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Denmark ranks 28th worldwide for traffic to Pornhub, an impressive showing considering their worldwide population rank of 114th. The average visitor spends around 9 and a half minutes each time they visit, just a few seconds less than the worldwide average. Women account for 26% of traffic, matching the world, but less than nearby Norway’s 28% female traffic. The average visitor age is 3 years older than the world at 38 years.

Only about half of Danes visit Pornhub from mobile devices, which is much less than the world average of 72%. In neighboring Sweden, 69% of visitors are using mobile devices. Like most other parts of the world, Sunday is the most popular day for Danes to visit Pornhub, and more people visit between 22.00 and 23.00 hours than any other time of the day.

Much like other Scandinavian countries, Danes search more often for their fellow countrymen than any other terms. “Danish” tops the list of popular searches, followed by “Dansk”. Other popular searches include “lesbian”, “milf” and “anal”.

Like Sweden, “Anal” is the most viewed category in Denmark, followed again by “Lesbian” and “MILF”.

In the Capital Region of Denmark, the “Indian” category is proportionately 23% more popular than elsewhere in the country, as well as “Arab” which is 11% more popular. In Central Denmark, “Amateur” is 11% more popular. Along the Southern border with Germany, views of the “German” category are 29% higher than elsewhere in the country. In North Denmark, sex “Toys” are 22% more popular, and in Zealand, “Fisting” is 26% more popular.

While the average visit time from Denmark is 9 minutes and 28 seconds, folks from Zealand last about 18 seconds longer.

Demark’s proportion of millennial visitors (under 35) is smaller than the world average by 11%, but there are significantly more visitors over the age of 45 compared to other parts of the world.

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