Kim Kardashian Breaks Pornhub

Regardless of how you feel about her, there is no denying the fact that Kim Kardashian is the current queen of the media. She has one of the most followed accounts on both Instagram and Twitter and every week millions of people tune in to watch her and her family live their lavish lives, but let’s not forget why… she also happens to have the most viewed video of all time on Pornhub by a long shot, with well over 93 million views to date and has also managed to peak as our #1 ranked porn star following the release of her Paper Magazine cover.


Today, the Pornhub statisticians are bringing it back to the first time that Kim Kardashian (nsfw) broke the Internet; the day that her sex tape with Ray J was uploaded to our site. She is the most searched for porn star by women all over the world and is widely searched for by both men and women alike everywhere from the US to the UK.  The following chronicles major media events involving our leading lady and how searches for her on Pornhub were affected as a result.


On November 13, Kim Kardashian broke the Internet, at least as far as Pornhub is concerned. Not 2 days after the now infamous Paper magazine images first started circulating online, searches for Kim Kardashian increased by a whopping 629% in the US and by 558% worldwide. This sudden spike a few days after the initial photos began making the rounds may have to do with the eventual release of the full spread, which features a full frontal nude image of Kimmy K. Clearly, this inspired many to seek out the footage from the first time that the world caught Kim in the buff.


The most famous baby in the world, North West, was born on June 15th 2013. During the height of the media coverage, between the 19th and 21st, searches for Kim K rose by around 30% both in the US and internationally. Another huge spike in Mrs. Kardashian-West’s popularity on the best site in the world occured on June 23rd, when rumors began circulating that Kanye had finally decided to make an honest woman out of his baby mama in popping the question. Though the couple only ended up getting officially engaged month later in October, it would appear that there was a temporary desperation to observe Kim in baby-making mode before she officially went off the market.


Kanye West sure left 2012 behind with a bang. While performing his last show for the year in Atlantic City, Mr. West announced to the crowd, and subsequently to the world, that Kim was pregnant with their first child. The news caused a significant up in Kim Kardashian related searches on December 31st, specifically 91% in the States and 50% worldwide. This dipped back down again slightly on Jan 1, surely because everyone was recovering from the New Year’s festivities from the night before, but spiked right back up again on January 2nd, peaking at 123% in the US and 104% worldwide.


Did you know that Kim Kardashian has been married an impressive 3 times? Here’s hoping that the third time’s a charm as the second certainly was not. Just 72 days after having tied the knot with NBA star Kris Humphries, Kim filed for divorce on October 31 2011. As the news spread and the rumors began to circulate, Pornhub searches for the newly single Ms. Kardashian rocketed up in terms of popularity, showing a 213% increase in America and 199% in the rest of the world on November 2nd.


When Kim married Kris Humphries, it later went on to become the television event of the year but also caused quite the stir over here on Pornhub. The actual nuptials took place on August 20th 2011, causing search results for Kim to rise in popularity once again. Viewers were undoubtedly eager to catch a look at what kind of action would be going down during the honeymoon and hit a high of 212% more searches on August 24 in the US, with an impressive 140% rise worldwide.


And we’re back to where it all began! On March 10 2011, Kim Kardashian Sex Tape With Ray J  was uploaded to Pornhub courtesy of Vivid Entertainment, and the rest is history. A mere day after being posted, searches for Kim K went up by 133% in the USA and by 106% worldwide. She has remained incredibly popular on the site ever since and for better or for worse, will quite likely remain that way!

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