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There’s nothing like an election year to illustrate how UN-united the United States of America can be. Political affiliations and porn appreciations both differ from state-to-state and coast-to-coast. Thus brings us to today’s Pornhub Insights topic – along with our friends at Vocativ, we present the top ranking search terms and categories across the United States.

“Lesbian” searches carpet much of the West, Midwest and East Coast, making it the top ranking term in more states than any other. Stepping up North, we find that “step sister” is the preferred search in states like Wyoming, Montana, Minnesota, Ohio and Maine, while “step mom” scores big in Alaska, Washington, Kentucky and New Hampshire.


More animated porn preferences can be found in Nebraska, Arkansas, Tennessee and Vermont where “cartoon” is the top ranking search. According to the 2010 Census, the states with the highest proportion of African American residents are Mississippi, Louisiana and Georgia, so it’s no surprise to find that “ebony” and “black” are top search terms in those states along with Delaware.

A few stand-out states include Rhode Island where “MILF” searches rule, and Hawaii where they prefer searching for “asian” videos above all else.

Top Categories

While search terms can be quite subjective, many people prefer to browse videos in the nearly 100 category pages available on Pornhub. Here again, “Lesbian” is the top ranking category across much of the United States, very nearly mirroring our search term map. Interestingly though, “teen” is the top ranking category viewed in 19 different Western, Mid-West and North-East states, but it’s not a top searched term in any state. Across most of the South, plus New York state, the most viewed category is “ebony”.


We hope you enjoyed our colorful coast-to-coast trip across the United States. E pluribus unum, indeed.

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