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Our statisticians last studied German Insights in 2014, so the folks at asked us for an update. Since 2014, Germany’s traffic rank dropped from 4th place to 5th for countries bring the most traffic to Pornhub, although the overall traffic from the country grew. In this edition of Pornhub Insights we not only look at Germans in general, but delve into the various regions to see how porn preferences vary across the country.

In almost all countries that Pornhub Insights has studied, we’ve found that people like to search for their fellow countrymen and women above all else. Germany is no exception, with “German” by far being the most viewed category on Pornhub. The next most popular category is “teen”, which we discovered is popular worldwide in the 2015 Year in Review. The popularity of “hentai” grew significantly in 2015, but in Germany it ranked strongly in 4th place, just behind “anal”.


Categories are interesting because they are normalized worldwide — so in other words, regardless of what language you speak or what international version of Pornhub you are visiting, “teen” is still called “teen”.  Search terms however can be almost anything, and it’s where we find more international flavor when looking at certain countries.

The most popular search here is “german”, which ranks number 128 worldwide but “deutsch” ranks over 1000 positions higher in Germany. “Teen” is slightly more popular than the world by one position. Although “step mom” grew 12 positions in Germany from 2014 to 2015, but it’s ranks 9 positions lower than worldwide.


Relative searches are those terms that are searched more in one country when compared to the rest of the world.  For example, “smoking” is 248% more likely to be searched by a German than the world average. A more specific term like “german dirty talk” is 2844% more likely to be searched in Germany.


Lexy Roxx is the most searched for pornstar in Germany, which is not surprising given her German roots. Because of this she ranks 228 positions higher in Germany than the world. German model and reality TV star Gina Lisa Lonfink ranks 820 positions higher in Germany, but America reality TV star Kim Kardashian is 10 positions lower than worldwide.


Only 17% of Pornhub’s visitors are women, which is much lower than the worldwide average of 24%. It is interesting that Germany’s average age is 38, which is higher than the world average of 35. Age groups over 45 are each 3-4% points larger than the world average. To see how ages compared in other countries you can read our post on Age Demographics.


As we discovered in our What Women Want post, searches can vary greatly by gender, and Germany is no exception. “Gangbang” is more popular with women than men, along with “rough” sex and “bdsm”. Although “mom” and “step mom” are popular with both genders, “sister” and “step sister” appear only in the Top 20 terms for German men.


The most popular searches for each age group can show generational differences and how porn preferences change over time. The top few terms like “german” and “deutsch” may change position but they are consistently popular across all age groups. “Hentai” only appears in the 18 to 24 age group, and “smoking” porn is only popular with 45 to 54 year olds.  Over 45 “german mature” becomes more popular and “granny” makes her first top 10 appearance among those over 65.



The North Rhine-Westphalia region accounts for nearly 1/4 of all Pornhub’s traffic from Germany followed by Bavaria and Braden-Wurttemberg.


In 2015 traffic from Germany average 6 visits to Pornhub per capita.  Hamburg accounts for 5% of Pornhub’s German traffic, but they have the most visits per capita – a total of 14 based on 2015 visits. Berlin and Bremen also break double digits for per capita visits.


In 2015 traffic from Germany brought 38 page views per capita. Bremen comes in first with 98 pages per capita followed by Brandenburg with 91.


The average German spends 8 minutes and 13 seconds each time they visit Pornhub. The Thuringia region comes and goes in 24 seconds less on average, whereas visitors from Berlin take 17 seconds longer.


It’s interesting to see how searches vary country to country, but often more interested to see how they differ by regions within each country. For example, in Baden-Wurttemberg, we find searches for “facesitting” rank quite high, and “tickling” takes the number two spot behind “german”. In Berlin “turkish” is a popular search, and folks in Brandenburg like both “blonde” and “redhead teen”.

In Hamburg “feet”, “granny” and “giantess” are popular and Hesse like’s “footjob”. In Saarland people like to search for “shemale” porn, and Thuringia looks for “fisting”, “gloryhole” and “asian” videos.


Only 31% of Germany’s visits come from smartphones.  That’s far less than the world average of 53%.  This may have something to do with the older age of Germany’s visitors, who often prefer to use desktops and laptops than phones to watch porn on-the-go.


If we break down the traffic from mobile devices, which includes both phones and tablets, we can see that Android edges out Apple with 52% of the market share.  Apple users come and go over a minute faster than Android users, only averaging 7 minutes and 56 seconds on the site compared to 9 minutes and 10 seconds.


Looking at the most viewed categories on each platform, we find that “big dick” and “hentai” are more popular on Android, whereas “MILF” and “anal” are preferred by Apple users.

Among desktop and laptop users, Windows is the preferred operating system 85% of the time, slightly ahead of the world average of 79.6%.  Macintosh OSX is used 2% less in Germany, but Linux is slightly more popular here.


On mobile devices, the most used operating system is Android, but Windows based phones are used 1% more than elsewhere in the world. Like the rest of the world, Google Chrome is the most popular web browser to view Pornhub in Germany.


The long running German TV show Tatort is hugely popular. People tune in every week to see their favorite detectives solve crimes. The only crime we see is the significant drop in porn viewing! During the episode “Schutzlos” in July 2015, traffic to Pornhub dropped 17%, and looking at the hourly graph we can see that the traffic levels are already below daily averages in advance of the show, and recede futher in the hour before the show begins.


During the German Cup, fans were more interested in sports than Pornhub. On April 28, 2015 traffic was down over 15% during game time.


On May 30, 2015 traffic was up significantly in advance of the game. Maybe fans were looking to calm their nerves before their teams played.


During the Campions League Semi Final on May 6, 2015 German traffic dropped slightly during the game but went up nearly 30% afterward.


Other sports have a similar traffic effect.  The November 28 Boxing match between Wladimir Klitschko and Tyson Fury saw traffic up before the match, down 6% during the match and then up again in the hours after it ended.


Interestingly, during the European Championship against Georgia in March the usual traffic increase happened after the game, but playing Scotland on September 7, traffic continued to decrease sharply after the game ended.

pornhub-insights-germany-traffic-eur-champ-mar-29pornhub-insights-germany-eur-champ-sept-7We followed-up our Germany Insights with some specific data on 5 cities in the North Rhine-Westphalia region. The most viewed categories across all 5 cities are similar, although the rank often changes. More interesting are the relative top categories, which are the ones viewed more often in those city when compared to other cities.


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