Gay Searches in the United States

As part of a special collaboration with Daily Dot, Pornhub Insights is looking into the popularity of gay porn for the first time, beginning with Americans who account for nearly 40% of Pornhub’s 60 million daily visitors. The proportion of visitors viewing Pornhub’s gay male content in the United States has grown 45% from 2012 to 2016. As of May 2016, over 3% of all U.S. Pornhub visitors go directly to our gay male section of the site.

These numbers exclude the large number of lesbian videos viewed on Pornhub, as those are most often associated with straight visitors. Specifically, this study will look at people viewing Pornhub’s gay male content, where in the U.S. they visit from, and what searches and categories are the most popular.


Across the United States, the proportion of gay viewers in each state varies greatly. As the following heat-map illustrates, many Southern states have a larger percentage of gay viewers compared to Northern states. To compensate for population density, our statisticians have instead looked at the proportion of gay viewers within each state.

The District of Columbia has the largest proportion of visitors viewing Pornhub’s gay section at 3.37%. New York follows closely behind at 3.3%, Florida at 3.27%, Mississippi at 3.26% and Louisiana at 3.22%.  The state with the lowest proportion of visitors to our gay section is North Dakota at 2.26%. Other states with a low proportion include Montana at 2.31%, South Dakota at 2.32% and Idaho at 2.38%.


Pornhub has more than 20 categories of gay videos, appealing to all different tastes. Across the entire United States, only two categories rank as the top viewed in each state. Gay videos featuring ‘Straight Guys’ are very popular in the West and Midwest states, whereas the ‘Black’ gay category is more popular in the South and parts of the North-East.


To really see how gay porn tastes vary from state to state, the following map shows the top relative category views. These are the gay categories that are viewed more often in each state when compared to all other states. Again, we find that many Southern states are more likely to prefer videos from the ‘black’ category, along with some North-Eastern states like New York and Michigan.

Videos from the ‘bareback’ category are viewed more often in states like Washington, Nevada and New Mexico. California, Arizona and Texas are more likely to view gay ‘Latino’ videos compared to the rest of the U.S., and ‘Fetish’ gay videos are preferred in Oregon, South Dakota and Colorado.


Some stand-out states include Pennsylvania where they like gay ‘Blowjob’ videos, in Massachusetts ‘Daddy’ rules, and Vermont likes guys with a bit of ‘Muscle’. Nebraska and Iowa agree on the gay ‘College’ category, whereas Montana and Alaska enjoy more gay ‘Creampie’ videos, and Wyoming likes ‘Bear’ type gay men.

The following chart ranks the top 20 gay categories across the entire United States. By far ‘Black’ is the most popular category, followed by ‘Straight guys’, ‘Bareback’ and ‘Big Dick’ videos. Bringing up the rear are ‘Japanese’, ‘Massage’, ‘Fetish’ and ‘Solo Male’.


In our recent collaboration with Cosmopolitan entitled Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys, we discovered that many women also enjoy watching gay male videos, and their favorite categories were similar, starting with ‘Black’, ‘Straight Guys’, ‘Daddy’, ‘Bareback’ and ‘Big Dick’.

The most searched for gay pornstar in the United States is Johnny Rapid. Also popular are Rocco Steele, Jake Bass, Antonia Biaggi and Zeb Atlas.


Categories tend to be quite broad, but search terms can often give more insight into what exactly our visitors are looking to see. Much like the most popular categories, the top terms include variations of Straight and Black guys including ‘straight first time’, ‘big black dick’, ‘straight friend’ and ‘black daddy’. Gay videos featuring ‘college roomates’ are popular, along with athletically inclined searches like ‘coach’ and ‘locke room’. We also find a significant number of searches for videos featuring ‘married’ gay couples.


To see how popular searches vary state by state, we again looked at the relative results. The following table shows what search term is more likely to be used in each state when compared to all other states. Some unique results include ‘doctor’ in Connecticut, ‘chub’ in Indiana, ‘gloryhole’ in Iowa, ‘circle jerk’ in Wisconsin and ‘bdsm’ in Minnesota. Alaska likes home-grown gay men with ‘alaska’ being the top relative search.

States bordering Mexico such as Texas, Arizona and New Mexico are more likely to search for ‘cholo’ videos featuring Mexican-American men, whereas Montana and Oklahoma prefer gay ‘cowboy’ videos more than the rest of the United States. What about Kentucky and West Virgnina? They’re more into gay ‘redneck’ videos.


We hope you enjoyed this first edition of Pornhub’s Gay Insights. Would you like to see more statistics on Pornhub’s gay visitors? Let us know in the comments!

  • Chris and Alex

    Well let me say this many of your gay viewers of Porn Hub feel we are not appreciated by Porn Hub. That being said they treat of very very well compared to other sites. Most act like we don’t exit. So it is always my first choice and the boys are so hot and friendly … Big Jock HUG and a lot of friendly studs too.

  • kevin

    This is a fascinating analysis. It is somehow pleasing to see the research on this.

  • Frank Benoit

    There’s a contradiction here. Pornhub says the percentage of gay viewers is UP over the last several years. Yet,compare their 2014 map
    Of states and the percentage of gay viewers then was 2-4 per cent higher in each state than now???? What’s that about?

    • mike_pornhub

      Hi Frank. There’s a few reasons for that. Since the last study, Pornhub’s mobile traffic is now integrated with desktop traffic (they used to be separate sites). And we also now have and multiple gay video categories. When the previous study was completed, gay was considered a single category of videos (so we compared views of that category to all of the straight video categories). In this study where were able to look at visitors landing at, where they were located, and what they looked at. Put simply, we’re comparing apples to apples this time, rather than apples to oranges. Hope that helps.

  • Frank Benoit

    Hi Mike,
    Thanks, but I’m still a bit confused. Are you counting only numbers that sign in to the”gay pornhub ” site specifically rather than those that may sign in to the general Pornhub site & then access gay videos?
    Do you have any breakdowns of gay percentages by sub-state areas…metros, counties, cities???
    Would be interested if you have any.
    Many thanks,

    • mike_pornhub

      Hi Frank. The data is not based on member sign-ins, but rather on general anonymous traffic captured through Google Analytics. The traffic is counted from people who visit directly, and also people who go to and then access gay content, which now redirects them to In previous studies before 2015 we had to compare the (one) gay category to all other category views. Now we are able to see all traffic from visitors accessing gay content on Pornhub and compare within that group. In the future we plan further gay porn studies that will compare gay to straight visitors (like which group spends more time on the site and whether gay or straight people are more likely to search for anal videos, etc). We also plan to compare gay visitors from other countries worldwide, so stay tuned to Insights for those stories coming over the next few months.

      • Diomedes

        Mike, can you say who’s driving the growth in gay porn views over the years? Is it men, women, or both?

    • Sonika Gupta


  • honestguy111

    Black is top searched in country lol that’s awesome i feel gays then to hate on black guys perhaps this is a love hate thing they got going on wrapped up in some jealousy and intimidation.

    • Alphadrianism

      Why would gays hate black people? In any case, a much more likely explanation is that black men do more gay porn search, comparatively, just like “religious” southern states do the same.

      • honestguy111

        That’s bullshit, that’s a hatin ass excuse you’re probably jealous no ones searching for your race. LIke I said this country searches more for black men. How do you not know its not also latinos and whites why would you assume that only black men like black men.
        You’re a dumb bitch
        Get a brain

        • Alphadrianism

          I wouldn’t mind being called a “dumb bitch” by a nameless nobody, but I have to say, it is somewhat ironic that it comes from a dimwit that has yet to master grammar, spelling and proper syntax.

          That being said. Nowhere did I say that only black men find black men attractive. I for one do not have racial preferences, a good looking guy of any colour is good looking.

  • Diomedes

    Why are the percentages of gay users in this article so lower than those of your 2014 article on the same subject?

  • Alphadrianism

    These are some interesting findings, love how geography, local culture and level of assimilation (less assimilated more religious subcultures tend to view more porn) all impact our so called “personal” preferences. Which are everything but personal. Very much in line with the relevant psychology literature. The increase in gay porn viewers is very difficult to explain, given the anonymity of such pastime. The large difference between gay and straight numbers can be explained by access to easy sex when it comes to gay men, where the difference between gay and straight men is astronomical. This line of though is supported by other findings that show the less sexually liberal a society is the more likely it is to watch porn.

    The preference for “Black” porn in a country whose black population is in absolute minority can be explained by both the condition in which gay black men live in in their communities, and by the fetishisation of the “thug” stereotype.

    The preference for the so called “straight guy” fantasy, is very telling of how maladaptive gay male sexuality can be when you are conditioned to associate “masculinity” with the heterosexual male gender/sex role. This is somewhat related to the entire “strict tops and bottoms” mass delusion. Which again is but the emulation of heterosexual gender/sex roles.

    The most striking sign of an evolving gay taste has to be the fact that unlike a few decades ago today versatile performers are preferred over and above “strict top and bottom” performers. Which is also expressed in the process that saw the transformation of many major gay porn studios from catering to these roles, to preferring versatile performers and introducing flip flop scenes with an increasing frequency, especially in the last 10 years or so.

    So there is still hope that one day, gay men will abandon at least in great part this fixation of theirs on “straight guys” and on these limiting restrictive roles.

  • skittles

    Very intresting

  • Paul – Canada

    Please can you do the stats for Canada also? I want to see if the word “Mountie” is within the top searches…

    SVP pouvez-vous faire les stats pour le Canada aussi? Je voudrais voir si le mot “Mountie” est dans l’haut des recherches…

  • Donald Trump

    More statistics !

  • Fox

    I was reading this in college on the computer. I suddenly lost all control as a word document opened and the words ‘I thought though, welcome to the club!’ were typed. Looked over at the staff computer and a my lecturer was smiling at me, I guess that’s one way to come out!

  • Diomedes

    Notice how low teen/twink ranks among gay men, whereas for straight men it’s in the top 3 no matter the place.

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