Pornhub’s Traffic in Baltimore and Denver During The First 2013 NFL Game

To many men, sports and sex go hand-in-hand. Well, we here at Pornhub can back that up with some stats! NFL viewership is at an all-time high, so dips to our website during games can be inevitable, as well as give some good insight into how the mind works. Below, you’ll find some stats that may, or may not surprise you!

Around 2 hours before game-time, in the Denver area, there was a traffic spike on Pornhub of 6%, whereas in Baltimore the spike was roughly 2%. Knowing now that Denver won, could porn spikes predict winners?!

By the time the game started around 9:00 PM, the traffic drop was higher in the Baltimore area at -27% compared to -22% in Denver.

All in all, what we can deduce from the chart above is that during the game; Baltimore and Denver simply put; were a lot busier with football than they were with Pornhub. That said, it’s apparent that losing a football game is good for our business.. While people in Denver may have gone out to celebrate, Baltimoreans drowned their sorrows watching their favorite adult films. Bottom line though, by 1AM, the spikes came back with Baltimore at 19% and Denver at 14% – maybe there was traffic!

  • CuriousOne

    What did you use as baselines to make your comparisons? (good stuff by the way)

    • Pornhub Katie

      Hi, we compared the traffic coming from Denver and Baltimore to PH during the game time to the same traffic on previous regular Thursdays (regular as in no big events happening)

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