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Unsurprisingly, a holiday that successfully combines revealing costumes, candy, partying, and a dash of the occult for good measure, is a sure favorite here at Pornhub. We’ve covered every holiday from Christmas, Valentines Day and Easter,  so and it was high time that our statisticians dig out the Halloween data. To celebrate the spookiest day of the year, we’ve teamed up with our friends over at Mic.com to see which scary search terms tend to increase in popularity leading up to All Hallows’ Eve.

We’ll start with a look at which terms are searched most often during Halloween, which our statisticians are basing off of last year’s data. Searches on Pornhub for ‘halloween’ spiked up by an impressive 2245% around the holiday last year, followed by ‘halloween costume’ and the equally festive ‘trick or treat’ with increases of 1785% and 1477% respectively.


‘Costume’ searches were also up by 891% and interestingly, it seems that Pornhub users prefer the scary to the sweet in this regard. Searches for spookier characters like ‘devil,’ ‘vampire’ and ‘zombie’ were up 864%, 743%, and 460% while more vanilla variants like ‘schoolgirl,’ ‘superhero’ and ‘cheerleader’ only saw rises of 267%, 236% and 162% respectively. We’ve also isolated a few of these on their own graphs to show how drastic these spikes are leading up to and on the day in question.


We’ll start with ‘halloween’. Searches here start to increase gradually on the 21st, then shot up on the 29th, only to start dipping back down again on November 1st. By November 6th, searches for ‘halloween’ were back down to average. We see the same thing happening with ‘trick or treat’.


With the exception of a mini spike again on November 8th, searches for ‘trick or treat’ shot up on October 29th, then peak on the 31st where it was being searched for 47 times the average rate, and then start to dip back down again on November 1. We observed similar patterns with  the search terms ‘costume’…


…and again with ‘scary’…


…and last but not least, ‘zombie’.


Nice to see so many Pornhub users getting into the spooky spirit! What are you dressing up for this Halloween? Let us know in the comment section below.

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