Carnival in Cologne Germany

Cologne’s world-famous Carnival celebration (aka Köln Karneval) annually attracts around 1 million visitors to this German city. After seeing how other events like Oktoberfest can affect traffic and searches, the folks at asked the Pornhub Statisticians to keep an eye on data related to Karneval.


Valentine’s Day – What Women Want

What you’re doing on Valentine’s day depends on whether you’re single, dating or married. Whatever our viewers’ status might be, the most romantic day of the year has an effect on both traffic and searches on everyone’s favorite website for self-love. Last year our Valentines Day Insights focused on searches in the US and the UK, but this year we’re expanding into the age and gender demographics of porn viewing on Valentine’s.


Pornhub Traffic During Super Bowl 50

Pornhub Insights has shown many times before how televised sports events can greatly affect traffic to our site. Take for example our coverage of the NBA, NHL and World Cup.  In 2015 we also found that Super Bowl 49 had caused a major traffic fluctuation during the game, so our friends at the New York Daily News were curious to see if the same held true one year later.  On Sunday February 7, 2016 the Carolina Panthers met the Denver Broncos at Levi Stadium in San Francisco Bay Area to determine who would be the National Football League Champion. In the end, the Broncos came out ahead 24 to 10.


The United Kingdom Divided

The United Kingdom represents the second highest source of traffic coming to Pornhub after their American cousins. Our statisticians have studied the U.K. several times on Pornhub Insights, covering topics like their Top 10 Searches over time, Soccer Searches, and even how Winter Weather affects traffic.  In the past we’ve released comprehensive stats about how the porn preferences of the United Kingdom differ from the world in general, but today we’re partnering with the folks at Gizmodo UK to see how cities across the U.K. vary in their Pornhub usage and demographics.


Redtube & Brazil

Eae galera! With the arrival of the much anticipated Carnaval do Brasil, the Redtube team decided it was time to crunch the numbers and look at the viewing habits of our fans in Brazil, the country ranking 2nd in terms of traffic volume to our site. The trends in searches and traffic during Carnival drastically change. As you will see, Brazilians can take the party from the streets to the Redtube search bar.

Furthermore, we are also offering our Brazilian fans some general data on their porn habits. Thanks to our statisticians, we discovered that Brazilians enjoy being on top. As you’ll notice from our coverage, Brazil seems to excel in more than one explored trend! Without further ado, let’s see what the numbers had to say, starting with Carnival trends.


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