Going Down Under: Australia

For today’s installment of Pornhub Insights, our dedicated team of statisticians is digging through the data in a land down under. Australia is currently the country that ranks 7th in the world for most traffic to Pornhub, and we are well overdue for a look at how Aussies get down with the largest adult site in the world. We’re coming at you today with everything from Australia’s most searched porn terms to how Pornhub traffic was affected during the AFL Grand Final. We took note of several fascinating trends here in the country that has blessed the world with inventions like the UGG boots and the selfie, so let’s get started!


Australians appear to have some pretty decent lasting power. Currently, the average visit to Pornhub lasts 9 minutes and 7 seconds, whereas in Australia, visits tend to last a lengthier 9:24. A little later on in the post we’ll have regional data that goes into more depth exploring how long different Australian cities and regions spend on site, on average, as well as age and gender demographics for these same areas, so keep an eye out. Before we get there though, we observed that overall, 25% of Australia’s visitors to Pornhub are in fact women– a proportion shared with countries like Finland and India, compared to 23% worldwide. Australia also matches up with several other countries with regards to their most and least popular days of the week for visiting Pornhub. In the 2014 Year in Review, we noted that most of the time, people tend to head to the site in greater numbers towards the beginning of the work week, and then taper off as the weekend hits.


Did you know that Australia was once home to what’s currently referred to as megafauna, like 3 meter tall kangaroos and horse-sized ducks? An affinity for the supersized remains in the country some 46,000 years later with the ‘Big Dick’ and ‘Big Tits’ categories proving to be some of the most viewed in the land. ‘Lesbian’ takes first place, but an honorable mention goes out to ‘Outdoor’ in at 10th place, which is a category we rarely see rank as most popular when we do these types of country-specific surveys. Seeing as 91% of Australia is covered in vegetation, it’s no wonder that content featuring bush out in the bush does particularly well here. Let’s move on to search terms.


What’s really notable about Australia’s list of top searched terms on Pornhub is that it is completely devoid of any searches having to do with nationality. In the majority of countries we’ve studied, these types of terms tend to rank quite high, like in Italy where ‘italian’ is the top searched term, or in France where ‘french’ tops the list. ‘Asian’ does come in at 4th place on the list, but it’s clear that for the most part Aussies aren’t terribly interested in watching their own kind get it on. ‘Lesbian’ comes out on top by a long shot, followed by a slew of step-relative type terms like ‘step mom’ in at 2nd, ‘step sister’ at 10th and ‘step mom fucks son’ at 19th.


Aussies aren’t particularly patriotic when it comes to their preferred porn stars either. The vast majority of the leading ladies featuring on the list hail from the United States, though it does appear that reality TV babes do pretty well down under. Kim Kardashian claims first place, followed by Teen Mom Farrah Abraham (NSFW) a little further down the list. Fan favorites like MILF goddess Lisa Ann (NSFW) and stoner babe Madison Ivy (NSFW) also rank quite high, in at 3rd and 5th place respectively.


We’ll continue on with a look at how different parts of the country compare with regards to their average time on site as well as their respective gender, age and device use proportions. As previously noted, the average Australian visit to Pornhub tends to last around 9 minutes and 24 seconds. Up in the Northern Territory, Top Enders spend a leisurely extra 31 seconds on site, on average while over in the Australian Capital, they get the job done a little quicker with visits typically lasting around 9:12.


Out west in Perth on the other hand, visits tend to go on for around 12 seconds longer than in the rest of the country overall, while in Adelaide, they add a generous 9 seconds to their average time on site. On to gender proportions. Did you know that Australia was the second country to give women the vote? Progress here continues in the form of more and more Aussie women beginning to enjoy porn, in that since we last checked on gender proportions by in our Year in Review, female viewership in Australia is up by 7 percentage points from 18% to 25% which is quite significant. There is some interesting variety from region to region, with proportions of female viewers notably higher at 27% in Tasmania and 26% in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.


In terms of age proportions, Australia almost matches up exactly with the general worldwide distributions of viewers by age group. Though the world’s oldest fossil was discovered in Australia, (estimated at 3.4 billion years old!) the country actually has slightly less viewers aged 35+ than the rest of the world, proportionally speaking. Again, the breakdowns vary considerably from one area to another, with the Northern Territory appearing to be the home to the highest proportions of millennial-aged Pornhub viewers. According to the most recent census numbers, the median age there of 31 is the lowest in the country, which likely contributes to the higher number of viewers aged 35 and under in the area.


Let’s move on to a look at which devices Australians prefer to use when perusing Pornhub. As we saw in the 2014 Year in Review, there has been a significant increase in Pornhub viewers taking their porn on the go. Specifically, more and more users are viewing the site on smartphone and tablet type devices than on desktop computers. The same is very much true in Australia, where desktop use is 8 percentage points lower than in the rest of the world, with smartphones accounting for 55% of traffic shares and tablets 15%. This means that overall, 70% of Australia’s Pornhub traffic originates from a mobile device. Take a look at how these numbers vary regionally in the chart below.


Hobart is said to be the administrative and financial heart of Tasmania, and by consequence home to many office based jobs. Interestingly enough, desktop use here is the highest amongst the cities we’ve studied, coming the closest to the worldwide average at 39%. This is quite high compared to the rest of the cities we’ve collected this data for, which hovers more or less around 29%.


It’s no secret that certain holidays like Easter and Christmas tend to cause traffic fluctuations on Pornhub. In Australia, while Easter caused regular traffic rates to drop by 11% and then by 28% on Christmas, it’s New Year’s Eve that caused the most significant drop at 52%. While countries like the Netherlands and Germany see drops as high as 66% on December 31st, Australia’s 52% dip has also been recorded at the same rate in Romania.


Sporting events like the Stanley Cup Playoffs and the World Cup can also take rather drastic tolls on traffic flow to Pornhub. The charts below indicate how traffic rates plunged right before the AFL Grand Final game as well as in the hours leading up to the State of Origins Game 1. Generally, we notice that traffic drops right before a big game and will then start to climb back up at some point during or right after the game has ended. Interestingly here, traffic dips the most right before the game starts and climbs back up as it is being played out.


Pretty fascinating stuff! This concludes Pornhub’s insight into Australia. Please share your thoughts and questions in the comments section below, and be on the lookout for more incredible Insights posts coming your way soon. As promised, we have a few city specific charts below for Melbourne, Hobart, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide indicating the top searched terms, most popular porn stars and average time on site for each. Scroll down to see how your hometown compares!


The first place spot goes to ‘lesbian’ across the board here but there are some interesting switch ups in the subsequent terms. ‘Asian’ takes second place in Melbourne…


But then doesn’t rank at all in Hobart, and Asa Akira also drops off the list of top searched porn stars. ‘Cartoon’ takes second place and ‘public’ makes an appearance in at 6th place.


They go for a little longer in Perth, with their 9:36 average visit duration extending 12 seconds over the 9:24 national average, and also seem to have a thing for the older ladies as made evident by ‘step mom’ taking second place for most searched term, followed by ‘milf’ at 6th.


‘Asian’ climbs back up to second place in Sydney…


Then drops down to the bottom of the list in Brisbane.



‘Step mom’ slides back in to second place over in Adelaide, again followed by ‘milf’ in 5th place. MILF queen Lisa Ann takes 3rd place for most searched for porn star in the city.


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