2016 Presidential Election Survey

We’re doing things a little differently for this special edition of Insights. Normally, the findings we present you guys with consist of anonymized and automatically collected data that’s compiled by our analytics software. As a part of a collaboration with Mic.com, everything that we’re reporting on today has been tallied up following a special survey that was featured on Pornhub over the course of the last few months. The Pornhub Political Survey ran from December 21, 2015 through February 29, 2016 and was completed by over 371,000 Pornhub viewers. Touching on everything from abortion laws to Donald Trump, this special edition report is fascinating in that it shows not only how Pornhub viewers feel about certain key issues leading up to the November election, but also how views have shifted over the course of the past few weeks.


The United States Top Searches

There’s nothing like an election year to illustrate how UN-united the United States of America can be. Political affiliations and porn appreciations both differ from state-to-state and coast-to-coast. Thus brings us to today’s Pornhub Insights topic – along with our friends at Vocativ, we present the top ranking search terms and categories across the United States.


Italian Millennials

As part of a special collaboration with Cosmopolitan Italy, Pornhub presents the definitive guide to the porn preferences of Italian Millennials. Using our data analytics tool, Pornhub’s statisticians compiled anonymous data from millions of Italian visitors to determine not only the tastes of 18-34 year olds, but also how men and women differ and how they compare to the rest of Europe and the world.


Carnival in Cologne Germany

Cologne’s world-famous Carnival celebration (aka Köln Karneval) annually attracts around 1 million visitors to this German city. After seeing how other events like Oktoberfest can affect traffic and searches, the folks at Chip.de asked the Pornhub Statisticians to keep an eye on data related to Karneval.


Valentine’s Day – What Women Want

What you’re doing on Valentine’s day depends on whether you’re single, dating or married. Whatever our viewers’ status might be, the most romantic day of the year has an effect on both traffic and searches on everyone’s favorite website for self-love. Last year our Valentines Day Insights focused on searches in the US and the UK, but this year we’re expanding into the age and gender demographics of porn viewing on Valentine’s.


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