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As part of a special collaboration with Cosmopolitan Italy, Pornhub presents the definitive guide to the porn preferences of Italian Millennials. Using our data analytics tool, Pornhub’s statisticians compiled anonymous data from millions of Italian visitors to determine not only the tastes of 18-34 year olds, but also how men and women differ and how they compare to the rest of Europe and the world.

Let’s start by taking a look at the search preferences of Italy’s Millennials in general.  Searches for “italian” come out on top, which is a trend we have found in many European countries like Greece and France.


Focusing on Italian women, “italian” still remains the top search term, but “squirt” and “lesbian” take the next two spots.


Men in Italy prefer matronly porn, as we can see that “milf” and “mom” appear near the top of their favorite search list. Searches for “footjob” and “feet” are quite high on the list but don’t appear on the top list for women at all.


If we compare the two sexes, the term searched 9602% more by Italian women than men is “cunnilingus”. Women are also 3375% more likely to search for “passionate sex”and 832% more likely to search for “romantic sex”. Take note men!


What about Italy’s men? They’re 14267% more likely to search for “smoking” porn than women. If you’re more curious about that, you can see our complete Up in Smoke post. They’re also 1708% more interested in “tickling”. Take note in that too ladies!


Categories differ from searches in that there’s about 100 fixed categories that people can browse, regardless of what country they are visiting from.  Italians are popular enough that they merit their own category, which is quite popular worldwide, so it’s no surprise that it tops the list in Italy for both women and men.

As for what categories are viewed more often by women as compared to men, it’s “female friendly” followed by “gangbang”.


For Italian men, “big tits” comes in as the second most viewed category after “Italian”, followed very closely by “MILF” and “Mature”.  The “celebrity” category is 878% more often viewed by Italian men when compared to women, and “ebony” is viewed 439% more often.


The Pornhub statisticians also compared category views within Northern and Central Italy to see how they compared to the rest of the country. In Northern Italy, “outdoor” videos are browsed 54% more often, and “celebrity” is 47% more popular.


Millennials in Central Italy view the “hardcore” category 667% more, “massage” 422% more, and “bondage” 349% more than the rest of the country.


Switching back from categories to searches, we compared male and female millennials to the rest of Europe.  It’s no surprise to find that Italian women aged 18-34 search for “italian” 845% more often, but “anal amateur” is 243% more searched, and “brojob” is 186% more popular.


As for male Italian millennials, they like “mamma” 1319% more than the rest of Europe, and have a very strong “foot fetish” seeing as it is 1307% more popular. In our Boobs Butts and Beyond post we found that feet searches were more popular in certain areas of the world.


Because some tastes are more common across all of Europe, we also compared Italy’s male and female millennials to the world in general.  Although the list is similar when comparing Italian women to other Europeans, the gap widens with “italian” being 2006% more popular and “anal amateur” is 1111% more popular.


Comparing Italian men aged 18-34 to the rest of the world, “mamma” is again the biggest difference, being 3779% more often searched. They are also 868% more likely to search for “trans” porn compared to the men elsewhere in the world.


Not only do search preferences differ between Italy’s men and women, but the average time spent when visiting Pornhub is 8 seconds longer for women. They spend 8 minutes and 59 seconds on average compared to 8 minutes and 51 seconds for men.  The longest time spent for both sexes is in the North of Italy where times both exceed 9 minutes.


The following chart shows how traffic from Italy varies throughout the day. The most popular time for women is between 2pm to 3pm, but for men it’s between 11pm and 12am.


The biggest hourly difference when comparing women to men is around 4am when they are over 30% less likely to be visiting Pornhub, but at 3pm they’re visiting over 15% more than men.

It’s also interesting to see how Italy’s millennials prefer to visit Pornhub.  54.5% of the time millennials are using their smartphones, and only 37% on desktop or laptop computers.  Comparing the genders, women are less likely to use a desktop or laptop, but more often on a smartphone or tablet computer.


We hope you enjoyed our trip to Italy along with Cosmopolitan. Please join us next time for more great insights.

  • As a web analyst I love the effort you put on those articles.

    Do you use a particular software to produce the graphs?

    How do you deal with the incognito sessions? XD

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