What are Americans Searching for on Pornhub?

It’s Friday night, your date stood you up, and the mood to watch some naughty videos creeps up on you.. You head over to your favorite page – pornhub.com, and think to yourself; “What am I in the mood for, what do I type in”? If you ever wondered what the rest of the country was into, we’ve got the answer! It may, or may not turn out that your search terms are popular ones…. Or, if you read on, you may discover you’re into some really kinky stuff! Take a look at our interactive map which shows you each state’s top searched term. Also, if you hover your mouse over a state, you’ll be given the top 3 search terms as well as the duration…. On the site (get your mind out of the gutter).

Mississippi’s finally got something to be proud of after being out of the lime-light since the filming of “The Waterboy”; their average duration on Pornhub is over a minute longer than the national average of 10 minutes and 51 seconds. Apparently there’s more to do in Rhode Island than we all thought, as they come in last spending almost a minute less than the average American.

As you can see, there’s not a big difference in the average visit durations across the US, and the top search terms are also very similar. Great minds think alike..?

Creampie is the most popular term topping the charts in 13 States. Teen and College are also very popular, together amassing first place in 14 states. Apparently Nevada loves pornstar Anita Queen – she turned up as the number 1 searched term for that state. Feel free to familiarize yourself with her work (NSFW)… What an artist!

So, are your searches “normal”, have they given you some new ideas of what to look for? If a former wrestler can get elected as Governor, maybe Anita Queen should consider running in Nevada!

God Bless America!

  • bicyclebill

    I’ll bet this article drives Anita Queen searches sky-high in the other 49 states.


    • steve

      Just did from NC

  • Jo

    Fascinating. I’d love to see this country by country!

  • Sergiu

    Make a global version! I’m pretty sure Germans are the most kinky ones! Followed by british people!

    • Omar Ravenhurst

      I believe Japan is conspicuously absent from your list.

    • It’d be really interesting to see Vatican’s stats.

    • Cauffiel

      Nope. Pakistan.

  • wdf

    southern states like ebony? weird but kinda makes sense too

    • MarsPlanet

      I guess it’s human nature to want what you can’t or aren’t supposed to have

      • Southron

        Are you joking? There happen to be very large populations of African Americans in Southern states like GA, AL, LA, MS. Could they be driving the search for ‘ebony’? Maybe. I like how you play up the ridiculous stereotype of Southern racism and attribute it to whites though. Southern Whites the last group in the US that it is safe to disparage and make wildly implausible assumptions about.

        • Lielin

          Oh forgive him, the white southerners are not watching ebony, they are watching teen….

          • Arion

            Actually, wdf is right. Whether people want to admit it or not, racism is alive and well in the south. Though it can mostly be attributed to southern, white, redneck, fundamentalists. (Geez, I just insulted four of my neighbors in one sentence, how awesome is that!?)

    • Hurm

      Black people like black people, Asian people like Asian people. What a great surprise.

  • MarsPlanet

    there’s a ton of asian fetish dweebs on the west coast no doubt. You know the guy I’m talking about, the nerdy, partly balding, too skinny or too chubby dude who strong American girls would never give the time of day, so they prey on asian girls who they assume are meek and obedient.

    • Idubb

      or the fact that more asians live on the west coast than anywhere else in the United States so just like the large African American population being the reason for ebony to be the most searched term in southern states, Asians are the ones watching Asian porn in the western states. Think a little bit before you are so quick to judge others

      • Arion

        Or think about why others are being judged. Idubb, I can tell you from experience, while the stereotype doesn’t apply to everyone, it does apply to a large swath of the population. Trust me, african-americans are not the reason ebony is the most popular search term in the south.

  • Tomfom

    Hah, Texas rocks. All those tycoons drooling over young girls to replace their aging trophy wives. Sign me up! 🙂

  • Tommy Bread

    Why is “hentai” the most searched term in just West Virginia?
    “Cleetus, y’all turn off that Urotsukidoji and go help yer pa chop some firewood!”
    “But ma! It’s the tentacle part!”

    • Tommy Bread

      Oops, meant Kentucky. Still, it applies.

  • Steven

    Creampie…Do I even wanna know?

    • ra44mr2

      I would assume you find out on your own now. just in case it’s when the man comes inside the woman anally or vaginally.

    • that one guy

      Basically, when a guy cums inside a girl…… or another guy if you are fruity in the booty

    • talkingtostrangers

      It’s a desert. 😉

  • Finn

    Where is Colorado?

    • Ray Cote

      Below Wyoming.

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  • Ken

    Bible Belt states watch the longest

  • Brutalex

    LOL does Utah watch literally 0 porn?

  • timmisiewicz

    I would bet that Hawaii is number 2 in longest duration because of the high number of methamphetamine users in the state. Anyone who uses or has used the drug will know what I am talking about. Meth and porn go together like peas and carrots. As a matter of fact, a few more of the states that have high numbers of meth users are toward the top of the list in duration. Makes sense.

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