Halloween Hotties

2019 marks the fifth straight year the Insights team has released our annual Halloween data. This year, our friends with Mashable asked us to reveal the hottest costume ideas for men and women based on what vistiors have been searching for over the last few months.

For 2019, “Harley Quinn” jumps to the top of the list, beating out her boyfriend the “Joker”, who’s search popularity was recently detailed in our Joker Insights. Other 2019 movie releases have had an effect on costume related searches including “Princess Jasmine”, “Aladdin”, “Spiderman”, “Captain Marvel” and “Jean Grey” / “Dark Phoenix”.

Perennial costume favorites like “teacher”, “maid”, “nurse”, “cop” and “vampire” remain popular, but now “succubus” (a female demon that seduces men) has joined the top 5 searches.

If you’re looking to dress up to attract the opposite sex (or the same sex as your case may be), our statisticians took a closer look at what costumes men or women prefer to search for. In the case of female visitors, they’re 76% more likely to search for “cowboy” (when compared to men), 68% more into “Michael Myers”, 53% more into “Harry Potter” and 34% more into the “Joker”.

When compared to women, men are proportionately 216% more likely to search for the character “Jean Grey” or “Dark Phoenix”, 139% more into Elvira, 96% more into “Captain Marvel” and 53% more into “Princess Jasmine”.

To see what searches had the biggest increases on Halloween Day, our statisticians turned back the clock. Last October 31st, “Halloween hottie” increased by 7224%, “Halloween pumpkin” by 6957% and “Halloween creampie” by 6316%. Porn searches related to Halloween parties, orgies (NSFW), sex, costumes and fantasies were all up on Halloween.

You can compare these results to our previous Halloween Insights from 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Finally, our statisticians looked at how traffic to Pornhub was affected on October 31st. Adjusted for time-zones, traffic across the United states dipped by as much as -22% at 7pm then grew to +6% above the daily average at 1am as people returned home and began to strip off their costumes.

Happy Halloween everyone! See you next year.

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