Orange is the New Fap

Season 4 of Orange is the New Black premiered on Netflix on Friday, June 17 so our friends at Cinema Blend asked if the show had any effect on Pornhub visitor’s habits. Because the whole season arrived at once, we can only assume that fans binge watched it over the next 3 days. Everyone needs a break though, and it seems that people found plenty of time for Pornhub in between episodes.

All the steamy girl-on-girl action between the ladies of Litchfield most likely explains the increases we saw for related searches like “lesbian”, “prison” and “jail”. Searches containing both “lesbian” and “prison” increased 59% within 24 hours, and those containing either “prison” or “jail” increased as much as 21%.


Saturday saw the biggest increase in searches combined with both “lesbian” and “prison”, and over the weekend they were up 67% among women and 33% among men. Note that Google Analytics provides gender demographics for about 30% of our visitors, so that accounts for the difference between searches by all visitors and those tagged as male and female.


The specific search that increased the most was “lesbian prison guard” at +475% above average, “prison lesbian” was up 399% and “black prison lesbians” was up +40%.

All searches that contained either the terms “prison” or “jail” increased 21% on Sunday, seeing increases of 14% by men and 26% by women. It would seem then that more women were looking for a porn fix as a result of watching Orange is the New Black.


We hope you enjoyed this edition of Pornhub Insights. Do you watch Orange is the New Black to see the lesbian action too? Let us know in the comments!

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