Looking Into Glasses Porn

Pornhub has over a million videos, which allows our 60 million daily visitors to find pretty much anything that turns them on. With so many video options, people often search for what’s on their mind each day, and a good example of that is “glasses” porn. If you see someone wearing glasses during the day and were turned on, why not continue the fantasy the next time you visit Pornhub?


Searching for Redheads

When Pornhub Insights recently studied the Long and Short of Porn Watching, we found that of the 100 porn categories available, it was redhead videos that got people off the fastest – by an impressive 2 and a half minutes! In a hurry next time? Head to Pornhub’s redhead category. Our friends at Buzzfeed asked what secrets these sexy scarlets may hold, so we delved deeper into who, what and where people are searching for redheads.


Trump vs Clinton Searches

Now that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have officially been named the presidential candidate for their parties, we figured this would be a good time to see how popular they each were based on Pornhub searches. Both Trump and Clinton have been the subject of numerous porn parodies, so we’ve seen searches increase for both candidates as the election cycle has ramped up.


Cleveland Insights During 2016 RNC

Cleveland, Ohio received a surge of visitors this week as people attend the 2016 Republican National Convention. The RNC estimates that around 50,000 people will attend the convention, including up to 15,000 media representatives. The Cleveland Police have also stated that there may be as many as 18,000 protesters entering Cleveland. That’s a very large increase to Cleveland’s normal 390,000 population, and there’s a good chance that some of these attendees are part of Pornhub’s 60+ million daily visitors. With this in mind, our statisticians set out to see how Cleveland’s Pornhub viewership may have changed since the convention started on July 18.


Porn on the Go: Mobile Traffic Takeover

Marketing intelligence firm SimilarWeb uses a wide variety of data sources to create an accurate and reliable picture of the digital world. One of their primary services is to rank the popularity of the world’s websites based on traffic volume. Until recently, SimilarWeb reported that Pornhub was the 38th most popular website in the world. Impressive, right?

But SimilarWeb has now became the first company to provide website rankings that includes mobile devices. This revision now shows that Pornhub is the 23rd most popular website in the world! That means Pornhub now has higher online visits globally than giants like eBay, MSN or Netflix.

The following chart illustrates why the inclusion of mobile traffic so drastically changes Pornhub’s web ranking. Since 2010, visits from mobile devices have grown a staggering 1424%. That means that today, more of Pornhub’s 60+ million daily visitors get off on-the-go using their smartphones than all other platforms combined.


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