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Our journey through Europe continues as this time our Pornhub statisticians examine the porn viewing habits of Belgium. In terms of visitors, the land of waffles, pralines and Tintin ranks 19th worldwide. Given its size, it is safe to assume that Belgium loves Pornhub!

Monday Monday

So when do the Belgians visit our site? Our data shows that Monday appears to be the busiest day in terms of traffic, mirroring most countries worldwide. That’s one way of beating the Monday Blues!

belgium-day-weekFriday sees a decrease in the number of visitors which is interesting considering the fact that Sunday is the least popular day of the week in most other countries. Given that Belgium has one of fastest growing Muslim communities in the European Union, could Friday Prayer explain the lower traffic numbers?

belgium-month-yearJuly proved to be the slowest month while January saw the largest influx of visitors. What else can you do during those cold winter months? Belgians tend to visit our site between the hours of 10pm-1am whilst 3am-6am sees a decrease in activity.

belgium-time-dayBelgians spend an average time of 8 min 35 sec on our site viewing approximately 7.92 pages. Visitors from the capital of Brussels dwarf the competition by spending 38 additional seconds than the national average, and beating out their closest competitor – Liege – by 24 seconds! However Leuven takes the title for most pages viewed per visit with 8.12. On average, Belgians spend 64 seconds longer on Youporn than they do on Pornhub.


Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?

The results are in and Belgians are certainly enamored of all things French. The search term ‘french’ is the top search on both Pornhub and Youporn. In fact, on Pornhub it’s five times more popular than the next most popular term! What else are Belgians into? ‘Casting’ takes the second spot whilst ‘Lisa Ann’ snags the third spot as the most searched for term in Belgium. ‘Milf’ and ‘Teen’ take fourth and fifth.

What do Belgians use to surf Pornhub?

A large portion of overall traffic remains desktop traffic, and in 2013, 68% of Belgian traffic came from desktop devices. However, the amount of mobile traffic has grown significantly from 15% in 2012 to 22% in 2013.

Compare this to Worldwide, where mobile and tablets account for 49% of all traffic, and in the United Kingdom, they have reached 58% of Pornhub’s traffic in 2013.

Until next time, goodbye, au revoir and farewell!

  • Charlie

    En tot ziens! Because here we also speek dutch!

  • /0/0/

    Fastest growing muslim community wtf ?

    • ArmRP

      other point of view: fastest native european population being replaced by arabs and turks

  • The Belgian

    Very strange analysis, the majority of Belgiums are Dutch speaking. French speaking are a minority. Its clear, those Belgian frenchies are dominating the porn searches in Belgium and their TTC is taking longer than average (TTC = time to cum) .

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