Government Shuts Down, Pornhub Views Go Up!

Spending time with family, catching up on house-hold chores; these are the things you would think Americans would do with a little extra time on their hands… Truth be told, judging by the traffic spikes that Pornhub’s been receiving in some States, public employees seem to be catching up on their porn viewing!

This map shows you by state, how their viewing habits have changed since the shut-down – it’s as if Bill Clinton was back in office!

Country wide there has been an increase of 4.5%, while the states with the highest spikes have been Nevada (up 42%), Oklahama (up 21%), and Florida (up 14%). Only Missouri (nicknamed the “show me state”) is down 4.5%… Maybe they’re providing all the new content instead of viewing it!

Feel free to play with the “Traffic % Difference Slider” on the top right of the Map to see where each state ranks.

This of course is great news as it seems that while on the job, employees aren’t sitting around playing on Pornhub. Is this an anomaly, a coincidence, or are public employees just really into naked people? The only way to be sure is to check back with us once the shutdown has ended!

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