Netherland’s Top Searches

Pornhub Insights recently revealed the Most Popular Search Terms in the United States and Canada. When we were asked to reveal the same data for the Netherlands we were happy to do so. The Netherlands ranks 14th for traffic volume to Pornhub so they’re a pretty large part of our 60 million daily visitors.

Across all of the Netherlands, the most popular search term is “Dutch”, which is a search trend that we see in many countries like Germany and France. It seems that people like to see porn in their own language and involving their fellow citizens.

In order to see more variety within the Netherlands we looked at the top relative search terms, meaning those that are more likely to be searched in one region compared to the others. “Dutch” still comes out on top in many areas, but there are a few stand-out regional searches.

In North Holland, “Arab” is searched more often compared to others, and in Utrecht the more popular term is “black”. Residents of Limburg are more likely to search for “fart” than another other part of the Netherlands. We checked to see if “fart” has another meaning in Dutch, but nope – a fart is a fart. So we’ll leave it at that.


Thank’s for joining us for this edition of Insights. It’s been a gas (thanks to the good people of Limburg).

  • You will only get attention with these results if you alter them so they are share-worthy. No moral compass in the way to make some fartjokes in disfavour of Limburg.

    • Jeff

      Ik mis je zacht G gast! Hahaha fartsniffer.

      • Ik ben nog nooit in Limburg geweest, ik ben inderdaad wel een fartsniffer maar ik wordt er helaas niet geil van.

      • Joshy

        c s

      • Joshy

        Flauwe reactie van Jeff, wat heeft een G hier mee te maken (soft G-spot wel !)

        • Jeff

          Ehhh limburg. Zachte G. Nee? Snapjijnie?

  • Suna Aoimori

    Ik ben gek op scheet snuiven.


    I’m Glad I Read It !

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