The 2019 Year in Review

Welcome to Pornhub’s 7th annual Year in Review, where we bring you 2019’s hottest trends, terms, searches, and a recap of everything that happened this year. If you follow our Pornhub Insights blog, you already know that 2019 was a juicy year – jam-packed with celebrities, happenings, and events that influenced how people utilized and enjoyed Pornhub.

Below, you will find the data that Pornhub’s trusty statisticians have compiled for you, colorful charts to help you visualize this Year in Review, and commentary to help make sense of the wild world of tech, adult entertainment, and everything in between! As you read along we’ll point out what’s changed year over year, but you can always check out 2018 and 2017 reviews as well.

The Year in Numbers
Top Searches & Pornstars
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Gender Demographics
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Video Game Searches
Events, Holidays & Sports
Top 20 Countries in Depth

The Year in Numbers

Pornhub keeps on growing and it doesn’t show signs of letting up. In 2019 there were over 42 Billion visits to Pornhub, which means there was an average of 115 million visits per day. One-Hundred-Fifteen Million – that’s the equivalent of the populations of Canada, Australia, Poland and the Netherlands all visiting in one day!

This year must have been an adventurous one because there were over 39 billion searches performed, which is 8.7 billion more searches than last year. Celebrities, trending terms, and characters – if you can think it, it’s probably been searched for.

In 2019 there was a record amount of video uploads, over 6.83 million new videos were uploaded to Pornhub. To put this in perspective – if you strung all of 2019’s new video content together and started watching them way back in 1850, you’d still be watching them today!

In 2019, Pornhub transferred 6597 petabytes of data, which was about 18,073 terabytes per day, and 209 gigabytes per second! To put this in perspective, if you copied all of 2019’s transferred data onto hard drives and stacked them, they would reach 100km high to the edge of space. Honestly, no matter which way you put it, that’s a lot of porn being enjoyed!

This year more and more people continued to use Pornhub as a form of social media, as over 70 million messages were sent between Pornhub users and over 11.5 million comments were left on videos! Over 98,000 new models joined Pornhub, bringing the total number of verified models to more than 130,000!

That’s only part the reason that ‘amateur’ was a search that defined 2019 but you’ll have to read on to learn more about that! In 2019, the most commented words were good, love, like, sexy, pretty, and nice – not dissimilar to 2018, it’s comforting to know that some things never change.

While You Were Fapping…

Every minute on Pornhub in 2019 was a minute well-spent, our loyal users did not waste any time! There were 80,032 visits, 77,861 searches, and 219,985 video views. Every minute, there was an average of 2.8 hours of content uploaded to Pornhub – that means that every 9 minutes or so, an entire days’ worth of video was uploaded to Pornhub.

Also in every minute, 14,799 profiles were viewed, 343 friend requests were sent, and 612 users were followed. At the same time, 387 videos were rated and 29 new video comments were left (hopefully containing all of the aforementioned terms like good, love, like, sexy, pretty, and nice).

Top Searches & Pornstars

Those that follow Pornhub’s Insights Blog already know that the top searches are often influenced by pop culture, mainstream media, and other popular worldwide events. However, it may come as a surprise that ‘Amateur’ was the top of the list for 2019’s searches that defined the year. Perhaps this was in part due to the incredible number of new verified amateur models that joined the site.

According to Dr. Laurie Betito of the Sexual Wellness Center, “It seems that people are looking for more realistic depictions of sex. “Real” people vs. actors seems to be the draw. It’s interesting that more and more people are putting themselves out there as amateurs. Sex has become so much less taboo that those who get a kick out of exhibitionism can do so with very little experience or equipment. The message is: anyone can be a porn star!”

‘Alien’ also topped the list of searches that defined 2019, part of the epic lead up to the ‘storming’ of Area 51 that affected the population and urged them to seek a more immediate release. Check out our Alien Insights post for a closer look behind closed doors.

With the rise of at-home virtual reality technology, POV (Point of View) was a search that defined 2019. Users looking for a more realistic porn-viewing experience could tune-in and unzip, getting everything they needed without all the real-world troubles. Who needs an IRL partner when you have POV Pornhub videos on your side?

Belle Delphine came in at the #4 search that defined 2019, stunts with bathwater aside! Belle Delphine trolled her beloved followers when she dedicated a Pornhub page to ‘spoof’ NSFW videos that she uploaded in October of this year. To learn more, check out our list of top Celebrity Searches of this year!

Cosplay was another popular search for this year, and with Belle Delphine and Aliens at the top of the list, it’s not hard to see why. 2019 seemed to be a year for dressing up and partaking in all those other-worldly desires everydayness doesn’t afford us!

Mature searches also defined 2019, with the rise of GILF porn and categories people are now free to indulge in their aged-to-perfection fantasies. Bisexuality was also a definitive term, why choose when you can have both? Apex Legends replaced Fortnite for our video game term that defined 2019, which you can learn more in our section on Video Game Searches.

Lastly, ASMR made the list of searches that defined 2019 – such a controversial fetish that some people don’t even believe it exists. This search will truly make the hair stand up on the back of your neck, I guess you’ll just have to visit Pornhub and find out for yourself. And last, but certainly not least, Femdom made the list of searches that defined 2019. Women-in-power has been trending for a while now, so why shouldn’t Pornhub’s porn searches reflect this!

Dr. Laurie tell us that, “People are searching for out of the box porn with searches like Cosplay and ASMR. The interest in Cosplay indicates the desire for all kinds of fantasy play. It’s not just about the sex — the costumes play a big role in stimulating the brain, taking people out of the ordinary. It’s the same for ASMR which is all about the sensorial experience. People want to be transported to another state of mind, not just by images, but also sounds.”

2019’s Most Searched for Terms

Trendy terms aside, Pornhub’s top 25 searches saw some serious action in 2019 as ‘Japanese’ shot up 4 positions to become the most searched term of 2019. Much of that growth in popularity was due to a big traffic increase from Japan in 2019, more on that below. While ‘hentai‘ (NSFW) remained the second most popular term, ‘lesbian’ has now dropped down to number three, and ‘milf‘ (NSFW) to number four.

Searches for ‘Korean’ and ‘Asian’ moved further up the list, causing previously popular terms like ‘step mom’ and ‘massage’ to move down slightly. Other ethnicity searches like ‘Latina’, ‘Indian’ and ‘Ebony’ saw significant gains in 2019, while ‘anime’, ‘public’ and ‘bbc’ also moved up several positions.

This year Lana Rhoades (NSFW) became the most searched for pornstar on Pornhub, racking up 345 million videos on her way. Riley Reid (NSFW) remained the third most searched, but had an even higher number of video views at 585 million!

Abella Danger (NSFW) moved up 7 spots to become the fourth most popular, while Brandi Love (NSFW) remained fifth for another year. The only male pornstar to make our top 25 list is Jordi El Nino Polla (NSFW), who gained 6 positions over the past year.

Other pornstars who excelled at changing positions included Adriana Chechik (NSFW) up 8, Angela White (NSFW) up 11, Lena Paul (NSFW) up 10 and Lela Star (NSFW) up 17.

While Jordi El Nino Polla was by far the most popular male pornstar of the year, the next most popular men were Alex Adams (NSFW), Owen Gray (NSFW), Johnny Sins (NSFW) and James Deen (NSFW). The following chart illustrates where these leading men rank when including the most searched for female pornstars as well.

While it might seem like a fun job, these male pornstars are often the most hard working ‘members’ of the porn industry. Alex Adams for example has more than 400 videos on Pornhub with 2.1 Billion combined views and Johnny Sins’ videos have been viewed more than 1.1 Billion times. Keep it up gents.

Below you can find the most viewed Verified Amateur Models of 2019. LittleReislin (NSFW) tops the list with over 282 million video views, followed by Solazola (NSFW) with 214 million and NoFaceGirl (NSFW) with 195 million.

Top 20 Countries by Traffic

Once again, the United States continues to be the country with the highest daily traffic to Pornhub, followed by Japan which moved up 2 positions in the past year. The traffic increase from Japan played a role in many of the top search increases of the year such as ‘Japanese’ moving into the top spot.

As Japan moved up, the United Kingdom moved down to third, while India moved down 12 positions from it’s previous third place position in 2018 partly due to the Indian government blocking access to some porn sites.

New to the top 20 countries this year is Thailand, up 6 positions from 2018. Combined, these countries make up 79% of Pornhub’s daily traffic. To learn more about the porn preferences of each country you can skip to the Top 20 Countries In Depth section at the end of the Year in Review.

Earlier in the year, the Insights team took a detailed look at how Pornhub’s Top 20 Cities compare. Be sure to check out that post to learn how porn viewership in New York City differs from that of London, England and Paris, France.

A Time for Reflection

2019 saw Pornhub’s average visit duration grow by 15 seconds to 10 minutes 28 seconds. While some visitors may be taking more time to watch videos and make use of Pornhub’s community features, time on site can reflect many factors including the speed of broadband and mobile internet bandwidth available in different regions.

This year, Thailand tops the list of longest lasting countries at 11 minutes 21 seconds, down 12 seconds from 2018. The Netherlands decreased by 30 seconds this year, but still maintains a long average visit time of 10 minutes 38 seconds just ahead of the United States at 10 minutes 36 seconds and Canada at 10 minutes 23 seconds.

While still coming up a bit short at 9 minutes 23 seconds, visitors from Japan increased their visit time by 39 seconds in 2019.

Female visitors typically stay 23 seconds longer than their male counterparts, and visitors between the ages of 18 to 24 tend to get the job done 64 seconds faster. Visitors over the age of 55 take their time and spend about two minutes longer each time they visit Pornhub.

The United States has a relatively impressive staying power of 10 minutes 36 seconds, but some states go out of their way to impress. Visitors from Mississippi best the national average by 50 seconds, along with 37 additional seconds in Alabama and 31 in Georgia.

Kansas is by far the fastest to come and go at only 9 minutes 59 seconds. Last year’s second fastest state Nebraska added 25 seconds to their visit time in 2019, relegating visitors from Oregon to the next quickest state. Perhaps the tense political state in D.C. lead to it having the longest overall increase of 47 seconds.

Worldwide, and indeed in most countries we have studied, Sunday is the most popular day to visit Pornhub, while Friday tends to have the lowest traffic. A lot of that has to do with the hours people prefer to watch porn. Peak viewing times are typically from 10pm to Midnight, but on weekends (as people tend to stay up later, go out more and sleep in longer), the viewing time shifts into the morning hours.

Our statisticians found that the lowest viewing time in an average week is Monday at 5am, while the highest traffic point is on Sundays at 11pm.

Categorical Analysis

While search terms can be more easily influenced by current trends and differing international terminologies, Pornhub’s 100+ video categories are the same throughout the world. So whether compared internationally or on a local level, categories can give a solid indication of the types or genres of porn that people are most interested in viewing.

For the last several years ‘Lesbian’ has been the most viewed category through most of the world, but this year ‘Japanese’ moved into first place. The biggest increase happened with the ‘Amateur’ category moving up 8 spots to become the third most viewed category. ‘Hentai’ moved into fourth, displacing both ‘MILF’ and ‘Ebony’.

The ‘Popular With Women’ category moved up 3 positions in 2019, ‘Cartoon’ up 2, ‘Verified Amateur’ moved up 7 and BBW (Big Beautiful Women) moved up 5.

The following map illustrates which categories are most popular in different parts of the world. ‘Lesbian’ dominates much of North, Central and South America, while ‘Hentai’ is more popular in Russia and parts of South America like Chile and Peru.

‘Japanese’ is popular through most of Asia, ‘Indian’ is tops in India and Pakistan, while ‘Arab’ is the most popular category in countries like Libya, Egypt and Sudan.

In 2019, ‘Amateur’ was Pornhub’s top gaining category as views increased by 108% compared to the previous year. ‘Verified Couples’ grew by 93%, ‘Tattooed Women’ by 85% and ‘Popular With Women’ by 65%.

According to Dr. Laurie, “Couples are finding a space in the porn world where they can “expose” their sexuality to the world.  These are likely people who get a thrill from this type of exhibitionism and who are proud to show off their intimate coupling.”

The ‘Mature’ category became the longest watched at 15 minutes 3 seconds on average, a 42 second increase from the previous year. As viewership of the Amateur category grew, the time spent viewing it decreased by nearly a minute, perhaps indicating that viewers were having an easier time finding their ideal video.

The ‘Scissoring’ category was the shortest watched at 7 minutes 23 seconds on average, followed by Cosplay at 7 minutes 50 seconds, even though that represented a 75 second increase in viewing time over 2018.

Pornhub Pride

By analyzing traffic landing specifically on Pornhub Gay pages, our statisticians were able to see what type of gay (male) porn was the most popular in 2019. Searches for ‘Korean’ remained the most popular, followed by ‘Japanese’, ‘black’, ‘daddy’ and ‘straight’. Searches for ‘hentai’ gained 5 positions, moving this genre into the top 10 gay searches for the first time.

Searches that saw significant growth among gay men included ‘transgender’ which grew by 121%, ‘femboy’ by 99%, ‘furry’ by 71% and ‘dominant’ by 58%.

In 2019, ‘Straight Guys’ remained the most popular gay category, while ‘Daddy’ and ‘Bareback’ both moved up 2 spots to replace ‘Black’ as the next most viewed category. ‘Big Dick’ stays as solid as ever, while ‘Twink’ moved up one position to replace ‘Rough Sex’.

In 2019, Zilv Gudel (NSFW) raced to the top of gay pornstar searches, with a significant lead over last year’s favorite William Seed (NSFW). Austin Wolf (NSFW) and Joey Mills (NSFW) also saw increased popularity over the previous year.

In July the Insights team took a closer look at New York City Pride to see how the parade affected traffic to Pornhub, and how the influx of visitors to the city increased the viewing of gay videos.

Gender Demographics

The type of porn watched by men and women tends to differ, with ‘Lesbian’ being the most popular category with women, while men tend to watch ‘Japanese’ videos the most. Both genders can agree on certain categories like ‘Threesome’ which ranks fourth for women but only tenth for men. ‘Mature’ ranks third for men but only eight for women.

Perhaps more interesting is to look at the categories that are proportionately viewed more by women when compared to men. For example, women are 260% more likely to view ‘Pussy Licking’ videos, 222% more into ‘Solo Male’, 183% more into ‘Fingering’ and 130% more into ‘Romantic’ videos.

Lana Rhoades (NSFW) was the pornstar searched most often by women, followed by Jordi El Nino Polla (NSFW), Mia Khalifa (NSFW) and Riley Reid (NSFW). When compared to men, women were proportionately 487% more likely to search for Zilv Gudel (NSFW), 249% more into Owen Grey (NSFW) and 174% more for James Deen (NSFW).

Four of the top 10 pornstars searched more often by women are strictly gay male performers. That’s no surprise to our statisticians as an earlier Insights study found that 37% of gay male porn was actually being watched by women on Pornhub.

2019 saw the proportion of female visitors grow to 32%, an increase of 3 percentage points over 2018. Among Pornhub’s top 20 traffic countries, the Philippines and Brazil continue to have the highest female proportions at 39%, followed by 36% in Mexico and Argentina. Australia, Poland and Sweden all saw traffic from women grow by 5 percent points in 2019.

According to Dr. Laurie, “This statistic clearly demonstrates that porn is not just for men! Women are increasingly viewing porn, which hopefully means they are engaging in some self pleasuring. This is good news, as it indicates that women are taking charge of their sexuality, discovering their bodies and identifying what they like. Less shame, less taboo around female sexuality equals more exploration.”

The following map illustrates the parts of the world in which the proportion of female visitors is higher or lower when compared to the worldwide average of 32%.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, the Insight team released an updated Women of the World post which details how the porn preferences of women compares to women in other parts of the world and even in different parts of the United States. In the following map you can see the variety of women’s tastes from state to state.

Age Demographics

Pornhub’s visitors grew up a bit over the last year in terms of average age, but only by half a year, with the average Pornhub user now being aged 36 years old. The proportion of 18 to 24 years old dropped by 1 percentage point, while 25 to 34 years old grew by the same amount. Together, millennials aged 18 to 34 remain as 61% of Pornhub’s traffic.

The average age of visitors from the United States matured by 1 year from 38 to 39, as did the United Kingdom and Canada. India still has the largest proportion of millennials making up 85% of the country’s traffic, while Spain has the most mature visitors with an average age of 41 and 61% being over the age of 35.

In 2019, ‘Japanese’ replaced ‘Hentai’ as the category most often viewed by visitors aged 18 to 24. Views of the ‘Solo Female’ category grew by 207%, and when compared to other age groups, those aged 18 to 24 were 174% more likely to view Pornhub’s ‘SFW’ content and 109% more into ‘Hentai’.

Views of the ‘Amateur’ category more than doubled among 25 to 34 year old visitors, while both ‘Henati’ and ‘Cartoon’ saw significant gains. When compared to all other age groups, those 25 to 34 years old were 32% more likely to view ‘Virtual Reality’ videos.

From age 35 to 44, views of the ‘Romantic’ category grew 102% in 2019, alongside an 87% increase in ‘Ebony’ videos. When compared to other ages, those 35 to 44 years old were 27% more likely to view ‘BBW’ videos and 17% more into ‘Double Penetration’.

Visitors aged 45 to 54 were 127% more into the ‘Solo Female’ category in 2019 than they were in 2018, while the ‘Big Tits’ category also grew by 49%. When compared to other ages, those 45 to 54 years old were 39% more into ‘Mature’ videos and 28% more into ‘Smoking’.

From 55 to 64, visitors are 83% more likely to view ‘Vintage’ videos, and 65% more into ‘Mature’ when compared to other age groups. For senior visitors over the age of 65, Pornhub’s ‘Closed Captions’ category gained 77% viewership in 2019, and ‘Vintage’ videos were twice as popular when compared to younger aged visitors.

Devices & Technology

In 2019, mobile devices made up 83.7% of all Pornhub’s traffic worldwide. 76.6% of that traffic was from smartphones, which saw their share grow by 7%. The share of tablet traffic dropped by -17% to 7.1% while desktop and laptop computers decreased by -18% to make up only 16.3% of worldwide traffic.

Some countries have much larger shares of mobile traffic including the United States where 88% of visitors are using either a smartphone or a tablet, as well as 96% of visitors from the Philippines, 91% from India and 90% from Mexico.

Some desktop computer hold-outs include Russia where 34% of Pornhub content is still pounded out by keyboard, and 28% of Germans. In both countries the share of desktop had actually decreased in 2019 as smartphone use grew by 16% and 10% respectively. In 2018 we found that Ukraine saw it’s mobile share grow by 40%, which gained a further 14% in 2019 bringing it closer to the worldwide average.

Operating Systems

Even though mobile devices continue to make up the majority of Pornhub’s traffic, we did still find some changes taking place among visitors who were using desktop computers. Windows traffic decreased by 3% while MacOS systems grew by 7% to now make up 16.7% of desktop traffic. Chrome OS only makes up 1.7% of Pornhub’s desktop traffic but it’s share grew by 24% compared to 2018.

When we looked at traffic coming from mobile devices, we were surprised to see that Apple iOS had overtaken Android OS this year, with Apple growing by 19% to make up 52.8% Pornhub’s mobile traffic. A closer look revealed that much of this change had to do with geography. Android based devices are quite popular in India, so when India’s traffic decreased in 2019, it caused the share of Android devices to decrease.

If we break the results down to the particular version of a mobile operating system being used, we find that Apple users tend to be more up-to-date than their Android counterparts. 71% of Apple visitors are using iOS 13 (released September 2019), while only 48% of Android visitors are on the latest Pie (released a year earlier on August 2018). 17% of Android visitors still use an OS that is more than 4 years old.

Web Browsers

Among desktop web browsers, Chrome still made up more than half of Pornhub’s traffic, but actually decreased 2% in 2019 while Safari saw it’s share gain 13%. Internet Explorer’s share dropped by 13% while Microsoft’s more modern Edge browser grew by 9%.

Over to mobile browsers, Chrome and Safari were nearly equal at 44.3% and 41.6% of traffic respectively. Both saw their share increase in 2019 as other mobile browsers like UC and Opera decreased significantly.

Game Consoles

Game consoles aren’t just for playing games, they can also be a handy way to play with yourself! This year Playstation remained the top console for visits to Pornhub at 51.5% of all console traffic, although it’s share dropped by 5.2% as Xbox gained 5.3%.

Search Engine Traffic

Pornhub’s statisticians pay particular attention to the incoming source of Pornhub’s traffic to make finding results more easy. While most visitors go directly to Pornhub before they search for content, a lot of people begin with their web browser’s search engine.

Google makes up 94% of search engine traffic, but saw it’s share decrease 2% in 2019. The other 6% of traffic sees a lot of action from smaller search engines like Yandex which grew 54% in 2019, DuckDuckGo which grew by 63% and newcomer Ecosia which gained a signficant 192% share growth in 2019.

Celebrity Searches

When celebrities are in the news and on everyone’s mind, they tend to drive a lot of Pornhub searches.

In 2019, YouTuber Belle Delphine made headlines when she announced to her millions of followers that she would soon start releasing videos on her very own Pornhub channel. When the videos arrived complete with naughty titles like “Belle Delphine Gets a Huge Dripping Creampie”, fans flocked to Pornhub only to find out they were actually gag videos. Even still, watching Belle consume an actual cream pie was still sexy enough to gain her millions of views and 30.9 million searches. More data can be found in our Belle Delphine Insights.

Kim Kardashian remained the second most popular celebrity search, although her search count dropped to 18.8 million from a high of 26.3 million in 2018. Truly nothing to scoff at, it seems that everyone flocked to Pornhub on October 21st, Kim K’s birthday, to show her some love. Kim’s searches were up 2186% that day.

Cardi B was the most popular music artist in 2019 with 11.8 million searches, followed by Ariana Grande at 9 million and Nicki Minaj at 8.4 million. Miley Cyrus trailed behind with almost 5 million searches in 2019. Coincidentally, the day that Miley allegedly split from Liam Hemsworth, her searches spiked by 102% – do Pornhub users love a single lady?

Former ‘Boy Meets World’ star Maitland Ward saw her searches grow 3346% on October 4th when it was revealed that she was now appearing in adult videos, leading her to 5.9 million searches and our top actress. Gaining a large following on Instagram and Snapchat after posting a series of NSFW images, Maitland decided to take the plunge and go all the way adult!

Both Kylie and Kendall Jenner followed in their big sister Kim’s footsteps and made our 2019 celebrity searches list! Kylie tops the charts at almost 6 million searches, whereas Kendall comes in at 1.6 million. Not surprisingly, Kylie searches spiked on September 17, with the release of the Playboy magazine she was featured in. And Kendall’s searches spiked February 25 when she posed on the red carpet wearing a sequined gown.

Movie & TV Characters

The release of Avengers: Endgame in 2019 caused ‘Avengers’ to top our list of Movie and TV characters with more than 13 million views and was featured in our detailed Avengers Insights post.

Last year’s favorite character Harley Quinn stayed strong with 9 million searches, and once again made our list of the most popular Halloween Costumes. Marvel and DC world characters were equal this year, each making up seven of our top searches each, with DC’s Teen Titans and Marvel’s Captain Marvel being new to the list.

With so many cartoon parodies, Family Guy once again was the most searched for cartoon, increasing it’s searches slightly ahead of 2018 with 6.5 million. The Simpsons as well saw searches increase by 1.5 million this year to 5.48 million.

The massive 3345% increase in ‘Joker’ searches after the launch of the namesake movie was detailed in our Joker Insights post.

Star Wars remained popular for another year, up 7% in 2019 with 6.2 million searches along with Princess Leia who was searched 2.1 million times. When May the 4th (aka Star Wars Day) came around, searches increased by 748%. To see what searches were most popular on that day, be sure to check out our complete May the 4th Insights.

According to Dr. Laurie, “It’s always fun to see our favorite video game or movie characters portrayed in a sexual manner. Maybe it makes the characters seem more complete. It certainly speaks to our desire to step out of reality and into a world of pure fantasy.”

Video Game Characters

In 2019, Overwatch was the most searched for video game, with an 8% increase over the previous year. Fortnite was one of the top searches in 2018, although it’s popularity decreased by -17% in 2019 it still remained the second most searched video game. In October, Fortnite’s gameplay servers shut-down which caused an increase in Fortnite searches on Pornhub.

The biggest news for 2019 was newcomer Apex Legends, which saw a massive number of searches after it was launched in February and remained a popular search throughout the year.

The launch of Borderlands 3 caused a big increase in searches in September and a 554% overall growth compared to 2018. Earlier this year we took a more detailed look at Trending Game Searches to see how new launches and updates to games can change how they are being searched on Pornhub.

The popularity of Nintendo’s Zelda grew 138% in 2019 to 5.6 million searches and our top video game character, followed by Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft. Other often-searched game character’s included D. Va, Mercy, Mei and Ashe from Overwatch ahead of Fortnite’s Calamity and Brite Bomber.

Warcraft searches were up 7% compared to the previous year, but as revealed in our World of Warcraft Insights, the game saw a 210% increase on August 26th as World of Warcraft Classic game launched.

Searches for Resident Evil character Ada Wong were up 288% compared to 2018, and Pokemon character Pikachu increased by 372%. As shown in our Tekken Insights, Nina is the most searched for game character, with searches increasing 1124% in 2019.

Events Causing Traffic Changes

We’ve found that people are pretty regular when it comes to their masturbation schedule, choosing the most convenient days and times to visit Pornhub. Live TV and sporting events can cause a disruption in that schedule which leads to a noticeable drop in Pornhub’s traffic when compared to the same time on an average day. That quite often leads to a traffic increase following the event as people re-adjust to make up for lost Pornhub time.

More and more people are choosing to stream on-demand television so they can choose when to watch, but award shows are still a popular form of live entertainment. In Febraury, the Academy Awards caused Pornhub traffic to drop by -5% as did the Golden Globes in January.

One award show that caused a traffic increase in 2019 was the Second Annual Pornhub Awards which took place in Los Angeles and streamed live on Pornhub. Traffic to the site increased by 7% worldwide during the show. You can watch the Pornhub Awards show, musical acts and highlights reel by going here (NSFW).

During the 64th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest we found that traffic dropped across all of Europe including a -12% drop in Sweden and -10% in Portugal.

The Apple Special Event is streamed live every fall and always causes a big traffic drop on Pornhub, in particular from people watching on their Apple based devices. This year worldwide iOS traffic dropped by -15% as the new iPhone 11 variants were revealed.

While not quite an event, when the government shutdown occurred in January, we found that weekday visits were up 6% across the United States as many government employees were at home with more time on their hands. See our complete Government Shutdown Insights to learn what times of the day were most likely to have traffic fluctuations, and even what porn categories were more likely to be watched during these times.

The shutdown results were similar to those we found in our Polar Vortex Insights when temperatures in the U.S. Midwest dropped to record levels and left many people inside looking for a way to heat things up by visiting Pornhub.

When Facebook & Instagram suffered their biggest service outage ever in March, our statisticians found that traffic to Pornhub increased by as much as 19% during peak hours. Check our complete Facebook & Instagram Outage Insights to learn what search terms increased on Pornhub during the outage.

Live Sporting Event Traffic

No one likes watching recorded sports games and having to avoid the inevitable spoilers. Whether in person, or in front of a screen with friends, the only way to enjoy sports is to watch them as they are happening. It’s for that reason that live sporting events cause some of Pornhub’s biggest temporary traffic fluctuations.

Each year the Super Bowl causes a huge drop in traffic across the United States, this year by -27%. The cities and states cheering on their local home teams usually have an even greater drop. For example, traffic was down -38% across New England’s states and -32% in California. See our full 2019 Super Bowl 53 Insights for complete play-by-play traffic coverage by the hour.

This year’s NBA finals saw the Golden State Warriors face off against the Toronto Raptors. In the end, Canada’s team won the match and become the first ever non-American NBA champions. This caused a -15% drop in traffic from the San Francisco Bay area, but a -30% drop in the city of Toronto. Be sure to check out our complete 2019 NBA Final Insights cover to see how traffic changed hourly during the match.

Canada again faced off against the United States in the U.S. Open Women’s Tennis Singles. Traffic was down -8% across Canada as Bianca Andreescu beat Serena Williams to take home the title.

The FIFA Women’s World Cup took place in France on July 7th with the United States facing off against the Netherlands. Traffic in the United States dropped an average of -5% during the match as they watched their team win, while traffic in the Netherlands dropped by -6%.

To see full coverage, be sure check out our Women’s World Cup Insights where we reveal what search terms also increased on the day of the final. This year’s Champions League Final between Liverpool and Tottenham was also featured in a detailed Insights post.

Holidays Causing Traffic Changes

The following chart shows various worldwide holidays that cause traffic to drop on Pornhub in the celebrating countries. National holidays like Canada Day and Australia Day caused a -16% drop in their respective countries. Walpurgis Night caused a -22% drop in Sweden, Bastille Day -13% in France, Carnival Monday -10% in Brazil and -17% during Holika Dahana in India.

Saint Patrick’s Day caused a -16% drop in Irish traffic but also lead to a massive increase in related searches as detailed in our Saint Patrick’s Day Insights post.

Halloween causes only a -4% overall drop across the United States, but at 7pm when the tricks and treats are at their peak, traffic drops by -22%. You can see more of those results and the year’s top costume searches in our 2019 Halloween Insights.

Next to New Years, Christmas Eve has the second highest holiday traffic drop in the U.S. by -35%, followed by a -16% drop on Christmas Day. With a little bit of loving on everyone’s minds, Valentines day caused an 8% increase in traffic to Pornhub this year. On Black Friday traffic increased by 5% as people were spending more time in front of their screens and needing a reprieve from shopping for their next bargain.

Worldwide traffic dropped an incredible -45% last New Years Eve from 6pm to Midnight (adjusted for all time zones) as people were celebrating the kick-off to 2019. Of all our Top 20 Traffic Countries, Sweden once again takes the cake for having the biggest traffic drop of -66% followed by Russia at -65%.

Top 20 Countries Compared

United States

‘Lesbian’ has been the most viewed category in the United States for several years, but in 2019 it also shot up 15 positions to become the number one search term. Last year’s top search was ‘milf’, which moved down 6 positions, while ‘hentai’ moved up 3 to become the second most searched term. Other big movers were ‘Asian’ up 14, ‘bbc’ up 29 and ‘creampie’ up 24.

When compared to the previous year, our statisticians found that searches for ‘asmr’ grew by 763%, ‘bdsm’ by 527% and ‘big booty’ by 459%. The most searched pornstar in the United States was Lana Rhoades. When compared to other countries worldwide, visitors from the U.S. are 94% more likely to view the ‘Latina’ category, 77% more into ‘Ebony’ and 76% more into ‘Interracial’ porn.

The Insights team recently compared The United States Territories to their mainland counterparts to see how viewership in Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa and the Virgin and N. Mariana Islands differed.


For 2019, ‘Japanese’ remains the number one search in Japan, while ‘uncensored’ moved up 24 spots to become the second most searched. As more of Pornhub’s video titles became translated, visitors were more often searching for videos using Japanese characters. This included ‘amateur’ increasing by 12, ‘selfie’ by 48 and ‘anime’ by 22. Another popular term which is unique to Japanese visitors is ‘nampa’ which is a type of flirting popular among Japanese people in their 20s and 30s.

When compared to 2018, ‘japanese mature’ searches grew by 1607%, ‘big tits’ by 948% and the gay term ‘twink’ by 684%. Japan’s most searched pornstar remains Ai Uehara, followed by Kirara Asuka and Juilia Japanese.

When compared to other countries worldwide, Japanese visitors are 516% more likely to view the ‘Japanese’ category, 256% more into ‘Uncensored Cartoon’ and 91% more into ‘Cosplay’.

United Kingdom

For 2019, ‘lesbian’ and ‘milf’ remain the most searched for terms in the United Kingdom, followed by ‘british’ which gained 26 positions compared to 2018. Other big changes included ‘hentai’ up 14, ‘threesome’ up 15 and ‘Indian’ up 22. When compared to the previous year, searches were up 1168% for ‘British cougar’, 902% for ‘eating pussy’ and 842% for ‘deepthroat’.

Riley Reid and Mia Khalifa remain the most popular pornstars among U.K. visitors for the second year in a row, but Lana Rhoades moved into the 3rd most popular spot replacing last year’s Stormy Daniels. When compared to other countries worldwide, U.K. visitors are 601% more likely to watch the ‘British’ category, 89% more into Pornhub’s ‘SFW’ content and 76% more into ‘Mature’ videos.


In 2019, ‘lesbian’ and ‘hentai’ both moved up to displacing ‘milf’ as Canada’s most searched term. Searches for ‘asian’ gained 26 positions in 2019, ‘massage’ was up by 45 and ‘threesome’ by 7. When compared to 2018, searches for the French term ‘lesbienne’ grew by 1163%, ‘massage’ by 892% and ‘amateur’ by 749%.

Riley Reid remained Canada’s most searched pornstar in 2019, while Lana Rhoades moved into third. When compared to other countries, Canadian visitors are 53% more likely to view ‘Threesome’ videos, 24% more into ‘POV’ (Point of View) and 21% more into ‘Double Penetration’.

To see how elections can cause changes in traffic, be sure to check out our Canadian Election Insights post.


For 2019, ‘Francaise’ remains the most popular search term in France, followed by ‘French’. Searches for ‘hentai’ gained 9 positions since 2019, ‘lesbian’ by 28 and ‘French amateur’ gained 8. Compared to 2018, searches for ‘french gameuse’ (gamer) grew by 1829%, ‘enorme cul’ (huge ass) by 1644% and ‘dessin anime’ (cartoon) by 1543%.

Pornhub verified couple-turned pornstars Leolulu were the most searched pair in France, followed by Nikita Bellucci and last year’s favorite Clara Morgane now in third. When compared to other countries, visitors from France are 998% more likely to view the ‘French’ category, 76% more into ‘Scissoring’ and 53% more into ‘Cuckold’ videos.


For 2019, Germany’s most popular searches remained ‘German’ and ‘Deutsch’. Searches for ‘femdom’ moved up 23 positions to become the third most searched term, along with ‘milf’ gaining 7 and ‘hentai’ gaining 3. Throughout 2019, ‘German femdom’ searches grew by 1878%, ‘Deutsche bahn’ (German train) by 1544% and ‘lesbian strapon’ by 1207%.

German pornstar Lucy Cat remained number one, while Valentina Nappi moved into second position. The most viewed category is ‘German’, which Germans are 846% more likely to view than the rest of the world. Germans are also 117% more likely to watch ‘Pissing’ videos, 107% more into ‘Fetish’ and 86% more into ‘Bondage’.


In 2019, ‘milf’ gained 5 positions to become Italy’s number one search term, followed by ‘Italiano’ up 7 from the previous year. Other top terms included ‘dialoghi Italiano’ (Italian dialog) up 28 to fourth, ‘hentai’ up 16, ‘trans’ by 52 and ‘squirt’ by 28.

Compared to 2018, searches for ‘lesbiche sforbiciata’ (lesbians scissoring) grey by more than 2000%, ‘sborrate enormi’ (huge cumshot) by 1933% and ‘sborrata faccia’ (face cusmshot) by 1645%.

Italian pornstars Rocco Siffredi and Valentina Nappi remained the two most searched in 2019, followed by Brandi Love and Lana Rhoades. ‘Italian’ remains the most viewed category in Italy, but when compared to other countries, Italians are 98% more likely to view ”Feet’ videos, 87% more into ‘Solo Female’ and 80% more into ‘Solo Male’.


For 2019, ‘pinay’ and ‘hentai’ remained the most searched for terms in the Philippines, while ‘japanese’ swapped positions with ‘pinoy’ for third and fourth. Searches with big rank changes included ‘Japanese uncensored’ up 48 and ‘massage’ up 26. Speaking of positions, when compared to the previous year, searches for ‘reverse missionary’ grew by 3758%, ‘locker room’ by 2737% and ‘perfect body’ by 1636%.

The Philippines’ most searched pornstars were Lana Rhoades, Lexi Lore and Leah Gotti. When compared to other countries, visitors from the Philippines were 226% more into ‘Romantic’ videos, 188% more into ‘Korean’ and 167% more into ‘Muscular Men’.


In 2019, ‘lesbian’ remained both the most viewed category and the most searched term among Australia’s visitors while searches for ‘hentai’ gained 2 positions to become the second most searched term. During the same time period, ‘threesome’ gained 3 positions, and ‘Chinese’ gained 74.

Riley Reid became Australia’s most searched pornstar, while last year’s favorite Brandi Love went down to fifth. When compared to other countries, Australian women are 107% more likely to view ‘Asian’ videos, 88% more into ‘Rough Sex’ and 37% more into ‘Gangbang’.


For 2019, ‘hentai’, ‘mexicana’ and ‘lesbian’ remained the top three most searched terms in Mexico. Searches for ‘anal’ grew by 37, ‘big ass’ by 167 and ‘mexicanas caseros’ (homemade) by 39. Compared to the previous year, searches for ‘anime sin censura’ (uncensored anime) grew by 1358%, ‘asmr’ by 1225% and ‘big ass’ by 911%.

Spanish pornstar Jordi El Nino Polla became the most searched in Mexico for 2019, while Mia Khalifa and Lana Rhoades both remained in the top 5. When compared to other countries, Mexican visitors are 91% more likely to view ‘Latina’ videos, 87% more into ‘Striptease’ and 72% more into ‘Trans Male’ videos.


In 2019, searches for ‘Brasil’ moved up 2 spots to become Brazil’s number one search over ‘hentai’ and ‘lesbian’. During the same time period, searches for ‘Brasileira’ gained 12 positions and ‘femdom’ 213 positions. Compared to 2018, searches for ‘JOI Portugues’ (Jerk Off Instructions) grew by 1018%, ‘squriting orgasm’ by 810% and ‘negra gostosa’ (hot black) by 598%.

Lana Rhoades became Brazil’s most searched pornstar, pushing last year’s favorite Alexis Texas down to fourth. ‘Lesbian’ just beats out ‘Brazillian’ as the most viewed category, but Brazilians are 994% more likely to view their homegrown category when compared to the rest of the world. They are also 98% more likely to view ‘Transgender’ videos, 65% more into ‘Cosplay’ and 61% more into ‘Role Play’ videos.


In 2019, there were many changes to Spain’s most popular search terms, with ‘hentai’ gaining 2, ‘milf’ gaining 9 and ‘lesbian’ gaining 3 positions. Bigger increases included ‘espanola’ moving up 59 positions, ‘spanish’ up 12 and ‘porno espanol’ up 34. When compared to 2018, searches for ‘ahegao’ (a form of expression often shown in hentai) grew by 1698%, ‘gloryhole’ by 740% and ‘asmr’ by 575%.

The most popular pornstar was Spanish-born Jordi El Nino Polla, followed by Lana Rhoades and Nicole Aniston. Spanish visitors are 134% more likely to view the ‘Party’ category, 86% more into ‘Smoking’ videos and 84% more into ‘Handjob’.


For 2019, ‘dutch’ remained the most popular search in the Netherlands, while ‘lesbian’ switched spots with ‘milf’ for the second and third most popular searches while ‘hentai’ gained 103 positions, ‘Turkish’ gained 12 and ‘Indian’ gained 66 to both make the top 10. Compared to 2018, ‘Turk’ searches grew 433% in the Netherlands, as well as a 379% increase for ‘Nederlanse’ and 340% for ‘bbw’.

In 2019 Lana Rhoades became the most searched for pornstar, followed by Mia Khalifa and Riley Reid. Visitors from the Netherlands are 80% more likely to view ‘Arab’ videos, 53% more into ‘Indian’ and 51% more into ‘Outdoor’.


In 2019, ‘Polskie porno’ (Polish porn) gained 11 positions to became Poland’s number one search, while ‘Polska’ remained number two. Other big gaining terms included ‘hentai’ up 88 spots, ‘lesbian’ by 18 and ‘anal’ by 12. Compared to 2018, ‘polish amateur sex’ grew by 522%, ‘lesbian sex’ by 474% and ‘milf anal’ by 449%.

Sasha Grey became Poland’s most searched pornstar replacing Elsa Jean. Visitors from Poland are 98% more likely to view videos in the ‘Czech’ category, 77% more into ‘Feet’ and 57% more into ‘Orgy’ videos.


In 2019, ‘India’ and ‘Indian college girls’ remained India’s most popular searches. Several searches made big moves in popularity including ‘Indian hindi audio’ which gained 135 spots, ‘milf’ grew by 180 and ‘massage’ by 143. Compared to 2018, the popularity of ‘anime’ grew by 549%, ‘femdom’ by 445% and ‘homemade’ by 384%.

India’s top pornstar remained Sunny Leone followed by Mia Khalifa and Dani Daniels. When compared to the rest of the world, visitors are 723% more likely to view videos in the ‘Indian’ category, while also being 281% more into ‘Romantic’ videos and 202% more into ‘College’ themed videos.


In 2019, ‘sex’ switched places with ‘anime’ to become the most searched for term in Ukraine while ‘bdsm’ remained third. Searches for ‘milf’ gained 12 positions in popularity, while ‘femdom’ gained 86 and ‘lesbian’ gained 30. Compared to 2018, searches for ‘gangbang’ grew by 778%, ‘public’ grew 571% and ‘JOI’ (Jerk Off Instructions) grew 563%.

Lana Rhoades became Ukraine’s most viewed pornstar followed by Nicole Aniston and Elsa Jean. When compared to the rest of the world, visitors from Ukraine are 686% more likely to view videos in the ‘Russian’ category, 197% more into ‘Fisting’ and 162% more into ‘Bisexual’ videos.


Searches for ‘Thai’ remain the number one search in Thailand, while ‘Japanese’ moved up 4 positions to become the number two search. Thai visitors also tend to search for other Asian content with top terms including ‘Korean’ and ‘Chinese’ which moved up 42 positions in 2019. When compared to the previous year, ‘thai model’ searches grew by 491%, ‘Korean BJ’ by 391% and ‘big cock’ by 381%.

Spanish pornstar Jordi El Nino Polla was the most viewed by Thai visitors, followed by Japanese pornstar Aoi Sora and Rae Lil Black. When compared to the rest of the world, Thailand is 291% more likely to watch ‘Japanese’ videos, 245% more into ‘Korean’ and 138% more into ‘Uncensored Cartoon’ videos.


In 2019, ‘Russian’ swapped positions with ‘hentai’ to become Russia’s most searched for term. Searches for ‘MILF’ gained an impressive 126 spots, as did ‘femdom’ with a 72 position gain. When compared to the previous year, searches for ‘furry’ grew by 645%, ‘ahegao’ (a facial expression often used in hentai) grew by 627% and ‘facesitting’ grew 304%.

Estonian model Solazola was Russia’s most searched for star, followed by Leolulu and Riley Reid. When compared to the rest of the world, Russians are 134% more likely to view the ‘Webcam’ category, 120% more into ‘Cartoon’ and 118% more into ‘Cosplay’ videos.


In 2019, ‘Argentina’ remained the top search among Argentinians, while searches for ‘MILF’ gained an impressive 77 spots, ‘anal’ gained 99 and ‘anime’ was up 144. Compared to the previous year, searches for ‘hentai sin censura’ (uncensored hentai) grew by 922%, ‘Minecraft’ grew by 524% and ‘trans’ by 474%.

Argentina’s most viewed pornstar was Spanish-born Jordi El Nino Polla, followed by Lana Rhoades and Abella Danger. When compared to other countries, Argentina’s visitors are 82% more likely to view the ‘Transgender’ category, 64% more into ‘Mature’ and 62% more into ‘Anal’ videos.


In 2019, Swedish visitors were still most likely to search for ‘Swedish’, followed by ‘MILF’ and ‘lesbian’. Searches for ‘hentai’, ‘massage’ and ‘JOI’ all saw big gains to become part of Sweden’s top 10 searches. Compared to the previous year, ‘amateur’ grew by 757%, ‘mature’ by 566% and ‘creampie’ by 421%.

Lana Rhoades became Sweden’s most viewed pornstar, followed by Riley Reid and Nicole Aniston. When compared to other countries, Swedes were 67% more likely to view ‘Anal’ videos, 65% more into ‘Fisting’ and 54% more into ‘Bondage’.

We hope you found Pornhub’s 7th annual Year in Review eye-opening and insightful. As long as visitors keep coming, performers keep joining, and the world keeps turning, Pornhub will do it’s best to bring you another Year in Review in 2020.

Beyond the Top 20

Below you will find some additional data on countries and regions that didn’t quite make our Top 20 traffic sites.


In 2019, Austria’s rank increased from 35th to 34th most trafficked country to Pornhub while time on site also grew by 11 seconds to 10 minutes and 13 seconds. The most searched term was ‘Deutsch’, up 2 from 2018, followed by ‘German’ which moved up 8 positions. One of the year’s biggest increases was ‘lesbian’ which increased by 935%. When compared to other countries, vistors from Austria are 123% more likely to view the ‘fisting’ cateogry, 96% more into ‘bondage’ and 86% more into ‘fetish’ videos. Austria’s proportion of female visitors increased by 5 percentage points in 2019 to 35%.


Worldwide, Croatia ranks 54th for traffic to Pornhub, with 36% of visitors being female and the average visitor spending 10 minutes and 13 seconds on the site. Croatia’s top search in 2019 was ‘Croatian’, up 2 spots from 2018. It’s clear that homegrown porn is popular, with ‘Croatia’ and ‘Hrvatska’ also making the list. Searches for ‘hentai’ were up 411% compared to the previous year, along with a 321% increase for ‘mature mom’. The most viewed category of video is ‘mature’, which is also 105% more likely to be viewed in Croatia when compared to other countries. Croatians are also 101% more into ‘feet’ videos and 91% more into ‘vintage’ videos.

South Africa

South Africa moved down from Pornhub’s Top 20 countries to number 24 in 2019. The average visitor spent 11 minutes 21 seconds, and 37% of visitors were female. Moving up 2 spots from 2018, ‘black South African’ is now the number one search in South Africa, followed by ‘lesbian’ up 15 spots and ‘ebony’ up 6 spots. Searches for ‘big ass ebony’ increased by 186%, as well as a 149% increase for ‘thick latina’. Visitors from South Africa are 160% more likely to view the ‘ebony’ category, 114% more into ‘hardcore’ and 101% more into ‘Brazilian’ videos.


Cyprus ranks 91st for traffic to Pornhub, with 36% of visitors being female, and the average visit length being 10 minutes and 40 seconds. While ‘Greek’ remained the most popular search for another year, searches for ‘Cypriot’ moved into second place. Interestingly, searches for ‘gold digger’ grew by 246% over the last year. While ‘lesbian’ is the most viewed category in Cyprus, visitors are 105% more likely to view ‘Czech’ and 80% more into ‘Euro’ when compared to the rest of the world.


Luxembourgh ranks 105th for traffic to Pornhub, with 34% of visitors being female and the average visit duration being 9 minutes 54 seconds. ‘Luxembourg’ remained the top search for another year, but ‘MILF’ moved up 8 positions to become the second most popular. Searches for ‘femdom’ (female domination) grew by 423% compared to 2018, and ‘hentai’ was also up 288%. ‘Anal’ is the category of video most often viewed by visitors from Luxembourg, but when compared to the rest of the world, they are 390% more likely to view the ‘German’ category and 237% more into ‘French’.


Norway ranks 38th worldwide for traffic coming to Pornhub, with 35% of visitors being female and the average visit duration being 10 minutes and 2 seconds. The two most popular searches remained ‘Norwegian’ and ‘MILF’ for another year, but ‘lesbian’ move up 2 positions and ‘Norsk’ up 8, growing by 163% over the last year. When compared to other countries, visitors from Norway are 81% more likely to view the ‘bondage’ category, 77% more into ‘fisting’ and 63% more into ‘Czech’ porn.


Serbia ranks 49th worldwide for traffic to Pornhub, with 37% of visitors being female and the average visiting length lasting 10 minutes 8 seconds. ‘Serbian’ remained the number 1 search for another year, followed by ‘Srpski Pornici’ which gained 259 spots in the past year. Compared to 2018, searches for ‘Serbian amateur’ grew by 189%, and ‘blowjob’ by 110%. ‘Mature’ is the most viewed category in Serbia, which is 133% more likely to be viewed when compared to other countries. Serbians are also 136% more likely to view ‘Czech’ videos and 111% more into ‘double penetration’.


Switzerland ranks 33rd for traffic coming to Pornhub, with 33% of visitors being female and the average visit length being 10 minutes 4 seconds. We found a lot of movement in Switzerland’s top search list this year, with ‘milf’ moving up 4 spots, ‘deutsch’ up 6 and ‘french’ up 9. Searches for ‘femdom’ (female domination) grew by 253% over the past year, and ‘Fortnite’ by 117%. While ‘Anal’ is the most viewed category in Switzerland, visitors are 102% more likely to view the ‘bondage’ category, and 84% more into ‘fetish’ when compared to the rest of the world.


Bulgaria ranks 52nd for the most traffic to Pornhub, with 34% of visitors being female and the average visit during being 10 minutes 56 seconds. The top 2 searches remain ‘Bulgarian’ and ‘Bulgaria’ for another year, with ‘femdom’ (female domination) growing by 698% and ‘hentai’ by 190%. ‘Anal’ is the category of video most often viewed, but when compared to the rest of the world, Bulgarians are 117% more likely to view ‘double penetration’, 110% more into ‘fisting’ and 87% more into ‘gangbang’.


Belgium ranks 23rd for traffic coming to Pornhub, with the average visitor spending 10 minutes 1 second and 35% being female. The most searched for term of 2019 was ‘lesbian’, up 6 spots versus the previous year. Searches for ‘hentai’ grew by 112% and moved up 10 spots to become the fourth most searched term, and ‘asmr’ searches grew by 213%. Visitors from Belgium are 303% more likely to view the ‘French’ category, 72% more into ‘orgy’ videos and 64% more into ‘outdoor’.


Belarus ranks 53rd for traffic coming to Pornhub, with the average visitor spending 9 minutes 43 seconds, and 39% of visitors being female. The most searched for term is ‘anime’, followed by ‘bdsm’ which moved up 15 spots in 2019. ‘Hentai’ is the most viewed category in Belarus, but when compared to the rest of the world, visitors are 845% more likely to view ‘Russian’ videos, 157% more into ‘fisting’ and 96% more into ‘toys’.


Greece ranks 32nd for traffic coming to Pornhub, with the average visit lasting 11 minutes 7 seconds, and 27% of the traffic being female. The most searched term by a large margin is ‘Greek’, followed by ‘lesbian’ which moved up 16 positions in 2019. Searches for ‘footjob’ grew by 998%, along with a 924% increase for ‘big boobs’ and 921% for ‘homemade’. Visitors from Greece are 149% more likely to view the ‘feet’ category when compared to the rest of the world, as well as 68% more into ‘double penetration’ and 62% more into ‘anal’ videos.

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