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There’s nothing like an election year to illustrate how UN-united the United States of America can be. Political affiliations and porn appreciations both differ from state-to-state and coast-to-coast. Thus brings us to today’s Pornhub Insights topic – along with our friends at Vocativ, we present the top ranking search terms and categories across the United States.

“Lesbian” searches carpet much of the West, Midwest and East Coast, making it the top ranking term in more states than any other. Stepping up North, we find that “step sister” is the preferred search in states like Wyoming, Montana, Minnesota, Ohio and Maine, while “step mom” scores big in Alaska, Washington, Kentucky and New Hampshire.


More animated porn preferences can be found in Nebraska, Arkansas, Tennessee and Vermont where “cartoon” is the top ranking search. According to the 2010 Census, the states with the highest proportion of African American residents are Mississippi, Louisiana and Georgia, so it’s no surprise to find that “ebony” and “black” are top search terms in those states along with Delaware.

A few stand-out states include Rhode Island where “MILF” searches rule, and Hawaii where they prefer searching for “asian” videos above all else.

Top Categories

While search terms can be quite subjective, many people prefer to browse videos in the nearly 100 category pages available on Pornhub. Here again, “Lesbian” is the top ranking category across much of the United States, very nearly mirroring our search term map. Interestingly though, “teen” is the top ranking category viewed in 19 different Western, Mid-West and North-East states, but it’s not a top searched term in any state. Across most of the South, plus New York state, the most viewed category is “ebony”.


We hope you enjoyed our colorful coast-to-coast trip across the United States. E pluribus unum, indeed.

  • JE

    So do you only release this information in info-graphic form, or is there an extensive list that I can use for my own analyses?

    • Davis

      yeah, it’s called, I’m sure you’ve got a wealth of personal stats you can mine

  • Andrew Leemputte

    The south really loves Ebony porn, huh?

    • thats where many of the ebony people live.

      • TomTom

        Its not just that. The south is pretty damn funny and hypocritical. People will say some racist stuff all the time… but really just want to bang the people they hate. Trust me on this…

        • Brent Jatko

          So they want to screw them over twice?

          • Benson Stein

            “The South Is Gonna Rise Up Again”

        • dinne reams

          What an idiot.

        • dinne reams

          The south has the largest black population. Period.

          • m_mayhem

            It’s not about the population of black people it’s about the hypocritical Strom Thurmond racist ass white boys who hate black men but secretly covet black women.

          • dinne reams

            Are you from the south and are you crazy for black pussy?

          • dinne reams

            I am from the south and I have always prefered white girls/women. That’s just how I think. I like those sexy skinny blondes with a great southern accent.

          • dinne reams

            I have had opportunities to be with very nice looking black women and I choose not to to that. Very attractive black women.

          • dinne reams

            I always did very well with the white girls.

          • dinne reams

            Are you white and are you from the south. If you’re not, you don’t know shit.

          • m_mayhem

            Typical racist ass southern white boy, think you know everything but don’t know shit.

          • dinne reams

            It’s not racist for a white man to prefer white women. It how we are wired.

          • m_mayhem

            No, but it’s racist to think if you aren’t white you don’t know shit. It’s how you’re wired.

          • dinne reams

            This is a convesation about what the average white man in the south thinks about having sex with black women. A white male from the south is the only expert on this particular question. That’s not racist.

          • dinne reams

            Yes, black women are hot. I prefer white women.

          • dinne reams

            The black population is largest is the southeast because they are treated the best here. You yankee fuckers chased them away by being mean to them when they tried to move north.

          • dinne reams

            They came home or stayed home because they knew us southerners. You are the ones that fucked them over when they looked for opportunities in your area.

          • dinne reams

            I love an international America. I love going to DC and hearing so many different languages spoken. We are a great country that encompasses so many nationalities. That makes me proud. Fuck Trump.

          • dinne reams

            I’m not attacking you. I have had someone else on this page attacking me. I have a message. Southern white people aren’t trying to fuck over black people and I think black America knows that.

          • Benson Stein

            Worse than that, they are trying to inter-marry with them and destroy Black culture and identity in the process. White’s are “killing them with love.”

          • dinne reams

            I would marry a black woman, if she was the right woman for me. I am white and I have always prefered white.

          • Benson Stein

            And the Black men are searching for “White woman porn,” whilst the racist, red-neck, Whites are searching out “Ebony Sisters.” Strange world…

        • as someone from the south who still lives there, i can tell you a lot of people my age have racist parents and it’s something we don’t mind. i have dated several black/ hispanic women. my parents hate it. i don’t care.

        • Rudolph ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

          it’s well known that blacks want to bang white chicks, it’s in their genes that white chicks are like a trophey..

    • Rudolph ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      90% of the porn watchers there are black

  • shapechanger

    I typically search ebony teen lesbian.

    • Serif Marak

      Ebony teen lesbian step sister fucks Asian milf step mom hentai

  • I lol’d at “Lesbian searches carpet”

  • dhjin

    what is the deal with step sister/step mother searches??? thats fucked!

    • Benson Stein

      The legendary psychologist Sigmund Freud, explained that it is perfectly normal for males to subconsciously desire to murder their Fathers and to have sex with their Mothers. These searches prove Freud was 100% correct. Google

      “Oedipus complex”

  • Å&Ω

    the best part is all the hick states and “step” sister and “step” mom…

    • Kektklik

      By your logic, West Virginia should have their top search being “cousin”.

      • dinne reams

        No, that would be mom or sister.

    • Benson Stein

      Aerosmith was right- “The best kinda lovin’ is your sister and your cousin…”

  • Zur En Arrh

    But what about Floriduh!

  • dinne reams

    You think you’re smart, but you don’t know shit is all I’m saying. Is that simple enough for you.

    • TomTom

      So you mad because some ebony chocolate won’t give you the time of day so now you are being hostile. Its not even about being smart, this is all about perspective and common knowledge. Especially for someone who lives in the south. Its alright though… You already have one foot in the grave. You might want to take it easy before you get too angry and have a stroke. Would be very embarrassing for people to find some old guy dead on his computer, getting angry about porn.

      • dinne reams

        You seem to think every southern white guy is out there banging black chics and it’s just not true. And I’m happy to have some years on me, I didn’t think I would live past 21 when I was younger. Now I have a great perspective from my years. I figure I’ll make 80, that’s plenty.

        • TomTom

          Why are you so touchy? lol
          You didn’t bang any black chicks because they didn’t want you. So you are pretty bitter and trying to negate the fact that ebony folks are desired but of course the south doesn’t like that idea so its done in secret.

          • dinne reams

            I say again, what an idiot.

          • TomTom

            Chip on your shoulder and trying your best to troll but the sad truth is that… I already called you out on your lies. No one wants you… especially black ones. Just get over it.

          • dinne reams

            I haven’t said anything that’s not true. And you obviously have much to see, observeand learn. Enjoy growing up small brained one.

          • Marcos Eliziario

            “Small brained one”. Man, I am going to save this one for my discussions. classy.

          • dinne reams

            And you haven’t called me out on anything. You know nothing.

          • JenTJ

            Y’all need to chill out and watch more lesbian porn <3

        • Helen Damnation ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

          So how many black ‘chics’ have you banged? Be honest!

          • dinne reams

            Honestly, none, but there’s one I’m still kicking my ass for not banging. And to make matters worse, my little brother did bang her.

  • dinne reams

    It is just that.

  • Alexandrea

    I dunno about this. guys are obsessed with trannies now days haha

  • Davis

    “Step sister” – I almost spit out my coffee laughing

  • funnyguy

    What happened to BBW?

  • Progressive Republican

    What? No ‘Ultimate Surrender’?

  • evilcon

    Wait, you mean I’m the only one searching for quadriplegic morphidite Puerto Rican Midget porn?

  • The

    What about feet?

  • Fate Jacket X

    And yet, in New York, my browser history is the only one they searched.

  • I do love ebony, but my Asian pussy searches don’t even get a mention.

  • Rudolph ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ


  • TN

    Could’ve sworn Asian was most searched in Cali and Washington state the last time Pornhub did a state-by-state survey.

  • Little Oral Andie

    So if I posted an ebony teen lesbian milf hentai video, all my bases would be covered? Lol

  • Some guy.

    Over how long was the data collected to construct this graphic? Is this a representative depiction of interests in the last few years or from that morning in February? Does this graphic change drastically every day? How solid are these ratings?

    • alex_pornhub

      We use Google Analytics to compile this data and it is all normalized. What’s depicted here is data that shows that these have been the most popular in the particular states for several weeks at least, so no it doesn’t change every day.

      • Soul Bird

        what race are most of the porn hub users in general on your site? Also are most of the porn hub users in the southern states black?


    I would like to see this done in Australia. This is hilarious. And creepy.

  • LoveponMustDie

    American’s and their incest…

  • Zachary Schrader

    Nye with ebony? Fuck I would of thought teen or public would of been there.

    • Zachary Schrader


  • allicex

    why not including the numbers to the searches?

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