Saint Patrick’s Day Searches

In honor of everyone’s favorite day to get lucky, Pornhub Insights has taken a look at how St. Patrick’s Day affects porn searches. Our statisticians found that searches containing “Irish” went up an astounding 650% on March 17, 2015 compared to daily averages. We also found that searches containing either “luck” or “lucky” were up over 200% that day.

The following chart shows how searches for “Irish” start to rise in the week leading up to St. Patrick’s, with a 300% increase on the weekend of March 14, 2015 when many of the parades take place. The rise continues and peaks on March 17 before returning to normal levels by the next day.


Typing with one hand can be difficult at the best of times, and even more-so after a few (too many) drinks. So we looked to see if there were increased misspellings of our top 5 search terms in the days surrounding St. Patrick’s, and indeed there were!

Misspellings are actually pretty common, but our auto-correct usually figures out what you want to see and displays the right type of videos. You may not even know you’ve made a mistake. But our analytic system knows, and it turns out that “lesbian” is misspelled 19% more than usual, in particular “lebsian” which went up 46%. Check out the full list of misspellings below.


We also checked to see what search terms increase significantly in the days surrounding Saint Patrick’s Day. Believe it or not, some people do search “Leprechaun” throughout the year, but it goes up 8142%, and “st patricks day” goes up 6177%. More specific searches that contain Irish go up significantly such as “Irish creampie” at 5129%, “Irish anal” at 1714% and “Irish redhead” at 763%.


Thanks for joining us on this edition of Pornhub Insights, and best of luck to ye!

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