increased Video Uploads From Verified Models.

Worldwide traffic to Pornhub continues to be much higher than it was before the Coronavirus pandemic spread worldwide. The peak increase of 24.4% happened on March 25th after we offered Free Pornhub Premium to encourage people to say indoors and distance themselves socially.

Comparisons were made to an average traffic period in February before the pandemic. Because traffic varies depending on the day of the week, each day was compared to the same day of the week during the average period. (You can see Pornhub’s normal traffic levels as detailed in our 2019 Year in Review).

The following chart illustrates how Pornhub’s traffic began to increase sooner in Europe than other parts of the world, as the virus began to spread.

Traffic changes became noticeable much later in the United States, as it joined Europe with quarantines, social distancing and work-at-home efforts encouraged or required by most states.

To see how traffic has changed across the United Kingdom and Canada, please see our latest Coronavirus updates on those two countries. Interactive charts are provided to break down traffic across all Canadian Provinces, Canadian Cities and U.K. countries and U.K. cities.

Daily Traffic Updates

The following interactive chart contains traffic data for 30 different countries and regions worldwide. We will update this chart with new data every few days. Use the “download data” link for each region if you would like to generate your own charts. We just ask that you give credit to Pornhub and link-back to this Insights post.

Please Note:You must disable your web browser’s ad-blocker in order for the interactive charts to be displayed.

Too see how social distancing has caused Pornhub hourly traffic to change, please see our first Coronavirus Insights.

To see how daily traffic has changed by demographic including Gender and Age Groups, please see our April 2nd Coronavirus Update.

Coronavirus Related Searches

To date there’s been more than 17 million searches containing “Corona” or “Covid”. More than 1000 Coronavirus themed videos have been uploaded to Pornhub, with many being viewed over 1 million times.

To learn more about what countries and U.S. states are most likely to search for Coronavirus themed videos, please see our first Coronavirus Insights.

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