Pornhub’s Top Easter Searches

In our recent Saint Patrick’s Day Insights, Pornhub’s statisticians discovered that searches for Leprechaun porn shot up 8000% on March 17th. So hot on the heels of that revelation, comes our latest holiday search insights for Easter.

On April 5, 2015 searches containing the word “easter” went up 4750% over daily averages. Looks like Pornhub was a popular place to search for Easter treats.


Of course we realize that searches for Easter are pretty limited throughout the year, so what about an Easter related term that’s popular year-round? Even “bunny” managed to hop ahead 830% on Easter Sunday.


Searches for “egg” were also higher than we.. egg-spected. They were up 597% on April 5, 2015. An egg is actually a popular type of vibrator, so that’s a pretty significant amount of egg-stra porn being searched.


Next our statisticians scanned the list of searches to find what Easter related searches were most popular. “Easter” comes out on top, and it’s followed by “Easter Bunny”, “Bunny Costume” and everyone’s favorite sexy cartoon character “Jessica Rabbit”.


At 8775% over average, “Anal Easter bunny” was the top gaining search, and “Easter egg hunt” increased 7439%. Some people say that Easter is over-commercialized, but a lot of people do still find time for religion. Searches for “chruch sex” were up 2130% and “church confession” up 621%.


During holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving, we notice that traffic to Pornhub drops when people are spending time with family and friends. For our final Insights, Pornhub’s statisticians checked to see which of our Top 20 countries had the biggest traffic change on Easter Sunday.

The world average drop on Easter is 9% but Belgium drops the most at 26%, followed by Poland, the Netherlands and France. The United States drops down 7% but a few countries like Russia and Mexico see traffic increase slightly over Easter.


Thanks for joining us on this edition of Insights. We hope it’s been a treat.

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