Introducing the future of Pornography viewing: PornIQ

Imagine a world where your favorite adult websites knew exactly what you liked and wanted sexually… you know, like a spouse/partner but much better!  With this in mind, the Pornhub network is proud to present our newest innovation; PornIQ.

Developed to take the work out of porn viewing, PornIQ focuses on your needs and desires. Porn content is divided into themes, and sub-themes to create specific unique playlists for users based on the criteria entered. All you have to do is click through a few simple questions to dynamically create a playlist directly suited to your interests.

The idea behind PornIQ, is to generate curated playlists based on moods and genre. The same way traditional music streaming programs and applications strive to address the “too much music” problem; PornIQ aims to conquer the issue of “too much porn” by quickly crafting playlists for whatever mood you’re in. Each video included in your list will strictly adhere to what you’re looking for, as opposed to “similar videos”.

We at Pornhub know you’re busy and we’re constantly trying to come up with better ways of relaying you porn with the least amount of thought and work possible. We strive to make sure all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy!
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PornIQ Revolutionizes Porn Surfing with Streaming Curated Site


The Pornhub Network Launches “5BY” of Adult Entertainment, Delivering “Smart” Porn to Smart Consumers


New York, NY (Sept. XX, 2013) – The Pornhub network of sites is thrilled to announce the latest addition to its online family,, set to revolutionize the act of pornography surfing through an all new curated streaming structure. divides porn content into various themes and sub-themes, and then creates on-demand playlists based on users’ criteria.


The categories are created using popular search terms from an  extensive network of adult hosting websites, including Pornhub, YouPorn, Tube8, XTube, PornMD, SpankWire, KeezMovies, ExtremeTube and Peeperz.  Users have the choice of every possible persuasion they can think of – from the ever popular ‘oral fixation’ to the delicately styled ‘female friendly.’ Essentially anything the viewer could think of that ranges between softcore eroticism and hardcore smut, is contained within the simplistic click-to-find playlist structure of


Powered by the search prowess of Pornhub’s PornMD engine, PornIQ shows a dynamic intelligence involved in providing the user with the most up-to-date and accurate playlists based on mood, preference, and desire. Finally, viewers get a chance to select the allotted run time of each video in the playlist before finalizing their choices for their own viewing pleasure.


“PornIQ was developed with the discerning porn aficionado in mind,” said Corey Price, Vice President, Pornhub. “We offer a simple and clean way to navigate to your favorite carnal cravings without any distraction. Realizing that each viewer is unique in their own desires, we think that streamlining the process to find the best premium sexual content you can find with a few clicks of the mouse is an ingenious way to deliver the content the way the user wants it. We’re calling it ‘smart’ porn for the smart consumer.”


The idea behind, is to create curated playlists based on moods and genre. The same way traditional music streaming programs and applications strive to address the “too much music” problem; PornIQ aims to conquer the issue of “too much porn” by quickly crafting easily digestible video itineraries based on moods, genre, and out-of-the-box niches.


About Pornhub:

Pornhub is a free ad-supported pornographic video sharing website which allows users to watch professional and amateur porn. It allows users to watch thousands of videos and uses the concept of Porn 2.0 as the website also offers a webcam service and users can upload their own videos. It is ranked the 62nd most popular website on the Internet. Pornhub received the AVN Award for Best Free Adult Site in 2012 and is a multiple winner of YNOT’s Best Tube Site award.


About The Pornhub Network

The Pornhub Network is the largest network of adult sites in the world, comprising of 12 websites. The Network boasts over 70 million visitors every day, and includes some of the Internet’s top 100 most visited sites. Home to amateur and professional content, each site is optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile devices. The Pornhub Network is proud to represent all tastes and genres in adult entertainment, and is a firm supporter of the LGBT community.


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